Whisenhunt prepared to make changes to Cardinals lineup


A five game losing streak is an easy way to force a head coach to have to re-evaluate the state of his football team.

After a surprising 4-0 start to the season, the Arizona Cardinals have lost their last five games and head coach Ken Whisenhunt is in search of answers. Whisenhunt said before the Cardinals’ bye week that they wouldn’t be afraid to make changes to the lineup during the week off.

According to Sarah McLellan of the Arizona Republic, Whisenhunt’s outlook hasn’t changed.

“When you are what we are, after we started and the way we’ve been the last five games,” Whisenhunt said, “I certainly hope [the players] understand that, because that’s what this business is all about.”

Whisenhunt used the week off to evaluate his own team and seek ways to improve.

“We did this OK during the first nine weeks. Now we’ve got to do it a little better,” Whisenhunt said. “This is how we can tweak it, how we can get better, and try and fit those things in as they relate to the opponent you’re playing.”

The opponent the Cardinals are playing next just happens to be the 8-1 Atlanta Falcons. No matter what changes Whisenhunt may decide to make this week, Arizona may be unable to avoid a sixth straight loss on Sunday.

4 responses to “Whisenhunt prepared to make changes to Cardinals lineup

  1. Changes are good. They aren’t doing well and need to do something to win OR something to lose and getter better playoff position AND something to justify why Whisenhunt should keep his job, cause right now I’m not a believer in him. He’s gotta come up with better plans and ideas or show he can coach his players up. Do SOMETHING good in any way to justify the big contract he has.

  2. With guys like Batiste and Massie starting, you wonder who they have laying around the roster who can provide an improvement…and if such people exist, why they weren’t on the field six weeks ago.

    I think if you read the tea leaves this means that Cardinal fans can look forward to Ryan Lindley getting slaughtered in the near future, instead of Kolb or Skelton.

  3. Well, it’s not like GM Rod Graves has done much to give Whiz any help! Its Grave’s responsibility to address the horrible offensive line during the offseason….and his solution was to resign turnstile LT Levi Brown & injury prone Jeremy Bridges , and add G Adam Synder to the roster…which is equivalent to doing absolutely nothing. With Brown & Bridges done in by injuries…there’s not much help left in the line up. Since Graves has taken overin 2003, they’ve never had a dominate Oline.

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