Tebow reacts to comments from teammates with “sadness”


The big news from New York on Wednesday came from comments made regarding the most popular non-starting quarterback in league history.

He’s terrible,” said an unnamed starter from the same defense that Tim Tebow gashed for a 95-yard, game-winning drive 52 weeks ago tomorrow.

Tebow understandably was disappointed by the situation.  Per Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News, Tebow admitted Wednesday to “some frustration and I guess some sadness” regarding the situation.

“This is something I can’t control,” Tebow said.  “I can control my attitude, my effort and my work ethic. Those are things that will never change based on what anybody says.”

In the end, Tebow essentially retreated to what has become his mantra in the face of the so-called haters:  ‘Preciate that.

“It’s never fun to hear criticism,” Tebow said. “At the same time, it’s something I’ve always used as motivation.  You try to get stronger from it.”

Tebow can try all he wants, but he’ll never become good enough in the eyes of many.  And it’s no surprise that he’s regarded as “terrible” in practice with the Jets.  He was “terrible” in practice with the Broncos, where he was at one point fourth on the depth chart.  He was “terrible” in practice at the University of Florida.  But he has shown an ability to get it together on game day — when he plays.

He hasn’t played much this year, and when he has it’s been in spurts.  Thus, he has yet to do anything during a game that would prompt teammates to realize that he’s anything but a “terrible” quarterback.

And he likely never will.  Which makes us wonder why the Jets are even bothering to keep him on the roster.

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142 responses to “Tebow reacts to comments from teammates with “sadness”

  1. I am not a fan of Tebow and can’t stand the media attention he receives but nobody deserves to be bead mouthed by their own teammates. Especially teammates who are playing just as terrible as they believe he is.

  2. With a career completion percentage under 48% during regular season games, I’d hate to see what “terrible” is during practices.

    Does he throw the ball into the stands and trip over his own laces trying to get out of the pocket?

  3. I’m totally sick of the Tebow hype, obviously. Sick of hearing anything about a player who’s not even on the field.

    But that said, it’s kind of pathetic that his teammates see the need to bash him anonymously to reporters. The Jets are such a bush league team right now, and it’s not the fault of Tim Tebow.

  4. Well that is not surprising. You go to a team full of loud mouth do nothing divas, most of whom have never accomplished anything. I’m no Tebow fan, but how does criticizing a teammate help the Jests? I knew before the season started, that this would end badly and cost a lot of people their jobs.

  5. Apparently Tebow’s suck is so epic that he has led the Jets to a 3-6 record … from the bench. Maybe Tebow’s teammates should spend more time worrying about how terrible they are.

  6. Seriously what did this guy do to anybody? He shows up and works hard and some coward “team mate” decides to gash him for no reason?

    I was never a tebow fan or hater… Just a realist that credits Denver’s defense for last years run but I’ll be honest.. I hope he ends up successful in his career.

  7. I’m actually starting to feel bad for this guy. Not a jets or tebow fan at all, and I get very tired of my radio shows talking about him, but no one deserves this much scrutiny without having done anything wrong. It’s New York I guess.

  8. The entire team needs to be blown up… I feel bad for Tebow. He does try and seems geniune. He may suck as a QB, but he’s the classiest thing I’ve seen on the jets roster since Joe Nammath…. Wait.

  9. Pretty sad when your team is so bad they rip on the backup. Sanchez is throwing 100 yds a game, yeah sounds like a winning formula you got there. Must suck being a Jets fan.

  10. Then Sanchez is pathetic. Not say Tebow is a world beater but from what i have seen the past two seasons he has regressed a ot.

  11. The Jets represent a failed organization. From the clueless owner to incompetent mgmt/coaches to gutless players. Tebow does not “have” to play football. He has already proved how much more successful he is outside of football and maybe he should just leave the NY Sewers and go where he is appreciated.

  12. Just let the dude play already. How much worse can it get? Its not like the offense completes less than half its passes and only scores a few passing touchdowns in a span of 9 games?

