Former Jets enjoy the peace of Rams locker room


From a thousand miles away, former Jets tackle Wayne Hunter knew exactly what was happening in his old locker room.

He didn’t like it then, and he doesn’t like it now.

Now with the Rams, Hunter said the culture that creates anonymous rip jobs like yesterday’s on Tim Tebow made it hard to be a Jet.

I got sick of guys doing that,” Hunter said, via Kevin Armstrong of the New York Daily News. “I spoke about that. That sucks.”

At the same time, Hunter acknowledges it happens for a reason.

“But then Rex [Ryan] gives an open locker room,” Hunter said. “He knows the personalities.”

Another former Jet, Rams backup quarterback Kellen Clemens, said he also enjoys the tranquility of the Midwest.

“We’ve got a great quarterback situation. We’ve got a good room,” Clemens said. “We don’t have any of the stuff.”

The Rams are 3-5-1, barely better than the Jets at 3-6. But if you’re going to be bad, better to do it in peace.

9 responses to “Former Jets enjoy the peace of Rams locker room

  1. This is Brian Schottenheimer’s payback.

    Rams 27 NJ Jets 6

    Wonder how many Jets fans still think that “Schotty” was the problem in NY?

  2. Think its only fair that the jets’ coach gets fined and suspended for conduct detrimental to people’s feelings.

  3. The focus in the Jets locker room this season doesn’t appear to be on football. Not blaming Tebow in the least, by all accounts he’s been a model teammate and he’s done nothing to call all this attention to himself.
    Rex and Tannenbaum chose to bring him in to this already-crazy locker room. This whole chaotic season is clearly on them.

  4. Not only are Rex Ryan’s days as a head coach in NY numbered, so are his days as an NFL head coach, period.

    I predict he will never get a second chance, at least not for a very long time. No owner wants a clown show locker room like that, and his record on the field doesn’t justify putting up with it.

    It’s the same reason his brother just took three steps down the ladder to a head coaching job. Everyone who hears him talk knows that he would bring the exact same atmosphere to any locker room he was put in charge of.

    Ain’t happening.

  5. Tebow hasn’t called attention to himself? Shirtless run to the locker room in the rain? GQ photo shoots? Tebow is just as much a part of the Jet circus as any other player. Maybe more. He just hides behind the aw shucks bible thumping image him and the media love to perpetrate. I’m sure that fact has riled up guys in the locker room.

  6. Between Rex Ryan and Tony Sparano this team is joke. I’ll be shocked if they are not both fired at the end of the season. Sparano is responsible for this Tebow rubbish, he has a playbook for him, but he obviously never goes to it. How many plays has Tebow had, not very many??

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