Veteran Broncos spreading word about past problems


In most respects, this is a brand new Broncos team.

But some of the old hands are spreading the word to the new guys, in hopes of avoiding the kind of historic collapses they’ve endured.

Since the end of the 2005 season, the Broncos are 22-32 (.407) in regular season games played from November to the end of the season.

So while they can throw a hammer-lock on the AFC West with a win over the Chargers, veteran players know not to take anything for granted.

“The biggest key right now is to just keep doing what we’re doing,” cornerback Champ Bailey said, via Jeff Legwold of the Denver Post. “It’s easy to get caught up in things. We’ve had some success. But we’ve seen this before. You can’t let the little things get away from you. The little things lead to the big things.

“Right now, we all need to just keep working every week to do what we’re supposed to do, week in and week out, and don’t let things get away from us.”

The Chargers have been the chief culprits, winning four straight division titles, passing the Broncos each year from 2006-09. The 2008 collapse was the most dramatic, with the Chargers erasing a three-game deficit with three to play, ending the Mike Shanahan era. The Chargers have also won three straight in Denver, so there’s no lack of motivation.

“It’s important we all kind of just keep our heads down and work,” wide receiver Brandon Stokley said. “You always remember when things like that happen. I think as I get older, I really understand, and even this offseason when I didn’t think I would be playing this year, you just don’t get many opportunities to make great seasons. You can’t let any get away, and think, ‘Oh, we’ll just get that one back,’ because you never know.

“They are hard to make in the first place. They’re even harder to get back if you don’t make the most of it.”

The presence of guys such as Peyton Manning and Von Miller, who know nothing of those pitfalls, makes this a different team. But history has a funny way of repeating itself, which will keep the Broncos on edge until it doesn’t.

13 responses to “Veteran Broncos spreading word about past problems

  1. As a Broncos fan who has suffered through each of those collapses, I’m confident that Peyton Manning (the GOAT) simply wouldn’t allow his team to fall apart like that.

    In Peyton we trust.

  2. The wheels are coming off the Chargers right now, and the Broncos can send them into a flaming cartwheel by beating them this weekend.

    I don’t think Manning is going to let a letdown happen. With the way both teams are playing in second halves this year, the Chargers could be 17 up going into the fourth and it would still be very much in doubt.

    I openly have to wonder, though….if the Chargers are able to win and somehow make the comeback needed to make the playoffs, that would save Norv Turner’s job. Are there any Charger fans that are actually want that to happen at this point?

  3. Come on! Broncos have Peyton as the QB now. In earlier years they might have collapsed because of poor leadership. I am sure with Peyton and 2.5 game divisional lead, they will win the division. What they do in the playoffs when they get there is the moot point for this year’s Broncos? That will define them and Peyton’s legacy more. Can they get thru Pats/Texans/Ravens(Steelers) and get to the SuperBowl ? Not if they will win the division or get to playoffs which they will!

  4. you don’t have to worry about Peyton Manning’s team’s records until December/January when they start resting starters or their run defense goes AWOL in the playoffs

  5. Good defence with a great Qb.Sprinkle in some good special team. This is way different team from 06-09

  6. Without Manning they’re not even a contender.

    The question is, how long will manning last with a bulls eye on his neck.

  7. joetoronto says: Nov 14, 2012 10:56 AM

    Without Manning they’re not even a contender.

    The question is, how long will manning last with a bulls eye on his neck.
    Keep hoping for that you pathetic tool. He’s made it 9 games now, and has even taken a couple good shots. Your rooting for his injuries is tired and pathetic, just like your comments.

  8. Without Manning they’re not even a contender.

    The question is, how long will manning last with a bulls eye on his neck.


    Whoa, that’s weird… How did a post from September get into this thread?

  9. This is exactly the reason we have THE Sheriff in town. There is no doubt that he will be chewing on somebody while sitting out the last game of the regular season for not giving it their all. He has made this team, and this town, pay a little more attention to details. @Joetoronto: go back in your hole and make comments on a Grey Cup site!

  10. So here’s another reminder for all you Tebowmaniacs – the the Broncos collapsed down the stretch last year when it counted most. So you can stop with all the “winner” and “clutch” crap. Its just not true.

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