Report: Raiders expected McFadden to miss 2-4 weeks

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When Raiders running back Darren McFadden suffered a sprained ankle on November 4 against the Buccaneers, the Raiders were tight lipped regarding the anticipated duration of his absence.  Jay Glazer of FOX reports that the Raiders expected McFadden to miss 2-4 weeks.

As our friends at Rotoworld point out, this possibly means that the Raiders were less than truthful when they waited until Friday to scratch McFadden from the Week 10 game against the Ravens.  (Then again, the subterfuge didn’t help much.)

Officially, McFadden didn’t practice on Wednesday.  (The official report sent out by the league inadvertently omits McFadden; the injury report on the team’s website includes him.)  Don’t be surprised if he misses Sunday’s game against the Saints.

And don’t be surprised if he ends up on the open market in 2013 without a major contract.  Often injured, McFadden maxed out with 1,157 rushing yards in 2010.  Though he’ll get a chance somewhere (and maybe in Oakland), he likely won’t get the kind of money that he wants.

Then again, who ever does?

UPDATE 9:50 p.m. ET:  McFadden’s original rookie deal goes through 2013.  There’s a chance the final year is voidable.  We’re checking.

38 responses to “Report: Raiders expected McFadden to miss 2-4 weeks

  1. Are we talking about a typical player being out 2-4 weeks, or are we talking about McFadden being out 2-4 weeks, which means he’s done for the year?

  2. McFadden will get a big contract, though probably not a ton of guaranteed money. With the right offense (New England, Green Bay) he can be a major threat.

  3. It would be stupid for the Raiders to re-sign him, he does not fit the new zone blocking scheme, and he never can make it through the season. He will end up with a power blocking team, and if he can ever stay healthy, will be one of the best backs ever. However, history says his odds are not very good.

  4. the season is kinda a loss lets just evaluate the tallant else where and move one to next year…. get a good top 5 pick grab some strong defensive guys and some guards

  5. Could be one of the best, but he’s made of glass. It’s a shame. Without him, what do the Raiders have?

  6. Even though I’m a Saints fan and this makes our game a lot easier it sucks to see this guy get injured yet again.

    I’ve seen a lot of Raiders fans say the only person that can stop McFadden is Greg Knapp and I’m rather inclined to agree. He’s a total beast when he’s healthy.

  7. Though he’ll get a chance somewhere (and maybe in Oakland), he likely won’t get the kind of money that he wants.
    He signed a contract worth $60 million with the Raiders, including $27 million in guaranteed money.

  8. Re-sign him as a wide reciever. Give him an off season of pratice. Give him a number in the eightys. He will be the best WR on the team.

  9. McFadden has been terrible in the zone blocking scheme – if they bring back Greg Knapp they might as well let him go.

    In retrospect, they really should have figured out a way to keep Michael Bush.

  10. canetic:

    Perhaps you missed the past half-decade of the game, but running backs are becoming quite innexpensive on the open market. There are no more “big” contracts of any kind, for even elite players (which McMuffin is not). Add to that the fact that the guy literally can’t stay healthy enough to finish out a whole season (has he even finished 8-games in one year?) and he’s going to be lucky to get a league minimum salary as a 3rd-down guy.

  11. N JAIL U MY HOE says: Nov 14, 2012 9:24 PM

    BUST. But the youtube of him from 2010 and Arkansas is some amazing stuff.
    Was he there on vacation? The Raiders drafted him in 2008, you clown.
    How is Goodson coming along? McFadden was in a boot on Monday, so there was little doubt about seeing him on the field this month, but I was hoping Goodson might be a fast healer. The coaching staff doesn’t trust Jones, and while Reece is a nice athlete, he is not a halfback.

  12. Dallas would be great. McFadden and Murray. Figure both of them combined would add up to a full season. Murray, who has a reputation as injury prone, I think, kind of gets a bad rap back to his Sooner days. He didn’t miss too many games there, but overall it would be great to have a tandem like those two.

  13. mikebrownfaux says: Nov 14, 2012 9:40 PM

    I wonder if Carson is missing Cincinnati yet?
    He decided he would retire before he would play for them again, so I’m guessing no.

  14. stoogy
    Nov 14, 2012, 7:18 PM MST
    the season is kinda a loss lets just evaluate the tallant else where and move one to next year…. get a good top 5 pick grab some strong defensive guys and some guards
    Hasn’t this been the business model of the Raiders the last decade or so? Draft track stars and “strong guys” in the top 5, keep sucking, and repeat. Commitment to excrement.

  15. I hate to hear a player get injured anually. Especially this guy, McFadden. I can get sarcastic and say he was due but I won’t. The Raiders just need to start over.

  16. spellingcop: yes it has been a rough 10 years for the raiders. But we as fans all hope that this new management can fix this team within a few years. I know i do.

  17. How about any of you guys talking about how fragile he is try running into a brick wall 10-25 times a game and tell me if you get hurt. He never has a hole to run through……G-knapp is a horrible coordinator and must go!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Why would the Raiders void the final year? If anything they’d try to trade him away, even if it’s just for a 6th round pick and a ham sandwich.

    Just admit you had this one wrong Florio.

  19. When does his contract expire again? Its going to come down to this off season if they stick to the zone scheme and keep Knapp but I hate to say it but maybe they should trade him and Draft a RB

  20. DMC hurt? Wow that’s a shocker, sure didn’t see that coming.

    I do give him credit though. He made it four weeks longer than anyone(outside Oakland) expected.

  21. spellingcops says: Nov 14, 2012 10:55 PM

    Hasn’t this been the business model of the Raiders the last decade or so? Draft track stars and “strong guys” in the top 5, keep sucking, and repeat.
    Davis had been drafting speed guys a lot further back than the last decade or so, but with a different guy making the picks, that model will change.

  22. It gets tiring hearing of how the ZBS has taken away DMAC’s ability. The fact is this. An elite back can run in any scheme. Also, the Raiders have incorporated more gap/power blocking as the season has gone on. It still hasn’t worked, and, I hate to say it, a big part of it is McFadden.

    He simply is not running the way he did the last two years. When DB’s are coming up one on one and taking him down easily you know something is wrong. He would run over a DB one on one the prior two seasons.

    I don’t know if the coaching staff has told him to alter his running style, DMAC is still gun shy about his foot, or it’s a combination of both. He is not the same player as the last two seasons.

    I never thought I would say it, but it might be time for DMAC to move on after this season if he can’t recapture the running style he once had. Yeah, it would help if he wasn’t injured all the time either. It’s frustrating to think we could have drafted Adrian Petersen in 2007. Instead, we took some guy that played QB for LSU. His name was………….Yeah, him.

  23. oh well at least we know we won’t see DMC going to a screen on the left side, and then over on the right side, and then a run to left side, and then a run to the right side,….has anybody shared with Gregg Knapp that the ideal of football is to go north and south, and not east and west……not surprising that McFadden got injured on the sideline….i mean a viewing of him in the middle of the field is nearly impossible to see.

  24. Well coach maybe if used something called a POWER BLOCKING scheme instead of taking a Knapp, he might have produced better. Coinicidentally he might not have been in this position again.

  25. dougydougdoug says: Nov 14, 2012 10:28 PM

    (has he even finished 8-games in one year?)
    His personal best is 13. With those skinny legs, it seems to me he’s better suited to play outside, maybe coming into the backfield on 3rd down because of his versatility and blocking skills. I’m just a fat guy with no useful football knowledge, but I hate seeing such an explosive athlete spend so much time in the training room.

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