Steelers make it official: Ben is out for Sunday

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The Steelers have confirmed what FOX’s Jay Glazer reported earlier today.  Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger won’t play Sunday night against the Ravens.

In his place, Byron Leftwich will start.  It’ll be his first start since 2009 in Tampa, the one year of the last four he didn’t spend in Pittsburgh.  His appearance on Monday night was Leftwich’s first game action since the 2010 season.

Meanwhile, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that the team is currently more concerned about the rib injury Roethlisberger suffered on the same play that sprained his sternoclavicular joint.  Per Schefter, the rib injury is regarded as both “rare and dangerous.”

So let’s summarize.  Roethlisberger has an “unusual” shoulder injury and a “rare and dangerous” rib injury.

51 responses to “Steelers make it official: Ben is out for Sunday

  1. Hey Mike nothing like adding fuel to the fire on the drama queen front. If he is hurt he is hurt. If he wasn’t he would be playing. As Cower used to say it is what it is. Let it go.

  2. “Rare” or “unusual”, makes no real difference. In a way, it helps the Steelers because everyone else will be primed to make up for his absence. Remember Steelers nearly beat Ravens with Dixon a few years back, and in Baltimore.

    This game is virtually always a dogfight. Well, except maybe for game 1 last year.

  3. Sounds like the rib injury is more directly the reason than the shoulder injury. Kinda ironic since the shoulder injury is the one getting the majority of the press thus far.

  4. I think Batch would be a better start. He’s older but smarter and has a quicker release. But he might see action anyway. Lefty is very prone to injury. Either way, the Birds are beatable in this situation. Run it down their throats, then dump Flacco while he’s whining about being elite.

  5. Cant we talk about how the Ravens defense is absoluetly awful and Flacco only plays good at home? Unreal how people write off a team because the QB is hurt. You play 16 games for a reason. Lets go ahead and crown the Super Champion in week 11

  6. and oh yeah – all you people, pundits included, that keep talking about how well the Stealers did when Roethlessburger was suspended (for6gamesforrapingagirlinabathroombutwasreducedtofourbecausehe’sastealer) …

    This is NOT the same Steeler defense, not even close.

  7. I’ll be honest, I thought this was another “Ben’s really, really hurt, you guys” kind of thing that seems to happen about once a year around Ravens time that allows him to ‘miraculously’ make the start and show his ‘courage and toughness’. As he’s actually injured, here’s hoping he gets better soon so that maybe the Ravens can get their best shot next game or in the playoffs. Well, that, and I don’t want to have another offseason hearing all about how Pitt’s season was lost because of injuries.

  8. As a ravens fan i wish him luck in recovery and know itll kill him to miss this game. However, this game is always a dogfight regardless of who is injured, because now their injuries are adding up to what the ravens have been dealing with

  9. In reality, neither the Ravens nor the Steelers are as good as they both were a couple years back. Neither team’s defense is that amazing anymore, and both teams have inconsistencies on offense. Ravens are hit or miss in the passing game, Steelers have no run game. Both teams’ offensive lines are total crap compared to the not-too-distant past.

    But it will still be a tough game, because as we know both teams always get a little extra fire for these ones, which is why they are almost always the most entertaining games of the year.

  10. It’s going to be a tough game, best rivalry in football! But it certainly won’t be won on the internet.

  11. I was hoping for more of both teams bringing their best to the field for their matchup(s) this season, but it looks like game 1 will be nothing of the sort… both teams have lots of players out for injuries. Let’s see how the backups do against each other!

  12. scottcochran67 says:
    Nov 14, 2012 10:50 AM
    Too bad. I was hoping he would be in long enough for T-sizzle to do a little damage to his ribs.

    Finding a classless Raven fan is like finding dirt on the ground.

    Never been around worse people in my life. It is not just Steelers they hate. I have seen them throw things at children who rooted for the Broncos or the Pats. They are just animals and somehow they seem proud of it.

  13. Good call by the Steelers. The Ravens-Steelers game is not exactly the kind of game you want to put an injured man in.

    Half of both teams will probably leave injured, but if you start off injured, you might be dead

    Bring in the human statue Byron Leftwich, aka the black Drew Bledsoe

  14. What the hell are things coming to? Where’s Lazarusberger when you really need him?

    I can’t wait until Big Ben’s career is over so the Steelers can go into a 20 year slumber.

  15. it was fun reading all of the steelers postings on the ravens/ raiders recap. For everything I was reading, this just threw a wrench in it…..however no excuses , next man up.