    Oh. Wait.

    He got the bench all nice and warm for King Sanchez to sit on, time to put him in the game.

  13. Funny to hear Cromartie and Slauson, two terrible under-performing cancers on the Jets – very similar to comments by Broncos who were pro Orton even when they were 1-5….look how that turned out.

    Not sure why the establishment is anti Tebow…he has only won…and gained the admiration of teammates along the way

  14. This poor guy. The media has built him up into something he’s really not and whenever things don’t go perfectly for him he gets slammed because of it. Maybe they could mix in something about his work ethics or that he’s a pretty decent human being now and again. I don’t remember anyone ever saying that he was brought in to be the next great Jets QB.

    On another note, I’m curious who the idiot was who called him out yet was afraid to use his name. That’s extremely weak!

    I can count (easily) on one hand the players on that team who may have earned the right to call out any of their terammates. I mean, if you’re going to call out a guy, you better have a leg to stand on and I don’t see many Jets who’ve earned that right.

  15. I am not a Jets fan , nor am I religious, but I feel for Tebow. He is, by all accounts, a fine young man.

    Why did the Jets sign Tebow if they had no effective plan to use him. Alas, I expect they did it for two reasons. First, they wanted a big name off-season signing to compete with the NY media attention winning the Super Bowl provided the Giants. Second, there were press reports that Belichick and McDaniels were looking at trading for Tebow to use him in multi-positional dimension, including H-Back, and the Jets moved to block.

    That is sad.

  16. This guy shows way more class than anyone on that team. He may not have lived up to some people’s expectations on the field, but he outshines the whole team as far as being a decent human being with ethics and honesty.

  17. Tebow has no one to blame but himself. Broncos allowed him to choose between Jets and Jags, and Tebow chose the big NY market instead. He got what he asked for.

  18. no offense to anyone of any religion but…errr…isn’t this all a bit TOO biblical?

    Or, alternatively, is anyone expecting a video of Tim Tebow (Jets sorta QB) in a plane that is suddenly assaulted by a giant face from the clouds?

    No? Flash Gordon? Oh well.

  19. Still waiting for the Tebowmaniacs to explain why Timmy “deserves” to play. Also waiting for them to explain how he’s more of a “winner” than any other qb in the NFL.

    Didn’t the Broncos back into the playoffs last year on a 3-game losing streak? without a winning record? And hasn’t Mark Sanchez been to two AFC championship games? And doesn’t Greg McElroy have pretty much the same NCAA resume as Timmy? Does that mean he deserves to play, too?

  20. While probably not a good QB Tebow is a good football player & an ideal teammate unlike Mehta’s source

  21. I’ve been a Jets fan since 1998 n I’ve stuck with them, but this is getting to be too much…I never thought I’d say I’ve just about had it with the Jets

  22. And isn’t it ironic that Timmy’s using the media to complain about his teammates for using the media to complain about a teammate?

    In the Tebowmaniac-English dictionary that makes him “unselfish” a “hard-worker” and a “winner” right?”

  23. Wonder how Sanchez and Tebow would develop with great coaching like the ones who been successful being schooled by Mike McCarthy by going thru his proven QB school. Coach mcCarthy’s got a system that takes guys like the Jets QB’s and makes them better.

  24. Say what you will man, and I pretty much agree with the rest of the public regarding his lack of fundamental soundness at QB and all that, but nobody that watched that playoff game against the Steelers can say this guy is garbage. It’s hard to stand up for him when he usually completes 4 passes from the first to the third quarter, but he does have ¨sreet baller¨ kind of talent. He’s always had.
    Whatever, he is at least better than that piece of crap Sanchez.

