Vick not ruled out, yet


On one side of Pennsylvania, the starting quarterback already has been scratched for Sunday.  On the other end of the Commonwealth, the starting quarterback is still in play to play.

Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger definitely won’t play.  Eagles quarterback Mike Vick hasn’t been ruled out, yet.

“I’m taking him right through the protocol that you normally do,” coach Andy Reid said Wednesday.  “It’s important that you do that.  That’s how we’re doing it.”

It doesn’t mean Vick will be ready to go.  After all, he has a “significant” concussion.  (Yes, they all are.)  But he’s getting better, according to Reid.

“They’ve subsided quite a little bit,” Reid said of the symptoms.  “He’s feeling a little bit better in that area.”

It will still be a surprise if Vick plays.  Actually, it would be a shock.  But the Eagles don’t yet have to rule him out because it’s not yet clear that he won’t play.  In Pittsburgh, with Roethlisberger talking about dislocated ribs and possibly punctured aortas, the Steelers had no choice but to declare that Ben won’t play.

16 responses to “Vick not ruled out, yet

  1. There is zero chance Vick plays this week.

    But given the fact that Vick and Foles play the position very differently, there is no reason for Reid to declare Vick out and give the Redskins a chance to know which QB to game plan for.

    I am as big a Reid critic as anyone, and definitely think he should be fired at the end of the year, but he is playing this one exactly as he should be.

  2. He’s not playing, that’s Andy being Andy trying to “out smart” his upcoming opponent.

    The ship is sinking and he’s still conducting the band.

  3. question for everybody that wants Andy Reid fired, who you gonna get ? there will be 7 or 8 openinings at the end of the year. what makes you think a GOOD coach will choose to coach in Philadelphia ? who do you want a Quitter like Gruden, a Cowher who took 13 yrs. to win a super bowl with possibly the best franchise in the N.F.L., Josh McDaniel has been mentioned(did a great job, right?) not for me. I have been an Eagle fan since 1955 and have seen a lot of bad coaches. Andy is not one of them been in the playoffs 9 of the last 12 years. maybe you guys have forgotten the 3-13 seasons with a new coach you will probably see them again(look it up) guys develope into they’re coaching level and there has been a lot more failures than winners. I never heard Lurie say he was firing Reid that has been speculated on by many, many fans and media heres hoping the change does not happen.

  4. Andy has gotten weak maybe it’s because his son died but hell a middle school team could beat any team he coaches now with the weak plays he calls & isn’t this the most talented roster he ever had?

  5. South Philly will revolt if Reid announces Foles as the starter on Sunday. Foles will have to be absolutely a stiff on Sunday before anyone says hey maybe Vick was our best option.

  6. You say “a Cowher who took 13 yrs. to win a super bowl” – I believe Andy Reid is in his 14th season, isn’t he? Reid may be the best coach the Eagles ever had in the modern era of the NFL, but that’s not saying much. How long do you ride that horse in circles in the desert before you decide he can’t take you where you want to go?

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