Bart Scott: LaDainian Tomlinson is wrong, I didn’t rip Tim Tebow

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Former Jets running back LaDainian Tomlinson says the anonymous quotes coming out of the Jets’ locker room ripping Tim Tebow sound like the types of things that linebacker Bart Scott would say. Scott says that’s garbage.

Responding to Tomlinson saying on SiriusXM NFL Radio that he thought Scott was a source for the story that ripped Tebow, Scott told the New York Post that if he wanted to criticize a teammate, he’d do it to that teammate’s face, not with an anonymous quote in a newspaper.

That can’t be farther from the truth,” Scott said. “One thing about me is I ain’t ever hid behind [junk] that I’ve ever said. I’m not afraid to put my name to it, go to a person and say it to them. . . . LaDainian is out of line in thinking I have that type of character. I don’t know what he believes I showed to him when he was here. If anything, I hope I showed him I was a leader and I never try to be a distraction.”

Tomlinson also said he thought cornerback Antonio Cromartie might have provided some of the anonymous quotes ripping Tebow. Cromartie has refused to speak to reporters about the matter. (At least, he has refused to speak to reporters on the record.)

Scott said he has no idea who made the comments about Tebow and doesn’t think they reflect the character of his teammates.

“I’ve been here four years,” Scott said. “It’s always an anonymous source. An anonymous source can be the janitor. An anonymous source can be the cable guy. An anonymous source can be the equipment guy. Anybody can be an anonymous source. If you don’t tell them to put their name to it, what credibility do you have? I think the anonymous person is probably some smoke in the air or a fart off somebody’s [butt].”

I don’t know about that last part, but it is clear that something stinks in the Jets’ locker room.

46 responses to “Bart Scott: LaDainian Tomlinson is wrong, I didn’t rip Tim Tebow

  1. Everyone on earth knows it was Antonio Cromartie who made them. How could such ignorant comments come from anyone else but him?

  2. Personally, I do not pay any attention to any report that does not quote the source person.
    Period. Perhaps the reporter is merely stirring the pot.

  3. Wow, this sure is a lot of coverage for a 3-6 team. What have the Jest done to deserve all this in-depth coverage?

  4. Of course it was Cromartie. He’s still butthurt that Tebow ripped FSU a new rear end 4 years in a row while he was at UF. The hate runs deep.

    In Florida if you want to find FSU, drive north till you smell it and then west till you step in it.

  5. Dat dat datta datta dat dat da da. Dat dat datta datta dat dat da da. Ladies and Gentleman and children of all ages, Welcome to the Big Top!

  6. I cannot believe LT-lite had a job as a commentator. This guy can barely speak English. Not to mention he was never the best “team mate” either. Quit on his team a couple of times if I remember correctly.

  7. Next time please have the reporter ask the source how many children they have so we’ll know for sure if it was Cromartie.

  8. “I think the anonymous person is probably some smoke in the air or a fart off somebody’s [butt].”


    The collective IQ of the Jets’ locker room just increased by 40 points.

  9. Since this story about Tebow is going nowhere (and let’s face it, about every stories from the Jets are useless), I’d like to propose a “Let’s not talk about anyone or anything from the Jets” Thursday for the rest of the season.

    This way, everyone will be happy.

  10. So now, when asked why he signed with the Jets, Scott says: “It seemed like a good idea at the time.”

  11. Asking the old detective question of “who benefits”, I’m starting to think “anonymous” is Rex Ryan. What can be better for Rex then everyone talking about a back-up quarterback who almost never plays instead of the Jets lousy 3-6 record.

  12. phreakin says:Nov 15, 2012 12:15 PM

    Everyone on earth knows it was Antonio Cromartie who made them. How could such ignorant comments come from anyone else but him?

    While Cromartie is ignorant, the comments were not. They were extremely accurate. Tim Tebow is a terrible quarterback by NFL standards.

  13. Before the season everyone assumed it would be a circus year for the Jets. Now it has come true! It’s so great to see as a Patriots fan. I got worried after the first few weeks that they would hold it together, but fortunately they in shambles.

  14. Who cares who said what!! Sanchez isn’t taking the jets anywhere and neither will Tebow… Start McElroy, and maybe well find a diamond in the rough

  15. Wow. Not exactly “The Patriot Way” down there
    huh ?

    So who thinks is was Woody who wanted Tebow
    from the start and Rex never wanted him at all ?

    This could be where the split comes.

    Sparano Interim head coach by Mid-Late Dec.

    Been sayin it since August.

  16. You hire a loudmouth punk for a coach, you bring in loudmouth punks for veteran leadership on your team, what did you expect to happen?

  17. @Joetoronto

    Never really understood the LT bashing. Throughout his career he was a model teammate and citizen, definitely never “quit” on the team. If youre referring to the playoff game against the patriots in 2007 then youre out of your mind. I guess not playing with a partially torn MCL when you have one of the best backup RBs in the entire league is quitting on the team.

  18. Bart Scott: “If anything, I hope I showed him I was a leader and I never try to be a distraction.”

    Well, if you’re never trying to be a distraction, then I guess it just comes naturally for you, Bart!

  19. Sounds like a coach who has lost all conrol. Instead of making Tebow the scapegoat everyone had better look at themselves first. Sounds like the dirty laundry neesds to be thrown out

  20. I’ve been a die-hard Bears fan since I was 5 years old. Am just as much of a fan when they’re 4-12 and 13-3. But I must say, if the Bears were to ever fall into a circus like this Jets team has going on, it would be hard to remain a fan. Time for a coaching change.

  21. Rex Ryan likes his players to speak freely and talk trash.

    But you can’t put that genie back in the bottle when they turn on one another.

    There’s a reason good coaches keep their players’ comments under wraps. Rex is not a good coach.

  22. This season is already lost for the Jets and now it’s two seasons with a locker room that’s a mess. Rex should bench the defensive captains for not taking care of business in the locker room. And if it was one of the captains, I’m taking the C patch from the jersey and suspending for another game. Rex needs to get control of this team if he’s going to remain the coach.

  23. LT has turned into Tiki Barber with the mouthful of junk coming out of his mouth.

    How about LT score a touchdown on 4 and 1 in the biggest play of his career of the AFC Championship(with these same Jets).

  24. It seems pretty apparent that Rex has lost control of the team entirely. He isn’t making the situation on field better, and the players feel like they can say and do anything they want. It is time for the owner to step in and make a statement. Usually, when you lose you get quite and keep it in house. I say put Tebow in and give the fans what they want.

  25. As far as who said it, it really doesn’t matter. But since the j..e..t…s jetsjetsjets are not likely to make the playoffs at this point, Rex has little to risk by letting Tebow start. Sure, Tebow has shown unimpressive skills, but does that matter if he leads them to wins?

  26. This Tebow bashing is amazing – if you had a team with all players that had his heart and leadership, you’d have a playoff team for years.

    Give me Tim Tebow anyday over that gutless, lazy, and spineless QB we have in Washington – a loser of the first order who can’t lead anyone out of a tunnel if given the chance. Tebow may not be a great QB, but he has one talent that Griffin will never have – he can lead a team to win and make them believe in him – Griffin runs a two minute offense in four minutes and has no sense of urgency and can’t complete any pass over 30 yards in the air with any regularity.

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