  25. The really frustrating thing, if only for it’s pure entertainment / story line value, is that he hasn’t been given a chance to play in Jacksonville. It would be awesome for the ultimate reality show that is the NFL, and what, you are telling me you would rather have the piece of trash team you got right now over there? It’s amazing they haven’t made it happen yet. He wouldn’t lead them to contention or a SB, but build a creative scheme around here with a coordinator like McDaniels and they huge crowd support he’d have, and you could have a competitive team over there, and a cool story to follow as a fan. Instead of Gabbert.

  26. As much as I disagree with Tim’s beliefs, he has the most incredible attitude! He’s probably THE most positive person I could imagine and he’s a really hard worker.

    For the Jets not to use him in some capacity tells me that perhaps they traded for him simply to prevent him from getting on the field for anyone else. It’s certainly not as motivation for Sanchez, as that bum has shown throughout his career that he is a backup – at best.

    I’m pretty sure Tebow is not the answer at QB for any team. But he needs to be given a chance at another position, and no, personal punt protector does not count.

    Let’s see what the kid can do. If he fails miserably, he can start his political career a little early. If he succeeds, then let him be a football player!

  27. Well Timmy, sometimes other kids can be mean. Just go out there and be the best Timmy you can be.
    The other kids are just sore losers and can’t accept that the are “non-winners”. It’s OK though, Mr Ryan says soon little Marky will be have to sit down and watch the other kids play too. In fact in a few weeks all of the kids on your team will have sit and watch the BIG BOYS play football.

  28. His teammates have been nothing but disrespectful. They deserve to suck as much as they do. The jets are a joke and I’m glad they are being laughed at. If they had a shred of this kids attitude they’d probably be much better off.

  29. There are plenty of teams that need a QB, he should go where can both make a difference and be appreciated.

  30. Tebow is a winner any way you cut it. Who knows if he will ever be a great NFL quarterback? He needs to get off this team full of posers, losers and blowhards. (I am not discounting there are a few good guys on the Jets). It was his call to jump into the cesspool of stars, not football players. Lesson learned. I am sure he is not losing sleep over what some jersey tackling wanna be’s who really thought they would be competitive this year. I knew there would be lots to laugh about over this!!!

  31. Get this guy to the Jags and turn him loose. He got a team to the playoffs last year, and this year he’s sitting on his butt for a team that badmouths him. It’s not like they’ve allowed him to prove himself in a game situation. Send him to a team that will. I don’t think he’s the greatest QB, but I think he can be effective for a team and home crowd that will at least get behind him.

  32. I agree with you whole heartedly Florio. Some guys don’t get up for practice but ball on game day. I am NOT a Jets,Broncos or Tebow fan but credit and respect where they are due this kid is why there is the term “Gamer” I say this knowing he lacks fundamentals like footwork and a quick release.

  33. Poor Tebow.

    His greatest achievement was beating the Steelers in the playoffs, and that’s really not that impressive considering, well, they are the steelers.

  34. The fact that both of those players who shot off their mouth have not been cut today reflects on the Jets problems more than anything else yet mentioned.

  35. Well not for nothing but ppl feeling bad for Tebow need to stop! It’s a double standard to feel upset for him getting critiqued while he doesn’t play. But not be upset when he’s getting endorsements deals (signed with under armour today) while not playing. Tebow has benefitted from being “terrible” via $$$$. He didn’t shy away from the attention and the press conferences because he knew it benefitted his brand. So u take the good with the bad. There’s guys that are “terrible” that are no longer collecting a check in the NFL. Tebow is collecting on and off the field.

  36. It won’t surprise many when the anonymous players are cut while Tebow remains. There are many worse players at their position than Tebow on NFL rosters. The Jets defense is pathetic right now, so for any defensive players to call Tebow ‘ terrible’ is a joke in itself. If Tebow had been given starters reps in practice for a few weeks, we might see an improvement during games. It is a shame that Sanchez hasn’t been hurt to allow Tebow to prove himself for better or worse.

