Colts won’t change Luck’s style to lessen injury risk

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Starting quarterbacks went down with injuries left and right during Week 10, but the Colts don’t want that to impact the way Andrew Luck plays the game.

The Colts quarterback called those injuries the “nature of the game” and said that he didn’t think it was possible to play as well as possible if you’re worrying about getting injured. Luck has used his feet to extend and make plays quite often this season and that’s led to some big hits that have resulted in fines or penalties for defensive players. The quarterback thinks that’s a vital part of his game and coach Bruce Arians agrees.

“His athleticism puts himself in harm’s way a lot. You’ve got to be able to protect yourself out there and get rid of the football at times and other times just be tough enough to handle it,” Arians said, via Mike Chappell of the Indianapolis Star. “I’m not going to change a bit the way he plays or approaches the game because other guys get concussions.”

Quarterbacks have gotten concussed in the pocket, scrambling while making a throw and when trying to run for a first down so there obviously isn’t a way to keep them safe unless you invent the first offensive scheme in history that keeps quarterbacks from ever being touched. When Luck has run for five touchdowns and converted first downs on 17 of his 34 runs overall, there’s too much value to the offense to keep him from locked into the pocket.

It may result in an injury at some point, but the limitations on the Colts offense would be almost as great if they tried to get Luck to stop doing the things that made them pick him first overall in the first place.

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  1. Yeah, the Bills were obviously so scared that they ran around and through Spikes for 31 points. Would have been even more if not for Brady and the offense putting up 37. That NE defense is horrible.

  2. Someone remind Spike nobody, I repeat nobody, is afraid of the New England’s “defense” since they no longer know the plays ahead of time due to videotaping.

  3. Luck is a big statuered dude, hes close to cam newton size, hes taken some big hits already n dusted it off like it was nothing! !! Hes a great QB!!!

  4. I just went to a Colts Luncheon on Tuesday with Arians as the guest speaker and he spoke in detail about Luck’s style of play.

    He emphasized that the Colts almost never call run plays for Luck. Unless the game is on the line, or a standard QB sneak on goal line situations. Luck has surprised many by his ability to shake tackles (see GB Game shaking off Clay Matthews), scramble (5 rush TDs), and turn a bootleg into ground yards when needed… but the Colts don’t push Luck into Running situations.

    Vick, RG3, Newton seem to use the running option more as a standard part of their offense. The Colts offense (O-Line approach too) is that Luck is 1st and foremost a pocket passer with the ability to scramble.

    Exposing QBs (franchise QBs no less) to defenses on a regular basis is playing with fire. While QBs are always a target, Pocket Passers vs. Running QBs come with different risks. The Luck vs RG3 debate needs to include these risks. Scary to realize that every time a QB leaves the pocket could be the last time they do so that season. Defenses are bigger and faster than ever before, teams need to think twice about throwing their QB to the wolves.

  5. Even as a Texans fan who hates the Colts – Good for them – The headline should read – “Despite cries for wussification of the NFL by media and casual fans, team chooses to man up and let QB play ball like its meant to be played”

  6. At some point luck will throw another interception and he’ll get his head scrambled or he’ll walk gingerly to the side line with that right arm dangling.

    Go ahead and ruin your career if you want.

  7. My hat is off to the Colts for picking Luck, because in the long run I believe that he is going to be WAY better than RG3.

    That being said, look at the way Arians handled Ben Roethlisberger while in Pittsburgh. He didn’t care about the hits that Ben took. As a Steelers fan, I believe that had the Steelers not parted ways with Arians the career of Ben Roethlisberger would have lasted another 2 years before he was hit too many times.

    I just hope for the sake of the Colts that the owner starts telling Arians a lot sooner than the Steelers did that their QB was taking WAY too many hits and they need to do something to cut those down.

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