Vick’s concussion truly is “significant”


When Eagles coach Andy Reid announced on Monday that quarterback Mike Vick has a “significant” concussion, the most common reaction was:  (1) every concussion is “significant”; and (2) the symptoms will last until rookie Nick Foles gets injured or flops.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, it truly is a “significant” concussion, from the perspective of the grading that applies to head injuries.

As a result, that calls into question not only Vick’s availability for the rest of the season but his marketability in the future.  There already was no chance that the Eagles would pay Vick $15.5 million in 2013.  Given his willingness to embrace contact and the cumulative effects of concussions, anyone who signs him will be assuming the risk of more concussions.

The most important thing for now is for Vick to get healthy.  If he misses the rest of the season, however, the question of whether he should play any more seasons will take center stage in the offseason.

Here’s Tim McManus of 97.5 The Fanatic in Philly talking about the current state of Vick and the Eagles on Tuesday’s PFT Live.

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16 responses to “Vick’s concussion truly is “significant”

  1. With the way Ratliff slammed his head into the ground and him falling from minimal contact the very next play, yeah looked significant to me.

  2. Weren’t you the one wagging your finger at the term “minor concussion” just a few weeks ago? So you use the grading scale when it makes for a more interesting story, but not when it gets between you and your moral high ground?

  3. Andy-How’s the head Mike

    Mike-it’s pretty good andy. i’ll be ready to go on sunday

    andy-that’s great mike. your concussion is significant and you’ll be done for the year or until nick gets crushed behind our crap line and then your concussion will be much better

  4. Vick is faking. That’s the kind of stuff kids do in pop Warner. My head hurt, my stomach hurt. Sad.

  5. The way Ratlif slammed his head into the ground?? Teally? Wow Philly fans sure have short term memories. If he had “slammed” his head in the ground you idiot Vick would have ben out then and there. It was a clean tackle so get over it. Congrats to Nick Foles for getting a shot.

  6. And this is what happens when your QB never learns how to properly slide and instead chooses to dive head first. Not like this guy ever learned how to be a QB in the first place.

  7. Aren’t concussions when the brain hits the skull and causes bruising or something along those lines?

    There is not alot there to bruise in Vick’s case, that being stated, I hope he gets well enough so that he has a healthy life but i would love for the Vick experiment to be over and let him retire in peace.

  8. Anyone with a screen name that reads: vicksprman isn’t capable of looking at any situation regarding Vick objectively.

    Of course you be claiming it wasn’t a clean hit. The people that defend Vick are delusional. He’s never been a great QB. He has a few moments & a few good games but the guy has never, ever delivered when the game is on the line. If he could pre-snap read blitzes, set his protection & get his receivers into a hot read situation he wouldn’t be among the lead leaders in turnovers.

    As bad as the line is, Vick is worse for not making adjustments to get the ball out quicker. In 2010 he still had the leg bend/bent spin move that was his career signature move (look at film), that move has left him now & since he’s always been a one trick pony he has nothing else.

    Go Nick Foles!!!!

  9. @bleedeaglegreen where in my post did I say the tackle was dirty? Ratliff made a football play Vick dove and Ratliff’s body forced his face hard into the turf. What are you talking about? I don’t think I’m the biased one here.

  10. The only thing I would like to say is, If QB Micheal Vick were playing behind an all pro offensive line and he had a true #1 receiver, he would be having a much better season as would the Eagles. And I’m a Titans/Oilers fan since 1978.

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