  37. Tebow goes about his business – he’s not responsible for the media hype. With teammates like that little wonder they don’t come together on the field

  38. this terrible qb beat the jets last year so what does that say about the defensive people talking about him now? if your are happy losing every week then by all means stand behind sanchez and keep trashing Tebow. hr may not get it done the traditional way but he does get the job done when it counts. stop making excuses as to why the broncos went from 1-5 to making the playoffs and winning a game other than the fact Tebow made it happen. it was the same team with the same players yet they won when he took over end of debate.

  39. He’s so awful he kicked that Jets defense ass last year. Revis and Cromartie both got out of his way. They obviously don’t want their sissy qb getting outplayed. Go ahead, keep losing, pathetic jerks.

  40. apbestever-i think you fail to understand that some things are not about the money my friend,this thing with tebow is about unfair treatment of a player that has done nothing but win every where he has played.btw tebow doesn’t show up for press conferences because it benefitted his cause he shows up because he believes in him and what he is capable of doing and this is coming from someone that has never been a fan of any team he has played for but over the last few years i have become a fan of tim and wish him nothing but the best and he has earned a chance to play it’s not his fault if the jets are so dumb that they dont know a real football player from a hole in the ground

  41. If only they would play him at FB,TE or H-back…Then we could see how good he is!

    At QB, this statement is generally true even if it was made by a gutless player on his team…

  42. Tebow had the Donks over the proverbial barrel when they signed Peyton Manning after Tebow had so much support there …. so they gave him a choice of two destinations, in order to get him to go along with this.

    Tebow chose the side-show act from the biggest media outlet in America, which already HAD a “franchise” quarterback.

    So while no one deserves to have their teammates throw them under a bus – especially when he isn’t playing, and is the LAST guy on that team responsible for this horrendous season – Tebow can’t say he didn’t ask for this.

    He could have chosed to go to J-ville, where there would have been far less scrutiny, a greater chance to have an impact, and a far less circus act atmosphere.

    Cry no tears for Tim Tebow.

  43. Not a JETS fan. But Tebow is probually > than at least 50 of the current active roster players that are actually on the field on game day. Including the wanna be man with no balls that would call his fellow teammate out and somehow forgot to leave his name on the quote. Now thats usual Jets class, keep it up girls. You might win 4 games this year with a worthless coach and players that cant do there own job. Good distraction…?

  44. Perhaps some of Tebow’s teammates are tired of his posturing and up-beat affect regardless of the situation. It’s unfortunate that people project their unhappiness on others, and Tebow does seem like a genuine guy (despite aligning himself with bigots like James Dobson)….

    But on the bright side, everywhere his teardrops land a flower will grow.

  45. Funny…from over here in Wisconsin, I didn’t realize Tebow was responsible for heading a defense that surrenders an average of 145 yards per week against the run. Oh, wait…..

  46. Hard to feel for a self promoting Bible thumper who chose to go to this soap opera franchise. I bet if he hadn’t pushed religion so much to put a spotlight on himself his teammates wouldn’t be so caustic towards him.

  47. As a Phins fan….I couldn’t be happier that this fiasco is going on with the Jets.

    But….Tebow is a winner. He isn’t as mechanically skilled as Sanchez, but he also isn’t a mental midget either. Sanchez is scared to death on the field and the Jets continuing to baby him just makes it worse. Also, running Tebow into the game to run a wildcat play and then pulling him out again immediately is hurting both QB’s. Give Tebow a series or two during the game to see what he can do. It might also give Sanchez a wakeup call.

    Oh….and why not try McElroy a shot as well?

  48. I would venture to say that he is no longer “excited” to be playing with the Jets and to be in NY. He may not be starting QB material, but he has the attitude every coach desires in all their players. Just make him a TE and be done with it. He can’t do any worse than Dustin Keller who is ripping it up this season with one TD.

  49. For those of you who keep using the old line”He just wins” that’s not true. He went 1-4 in the last of the season, lost to an Orton led Chiefs that would have secured the playoffs 7-3 (note only 3 pts scored) backed into the playoffs because the Raiders lost, beatPittsburg with a hobbled Ben and got humiliated by New England. Now tell me again how he just “wins”.

