Terrell Suggs still expects to see Roethlisberger Sunday

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Ravens outside linebacker Terrell Suggs apparently didn’t hear the part about the aorta.

Because despite the prognosis for Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger that doesn’t sound like he’s playing this week (or maybe more), Suggs said he still expects to see his familiar foe Sunday night, remembering a 2010 game when Roethlisberger beat them on one leg.

“Until the ball is snapped, I’m still preparing as if he’s playing,” Suggs said, via Edward Lee of the Baltimore Sun. “Like I said, I saw the guy play on a broken ankle when he came down here, and we even broke his nose, and the guy continued to play, and if you all recall, it didn’t pan out too good for us at the end of that game. So like I said, until that ball is snapped when we’re on the field and [the Ravens offense is] off the field, I’m not ruling him out. You can never question this guy’s toughness. Guys like that are what this game is about.”

The Steelers have already announced Byron Leftwich would start. They’re 0-4 against the Ravens without Roethlisberger, though all four games were decided by a touchdown or fewer.

“I wouldn’t say that you’re necessarily disappointed when you find out those guys aren’t playing, but at the same time, you do want to go out there and beat what you believe is a very good opponent when they’re at their best, so that you can say you’re better than them, and they don’t have any excuses,” Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco said. “But this is a tough week and sometimes things happen to guys that don’t allow them to be out there on Sunday, and that’s just the way it is.

“We can’t really put too much thought into that. We’ve just got to go out there and play the game. A win’s not going to be any different to us just because one of their guys isn’t playing.”

No one in Pittsburgh’s feeling guilty because Ray Lewis and Lardarius Webb are out, either.

32 responses to “Terrell Suggs still expects to see Roethlisberger Sunday

  1. No one in Pittsburgh’s feeling guilty because Ray Lewis and Lardarius Webb are out, either.

    Please don’t speak for Pittsburgh.

    I can’t assume that I can talk for the Steelers either, but a whole lot of history confirms my belief that both Pittsburgh and Baltimore want to brawl with both sides at full strength.

    These are two teams who aren’t of the character to shrink from a challenge. These are two teams that are the real deal – and even though Steeler Nation wants to beat the Ravens more than anything, we respect what they’re about.

  2. What drives me crazy is when people mention the top 5 QB’s this guy usually gets overlooked. Even if he is mentioned there is a slight pause.

    He puts the team on his back everytime they take the field. I don’t think he has a weekness. He is just phenominal on third down.

    All this coming from a Bills fan.

  3. As a Steeler fan, I will give Suggs his props for what he said about Ben, and believe he means it as he is outspoken. As for Flacco’s comments about excuses, he is a moron since Tomlin makes it quite clear the Steelers will never make an excuse, and they never have and never will.

    If any of you are assuming the Steelers will roll over and play dead, you are sadly mistaken. Don’t underestimate them in a big game like this, not withstanding it got much tougher today with the news.

  4. As a steeler fan, I’m glad Suggs is back for this game. I love seeing the battle beaten these two teams. Too bad roethlisberger isn’t playing, would have made it a lot better. Still will be a close game no matter what.

  5. I Hate the steelers and have all my life… I enjoy it more when they lose than when my favorite teams wins , however, I agree, Ben is one of the top 5 QBs in the league right now, fuels my hate of the Steelers even more because he is that good. I do not wish any serious or life threatening injury on any player including Steelers, get well soon Ben! I still will root for your team to lose when you get back!!!

  6. I love the commoarqdity between these two teams. In a league where offense is the ruler, you know it was always be a classic smash mouth game between these two.

    Dont understand why the league had to screw them though and play their games within three weeks of each other.

  7. Have they actually officially called him “out”? I haven’t seen it, they’ve only said Leftwich will start…

    That could change or Leftwich could play the first snap then come out for Ben.

  8. I usually read Suggs’ comments before and after these rivalry games and wonder why he doesn’t seem to have the physical ability to shutup. Then he has to go and say a thing like this and totally redeem his self. With all the trash talking he usually does it is a welcome change to see him show a little respect. That being said, even though I am a Steelers fan I am glad that Suggs is back. He’s a huge part of that team’s identity. Gonna be another tough game on Sunday.

  9. They scheduled the games like they did because they knew Ben would get hurt and not be able to play and that the STATUE, Byron Leftwich, with his Loooonnnnnngggg delivery would be a fabulous replacement.


  10. Ravenator, the last time you ran your mouth like this, the Texans beat us worse than any team. Ever.

    The Steelers are gonna bring it. And so are we. We’re not going to blow out the Steelers in Pittsburgh. It’s gonna be another nail biter.

