Calvin Johnson wants more production from his fellow receivers

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Megatron isn’t the only Transformer.  And Calvin Johnson isn’t the only pass-catcher in Detroit.

Johnson made that point on Thursday, explaining that he expects his teammates to take advantage of all the attention that gets paid to the guy who’s on the cover of the Madden game.  (Speaking of the Madden game, is it blasphemous for me to think that NBA 2K13 is dramatically better than the latest installment of football video franchise?)

“There [have] been games, whether it be the tight end, or Titus [Young], Nate [Burleson] when he was here, they’ve been able to have some big games,” Johnson said, via Anwar Richardson of  “That’s something that you got to have. That’s something that I feel like, put it like this, somebody out of the receiving group, strictly receivers, should have 100-yards every game.  That’s just the way I feel about it.

“Ain’t nothing changed that, as well as the tight ends.  This is the firepower weapons we have in this offense.”

He’s right.  With defenses dedicated to stopping Johnson, other guys should be getting little or no attention.  And they should be taking full advantage of it.

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  1. well, it DOES defy logic that the dude draws double and triple teams and nobody else is producing . . .

  2. I’m really curious to know if any other WR in the NFL faces coverage similar to what Calvin sees every game (AJ Green?). It’s really amazing he’s putting up 100+ yd. game each and every week against these defensive efforts. A CB, a LB, and a S are focused on him each and every play.

  3. @ocdn

    No the team isn’t “imploding from within”. I’m positive that both the WR and TE groups would agree with Calvin. CJ wasn’t disrespectful in any way with his comments.

    Also, any talk of CJ having a “down” year is insanity. He is leading the league in receiving yards, and has been, and correct me if I’m wrong, downed inside the 3 yard line at least 5 times this year. He also dropped 2 easy TD passes after getting that stinger during the Vikings game that affected his grip.

  4. Stafford isn’t as accurate as Calvin makes him look. Therein lies the problem. His reach potential in any direction is far greater than that of either Young or Broyles…Sheffler and Pettigrew are big guys but not nearly as athletic as Calvin.

    I love the Lions, but they have a strong armed QB that has to work on his accuracy, because throwing off balance, sidearm or off his back foot won’t get it done for his career.

  5. I think it’s a classy way to call out your teammates. Johnson is right….with double and triple teams, another receiver should be having A LOT more success on a consistent basis. But some of the blame is on Stafford. He locks in on Johnson and forces the ball when he should probably look elsewhere. Then again, I’m sure Stafford gets tired of so many dropped passes.

  6. That’s exactly what the scout was talking about for suh and ray lewis. Calvin is the best receiver and he is probably the hardest worker, he can say whatever he wants they gotta respect him. Suh doesn’t do anything, so how can he say anything to anybody, I thought that’s what vanden Bosch was brought in for to turn these guys into killin machines!

  7. Two things: 1) The team isn’t close to “imploding from within”. Sensational news has damaged brains in this country. 2) That scout’s a moron. He doesn’t have a clue what Suh does in practice. He is, like so many do these days when given an anonymous voice, offering an uninformed opinion. Natch.

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