  50. yojoemama says:Nov 14, 2012 8:14 PM

    Tebow has no one to blame but himself. Broncos allowed him to choose between Jets and Jags, and Tebow chose the big NY market instead. He got what he asked for.


    Has this really been confirmed?! I have seen this comment multiple times. Go to the transcript, Candy. Mike Florio himself posted on PFT on March 22, 2012 that Tebow disputed Horseface’s claims that Tebow was given the choice. Horseface said in response to Tebow’s claims that Broncos management was “in contact with Tim” and that “(Tim) knew what was going on the whole time.” That verbage is certainly something short of saying Tebow had a choice. A guy on death row is aware of his impending execution, but he usually has no choice.

  51. Ive been a Gatorfan for 50 years Ill always be a Gator fan Tim was dealt a raw deal by the Broncos in a trade after they said he wasnt going any where.It wasnt Tim doing he isnt a free Agent yet But when he is I hope he comes home where people love him.He is a great football player and he needs a chance to prove it.I use to like the Jets But right now Im discusted with NY Jets and most of the fans. We are waiting on you Tim hold ya head up be proud .And my prayers will in clude you.

  52. If you have a team filled with players that cowardly bad mouth a teammate without putting their names to it you cant expect them to have the toughness and character to actually win games can you?

  53. Actually patfic15, he’s not winning this year and he didn’t win last year and he didn’t win the year before that, so he’s never won in the NFL.

    He won one championship as a starter at UF and he won a championship in high school by cheating and playing for a school outside his district (after the one in his district refused to hand him a starting job).

    Is that really your definition of a “winner”?

  54. “He’s terrible,” said an unnamed starter from the same defense that Tim Tebow gashed for a 95-yard, game-winning drive 52 weeks ago tomorrow.”

    That tells you all you need to know. It was probably Cromartie, who given his matador tackling on Tebow last year, would do something like talk crap and then not put his name to it. Gutless coward. In football and in life.

  55. What we’re seeing here is a direct reflection of a lack of leadership with this team. It starts with right with the ownership and trickles right down to the players. Rex Ryan is the head coach of this team and players going to the media to badmouth their teammates is cowardess and unexceptable! It’s Ryan’s job to make sure his players know where they stand and he’s failed miserably. The Jets have enough problems to deal with Ryan’s ineptness has allowed his players to create more unneeded distractions. Not only should Rex Ryan be removed as head coach because he’s a bad football coach, he needs to go because he’s not a leader!!

  56. I am not a Tebow fan, but he doesn’t deserve any of this nonsense going on in the Jets locker room. They are terrible as a team, and Sparano has a play sheet for Tebow only. What is on this play sheet?? Sit on the bench all game. Sparano is a terrible offensive coach, so it’s not surprise that the Jets suck. The locker room was a mess last year, and now again this year. Rex will be gone if this continues, and he can take Sparano with him. Cromartie was probably a big part of this twitter crap today. He can’t keep his big mouth shut.

  57. I’ll preface this by saying I was so hoping Tebow would be a bust – but, last year Tebow had a ay/a of 6.3, in his rookie year he averaged 7.5 per ay/a….Mark Sanchez has never topped that figure in his career. His best was 6.0 in 2010. This year – his 4th, he’s at 5.6.

    I’m not saying that proves Tebow can play or that he is necessarily better than Sanchez, but Sanchez has done a lot more to prove he can’t than Tebow has.

    I think Tebow plays the position like no one else. He can’t pass for crap, but he buys time behind the line of scrimmage like no other QB and that leads to some big plays from time to time. He also has found a way to not throw ints…will that continue – who the heck knows, but it sure is worth finding out when you know the other alternative is a lost cause.

  58. cuda1234—-You must be one of the anonymous defensive greats the jets have on their 3 game winning roster.