  11. Mark my words, raven road woes will be fixed. It’s steeler week. This team is focused, always are when playing Pitt. Without Pig Pen, they don’t stand a chance. I truly believe this game won’t be close. It won’t live up to the hype and it will be a blowout. Ravens win 31-17

  12. I like when the players talk about each other, because they at least respect each other. Ray Lewis always talks about his respect for the Steelers, because like the Ravens they also play the game as it was intended. Now Suggs steps up and shows his admiration and respect for Ben. Don’t think that for one minute these players don’t want to beat each other, but they also have a healthy respect for one another.

    If only the fans could have that same respect and enjoy on of the greatest rivalries of all time.

    It seems Suggs doesn’t think Bens a drama queen. Seems more like Suggs understands just how tough Ben is.

    It would be nice to see how Suggs or Lewis would react to someone like the ravenator when the rave atom calls Ben soft of a drama queen. I bet they would like to take raven actor out on to the field and show him how much of a man it takes to play in the NFL

  13. Ravenator, you give Ravens fan a bad name. Your same boring comments lack credibility and everyone including Raven fans thinks you are a tool. Once in a while, say something that might impress a reader.

  14. I am a Raven fan and I agree with Suggs. Rothelisberger is awesome and tough and is a top 5 QB. I only wish both teams were full strength for this game. I still believe it will be a good one. I hope both teams leave it on the field.

  15. Steelernator, take a look in the mirror, you post on every raven thread, under various names, including having to resort to mimic a version of my own to bash my team. Ever think my actions are because I was tired of your fans’ invasions? Crazy how your fan base gets riled up when its flipped. Stay out of raven threads unless it involves your team, or they’re playing that week. Maybe then I wouldn’t be all over your team, regardless of the fact that yes, they are overrated and play scond fiddle to the Ravens. Cheers!

  16. Both teams could probably march out all back ups on both sides of the ball and it would still be a bloodbath just because. Both teams are well coached and believe in next man up. It will be hard fought on both sides! Go Ravens!

  17. This game will be a little different than the other games in that the Raven’s defense is a little wobbly against the run and with Webb out, that opens up the pass.

    But with Ben likely out, they will be stacking the line. It will take some nifty play calling on the Steelers’ part to win this one.

    But at the same time Ravens always throw deep and I think we are ready for that. We need to shut down Ray Rice and the game will come down to the last minute.

    Suggs needs Big Ben in there to get psyched up to the max. Can’t say enough about this rivalry.

    Except — bring it on!

  18. What Suggs states about Ben staying in the game and usually winning while injured are facts, not his opinion. Suggs knows it’s indisputable. Ben always represents a goal and a challenge for Suggs as does/will Max Starks.

    Pittsburgh will be missing starters on both sides of the ball namely the QB and the #1 WR where the Ravens are only down on defense.

    I believe the game would have been close if Ben were playing, but the Ravens defense is going to blitz Leftwich on every down and completely rattle his focus. Can the Pittsburgh WR’s adjust to Leftwich in less than a weeks time ?
    Harbaugh will have his usual bag of unpredictable sneeky plays on his belt. Tomlin and Haley need to be extremely unpredictable and creative on Sunday and Pittsburgh’s special teams return units need to gash the Ravens with deep runbacks.

    The hometown Heinz Field crowd needs to particpate at the highest level on Sunday, ran or shine.

  19. Ravenater always brings a smile to my face. The steelers are over rated and the ravens would beat thiis 3 rivers trash team even if big baby ben roth was playing

  20. Suggs deserves my respect for his realistic respectful comments about Ben. However, too many Raven trolls talk out of both sides of their mouth about other teams and their fans. Talking trash is expected, but some do just that and nothing more.. Ravenator your act is getting very old and very childish .. Grow up little man. Cheers!

  21. It doesn’t matter that Ben won’t be playing for one or both of the Ravens game. Steelers will make the wild card at the very least. They will end up playing the Ravens when all of the Steelers will be healthy….Ben, AB, TP, ect…..and it will be yet another victory in the playoffs against the Ravens….something that has happened the last 3 times these teams have met in the playofs.

  22. seriously Webb wasn’t good? He’s only a shutdown corner. You know nothing about football. Next please.

  23. As a Steelers fan and big fan of Ben. Hate Suggs as a foe, but would take him in a heartbeat. Ben and Suggs have a lot in common, tough as nails and great competitors. Respect goes out to Suggs.

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