  16. You know what? I am going to the game and frankly can’t wait. It’s interesting reading so many comments from people who are downright gleeful that Ben won’t play, and believe the Steelers are DOA now, with no chance to win. To me, at this point all the pressure is now on the Ravens, since most of the world apparently believes the Steelers have no chance. Good. I am extremely excited and can’t wait to see how the Steelers players and coaches respond Sunday night. I am ready for some football Sunday night and will have my voice in top shape at the game to cheer on the Steelers with over 60K other Steeler fans.

    Since the Steelers are expected to lose, no pressure. If the Steelers win, the Ravens should be embarrassed. And rightly so.

  17. Whoever said Leftwich is going to throw the ball on sunday? Ravens defense is so bad he may hand off on every play

  18. So Big Ben is a cry baby and Brady is tough as nails? Who cares that he says his injuries are bad, we have no choice but to believe him. Or we could just not care at all about it, which is far more appropriate

  19. I always knew that Florio is a real douche but it seems that he attracts a lot of douche-bags on his site as well. Steelers still win this one 23-12 and just when the Ravens thought they had an advantage.

  20. Let’s see the Steelers special teams return units gash the Ravens for at least one TD and give Lefwich a short field. Let’s see the Steelers defense put Flacco on his Back-O and turn Ray Rice into a rice cake.

  21. The fix is in. The Steelers will win the Super Bowl.

    After the all the bad press about concussions and the bountygate scandal, and that following the strike last year, the NFL desperately wanted a feel good season with a bandwagon fan magnet like the Steelers. So the NFL grabbed the WWE script.

    First, you pick the winner. Then, you have to put him in a hole which happens because of poor officiating, but that’s not all, our hero also has to get hurt. Oh no, things look dire.

    But the hero miraculously recovers, makes a comeback, and triumphs in the end, all to the roar of naive fans everywhere.

    All planned and scripted.

  22. bostonbias says:
    Nov 14, 2012 11:20 AM

    Finding a classless Raven fan is like finding dirt on the ground.

    Never been around worse people in my life. It is not just Steelers they hate. I have seen them throw things at children who rooted for the Broncos or the Pats. They are just animals and somehow they seem proud of it.

    –Never been to Philadelphia huh? As for throwing stuff at children that is pretty terrible and as a Ravens fan I would never want to see that being done or be something I condone or stand up for.

    On the hate side for the Steelers and Pats, the steelers-ravens fan hatred is well documented. I think you made up the Broncos part. Any fan of the NFL would likely put the Pats in the top 3 of teams hated list. Must be the accent–

  23. So let me get this straight – Ben has a “rare and dangerous” injury, which apparently nobody can name, and the Ravens are coming to town and his wife is about to deliver. Yeah, that sounds about right!!! Enjoy your time off, Ben!

  24. As a Steelers fan, I’m genuinely terrified at the thought of Bryon “Hideo Nomo” Leftwich running Haley’s dink & dunk offense. I’d much prefer to see Charlie Batch in there, if he can get someone to cover his shift at Dave & Busters.

  25. 6 rings. Steelers win in spite of our obstacles. Whoa. So amazing.

  26. So, according to the media, Roethlisberger’s rib injury is “rare and dangerous”, huh?

    Let the propaganda about the severity of Roethlisberger’s injuries continue.

  27. borophyll says:
    Nov 14, 2012 10:47 AM
    …and yet, Steelers apologists continue to downplay the horribleness of the offensive line.


    Through 9 games Ben has been sacked 18 times. Through a whole season that would be 32 times…

    The lowest since 2005 and 2010, in which he played in only 12 games each season.

  28. Im a Ravens fan but C’mon guys, these games are almost ALWAYS down to the wire regardless of who is or is not playing. Dont get premature, the game is played on the field, this isnt Madden.

  29. bostonbias

    Please don’t associate my comments with your personal experiences of bad behavior.

    I don’t know any football fan of any team that wouldn’t like to see their team knock their rival QB out of a game with a good clean hit. That is not being classless, that is being a fan of good hard hitting football.

  30. As a Ravens fan, I’m kinda bummed. I want Ben playing. And Pollamullet. And Harrison. This didn’t get to be the best rivalry in the NFL because 2nd string guys were playing. I want Ravens best vs. Steelers best & may the better team win.

    Will I be happy with a win? Hellyeah. But, it won’t be as sweet as if we beat your best guys. It’ll be less than fulfilling. And, if we lose, it’ll feel worse. Both teams are having “down years” (but are still in the top 5 of the AFC…….) this year, but this game is STILL going to come down to the last minute or 2. Almost always does.

    I’m hoping that Ben can be healthy for the return trip to Bmore in a few weeks. It’s just not the same without the top guys on the field.

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