  59. Whether we like Tebow or not, he hasnt gotten a fair opportunity. it’s ridiculous to say he isn’t good. he left Denver as a winner and he didn’t even play a full season. he needs a fair opportunity like everybody else show what he’s all about before decide to criticize him being in New York isnt that opportunity. when he gets it then I say we criticize or praise Him.

  60. The hate against Tebow is outrageous. Tim Tebow is not the best player in the NFL and he’s not the worst, he’s just another one of hundreds of players in the league and yet he, and not anyone else, is getting burnt at the stake on an almost daily basis.

    Whether he’s overrated, underrated, a good player or a bad player, he’s being singled out as some sort of whipping boy and all the guy has done is work hard, play hard and come across as a pretty good person.

    There are plenty of actual lawbreakers in the NFL who are bad people and Tebow gets banged much harder than those people ever will.

  61. Start him. If you lose, you just lost another game. If you win, you have something to build on. What do you have to lose? It’s not Sanchez’s fault–he went to the playoffs his first two years. He doesn’t suck. The team sucks. They need a spark. They should trade him to Jags for Gene Smith, who would be sumarially dismissed.

  62. This is the kind of locker room Rex Ryan produces. The jets are nothing but a bunch of classless clowns with the exception of Tebow. Name one player on that team that is viewed as “one of the good guys” other than Tebow. The absolute worst place for him and any other player who takes their career and reputation seriously. Please jets, cut him loose so he can have a chance with a credible franchise and stop wasting valuable years with a team that is going nowhere fast. FREE TIM TEBOW!!!!

  63. Thank you I would love to see Tim Back at home we love him.He isnt a free agent yet so he hasn’t a choice but to stay if he wants to play.But he is good if he had the chance.

  64. I agree The Broncos said at the end of the season even with Elway backing him Tebow wasnt going any where then next thing you know he was traded to NY where people didnt like him to start with.He isnt a free agent so he had no choice.And The Jags did want him.I knew he was going to have it bad in NY the Fans hated him before he got there.And when he played for florida to the one guy He was a hissman winner and SEC champion and national chapion .Study his back ground so you get it right.

  65. “Hey Cromartie, my throwing motion might be ugly but it’s still not as ugly as your child support situation is going to be in five years when you’re out of football and run out of money.” – Tim Tebow

  66. The answer to this is so simple: put him in for a game. If he’s as terrible as people say he is, then it will be proven on the field, play Sanchez out for the rest of the season, and put this to bed. If he plays mediocre, well, that’s a step up from what they’ve been getting. If he’s great, then he defies expectations. The Jets are going nowhere, so even if they go down 55-0, at least they tried something. Losing 28-7 or 55-0 is still a bad loss.

  67. Do they not remember that game last year, Tebow played for Denver and beat the Jets 17-13? The same people badmouthing him are the same ones he beat last year, this anonymous bashing is spineless, hate stories like this

  68. You wrote “Which makes us wonder why the Jets are even bothering to keep him on the roster.” It is because Woody Johnson wants him there. It was always a ploy to get on the back page of the New York papers and get the Giants off. How is that working for them. LMAO

  69. The bottom line is…nobody on the Jets team has earned the right to call anyone else terrible. The one guy who may have had the right is out for the season. Unless this is coming from Revis, it’s total BS.

    If they’re saying Tebow is that bad, they’re also degrading Mark Sanchez. Because regardless of what they think, there’s a quarterback controversy.

  70. Why isn’t Tebow exercising his talents as a running back rather than a QB? He could be a starter and an asset in this position.

  71. Typical Jets comment with “Rex The Hex” at the helm. This team is ugly in every facet. I’m not a fan of Tebow because he hasn’t done anything to become media’s excuse for an article whether its positive or negative. Its just the Jets havent done anything as an entire team. They should be the New York Tebows. The hex is gone after the year. Hes the biggest Tebow in the league! The difference is his fat content of his mouth is higher than Tebows entire body.

