Alex Smith practices on a limited basis for 49ers

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On Wednesday, 49ers quarterback Alex Smith was cleared to practice after suffering a concussion against the Rams on Sunday.  On Thursday, Smith returned to practice, on a limited basis.

Then again, practice for a quarterback is always limited, given that quarterbacks always wear no-touch red jerseys.

Per Matt Maiocco of, Smith appears to be on track to return to action Monday night against the Bears.  That said, the return of any concussion symptoms — headache, dizziness, blurred vision, etc. — could get Smith shut down for Week 11.

Often, a player who is diagnosed with a concussion misses at least one game.  Plenty, however, don’t miss a game.  For Smith, who surely doesn’t want to give Colin Kaepernick a chance to ignite a quarterback controversy, the starting quarterback likely will be reporting no symptoms of a concussion in the coming days.

Even if Smith experiences them.

15 responses to “Alex Smith practices on a limited basis for 49ers

  1. I would love to see Kap for a full game. Could be wrong about him, but I think he’s got what it takes to get a W. Need the Niner D to get back dominant form tho.

  2. I agree w/1849ers. It would be nice to see what Kap would do with a week to actually plan a game with him in mind instead of him coming off the bench in mid-game, especially if Cutler’s ruled out AND there’s any chance at all that Alex isn’t 100%.

  3. I’m glad to read this… If we get the back-up, we can kiss our season goodbye.

    Like in college, he runs well. Like in college he has a big arm. Like in college he’s got a wooden head and spotty accuracy and routinely throws into coverage.

    In 31 drop backs, it’s been 5 sacks and three near picks, icnluding throwing to a triple-covered Randy Moss. That those picks hit the ground has been some great luck. Luck that I don’t think can be relied on against a great defense like the Bears.

  4. If Cutler can’t go, and Campbell’s best pass is the 5-yard check-down he displayed Sunday night, then it won’t matter who starts for SF, a single FG would win it…As in SF 3, Bears 0.

  5. is florio Kaepernick’s press agent or something? what did Alex Smith ever do to him that he wants this kid who has done nothing to warrant all of his affection to start over Smith? I don’t get it get it with florio, he does not like guys who are game managers i.e. guys who lead their teams to wins while not turning the ball over and taking risks then criticizes those qb’s who do. make up your mind Mike. and those of us who have been on this site have to laugh at his sudden affection of Peyton Manning. he spent his first years in the league trying to prove he was a phony with his nice guy image ,then said the colts would never win a super bowl paying him all that money when he signed his new deal with a big bonus. now he is with the broncos and suddenly he can do no wrong in his eyes.

  6. Kaepernick has a lot of potential but if he starts his firstNFL games against the Bears defense on primetime he’s going to be way over his head. I wouldn’t be surprised to see 3 INTs and a couple of fumbles being that he’s a running QB.

  7. Chicago, traveling to the West Coast on Monday Night? It’ll be like old times. Expect Harbaugh to open up the play book and make a statement. 49ers win big in a rout.

  8. for this match, I prefer consistency ( =Alex) over Kaep!!

    Kaep is wildcard, he can shine, he can fall.

    vs Rams he has 2 fumbles, one.. pick Gore and made 10yard gain, second got Miller. It was pure luck. Bears D is dominant, I really dont want see Kaep wild runs and fumbling 3 times…

  9. Chicago, traveling to the West Coast on Monday Night? It’ll be like old times. Expect Harbaugh to open up the play book and make a statement. 49ers win big in a rout.


    If the 9er’s win, it’s big.

    Routing the Bears, not going to happen, Bears give up 15 a game on average !

    Bears – 17
    9er’s – 14

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