  72. Yeah tebow is bad and he gets a lot of media attention, but why hate? Hes a good guy who just wants to play football. He doesnt ask for all this coverage, dont blame tebow for tebowmania. Blame the media!

  73. Say what you want about Tebow and I would agree he is in no way an NFL quarterback. But to constantly bash a guy who has thrown maybe one pass all year, and says and does all the right things is ridiculous. The Jets are a terrible team and its not because thw backup QB isnt any good. That roster was flawed from the start and then to add to the insanity you have a bunch of lousy personalities in that locker room. Its a recipe for failure.

    Sanchez has been brutal and somehow the team continues to support him. The run game is non existant and some of these wide receivers wouldnt make the practice squad on some other teams. They need to clean house. The backup QB is the least of their worries and for the locker room to bash him is pathetic

  74. Aside from the fact that Tebow is rated terrible by everyone that sees him throw the ball, if a player is asked to choose between his starter and the back up, he’s not a terrible team mate to chose the starter.

    Once Tebow was brought in, the players were in an untendable situation in regards to being good team mates. The press would hound them, and they really do not have a good answer.
    “Tebow is terrible” is a pretty poor answer, but there are no good ones.

  75. Never understood the hype and personally I think he’s EXTREMELY overrated. With that being said, it’s pretty messed up for his own teammate to call him out like that. I don’t even think JaMarcus Russell’s old teammates did that to him and they had every right to.

  76. It’s apparent that nobody in the league is going to give him any realistic chance to be the starting QB.
    The experiment is OVER, turn him into a RB or TE and move on.

  77. This has been going on since his appearance in a Super Bowl ad right after his senior season in which he thanked his mother for her having not aborted (killed) him when she was ill in the early stages of her pregnancy carrying him.

    He has not been reticent about his Christian beliefs, neither has he preached them, rather he has just practiced them.

    There is just something about the man that gives those sad souls (out there safe in the anonymity of cyberspace) the willies, and they just unload on him.

    That of course is their problem, but I wonder how they would treat him if he had come out and, for example, said he was gay.

    This whole thing is beyond pitiful and we can thank the media for it.

  78. there is nothing funnier than the people who talk about how they dislike Tebow for his religious beliefs. the concept of being offended by someone else’s beliefs (especially things like the 10 commandments) is ridiculous. you’re letting yourself be affected by what someone else thinks…sheesh.

    as for Tebow & his play, it’s pretty obvious that he isn’t a great QB, but he is a good football player, and to my knowledge he’s been an excellent teammate.

  79. The only day I have ever been a fan of Tim Tebow was on January 8, 2012. That being said, I think it is shameful that his teammates are speaking publicly like this. It’s certainly not going to help them win any games and seriously, why not give Tebow a shot?! Sanchez looks horrible!

  80. Its time the Tebow bashing stops,if he is as bad as his team mates say why is he even in the NFL,someone higher up believes in him obviously or they would cut him,he isnt the one losing games for the Jets so why bring him up.the Jets are a terrible team with an overrated coach,time for the players to realize that it aint Tebow thats causing the losses.

  81. Everyone notice when they show Tebow on the sidelines or coming into the game…he looks like he won a contest for a fan to get to play one down for his favorite team. Yes he may be a heck of an athlete and have a body my wife fantasizes about but QB in the NFL no way.

  82. I’d start Tebow on Sunday………………….

    at Linebacker.

    When does the focus shift to the head coach?

  83. Lots of blame to go around on this one and some of it really has to go to Tebow. He willingly went into a combustible situation when he agreed to go to the NYJ circus, which includes a loudmouth team that airs its dirty laundry in public. He absolutely knew about the problems between Holmes and Sanchez and Sanchez’ situation. He easily could have asked Elway to deal him to Jacksonville. But he wanted NYJ. Guess what Tim? You are sad. But nobody in his right mind should feel sorry for you.

  84. One of the things his Broncos teammates did NOT do during Timmy’s tenure here was to throw him under the bus – for anything. We all agree he didn’t play that well then, but just enough to win them games – and I don’t want to detract from their defense, they factored into all this big time.

    It’s just amazing how the mindset has changed with his current teammates, if it ever has since he showed up. I think it’s classless of the Jets to run this on him – “unnamed sources” aren’t going to fly on this one. But then again, this is the Jets, and they asked for this. Now they can deal with it.

  85. Tiny Tim Teblow is the most Terrible excuse for an NFL quarterback that has ever disgraced this league. Tiny Tim should never have gone to the NY market, he just isn’t intelligent or sophisticated enough to handle the New York scene. Then again he’ll never make it in the NFL no matter where he plays.

    Ship Tiny Tim Teblow off to the Lingerie League where his throwing and crying like a little girl won’t be noticed. Tiny Tim better wise up that NFL stands for “Not For Long”!

  86. If indeed this was said (I still believe a lot of writers ‘unnamed sources’ or ‘unnamed players’ is themself. Nobody is going to challenge them on it and it is a way of making them relevant)

    but it says more about the player doing the talking. Then again what does it say about an organization that employs guys with the character of a Cromartie or Holmes. These aren’t the type of players who will stand up and be counted whent the chips are down.

    Ryan comes off as a buffoon because of all his talk but the guy is a pretty good coach. He and Tannenbaum both should get canned but if I am the owner I make sure I call Tannenbaum in the office first if only because he was the one who fell in love with the screw ups

  87. Tebow’s not the problem. Rex Ryan is….I can’t believe he’s still an NFL coach. His press conferences are a joke. He’s classless and NOT NFL material. Get rid of the “foot soldier”, I say!!

  88. The Jets have been terrible on the field this year and they’ve got a huge collection of terrible human beings who just want to point the finger at others. It’s the fault of the guy playing, at best, five plays a game (three of which are usually decoys)? The unnamed source should look in the mirror, because unless he’s on IR, odds are he’s far more responsible for where the Jets are than Tebow.

  89. Do the guy a favor. Make him a tight end. He obviously has athletic ability, he’s just not a good QB.

  90. He’s a backup QB who’s no worse throwing than the starting QB. But, he can do more on the ground. But, especially hearing all this, he’s a better leader than Sanchez.

  91. He’s a good human being with good leadership qualities on a team of terrible human beings with terrible leadership qualities. He’s a keeper, just figure out how to use his play-making talent and his leadership talent.

  92. As a die-hard Bronco fan. We went thu the “circus” too. But in the long run we did pretty good but he has to play. Beating the Steelers was pretty cool but we suffered a No. 1 pick. That was all MissDaniels fault not Tebows. His practices are terrible but you have to think he is better than Sanchez.

  93. What a bunch of haters and cowards. That team is terrible because of leadership. The dude turned around a frigen team last year and won a playoff game. It ain’t pretty but it’s better that Sanchez. At least Tebow knows how to lead and that’s more important than being a coward that grumbles behind people’s back. I love the coverage that he gets because it reminds me that people are inherently jacked ( including myself) and not worth paying attention to.

  94. Gotta feel for tebow here. The guy just shows up and does what he’s asked.

    I dont think he’s a good QB, but I bet he’d find a way to win more games than Sanchez.

  95. This shouldn’t matter but I’m a Saints fan. The reason I say this is because it’s important to know that I have no vested intrest in the Jets. In fact; I think they’re a bunch of hot air. But, for the life of me I can’t understand the Jets players ragging on Tim the way they do. Tim as done nothing at all except win. He been true to his convictions rather you like them or not. He’s a fine person and it’s just my opinion, of hell of a football player. I also feel like only a coward would address issues with a player through the media. And, they’re not a jet on that team that’s in a position to talk about anyone’s talent level or effort. I hope they trade the man. He desrrves better

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