Goodell remains hopeful that HGH testing is coming


On Thursday, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell gave a speech at the Harvard School of Public Health regarding the league’s efforts to make the game safer.  After he finished his prepared remarks, Goodell took questions from the crowd.

Per Albert Breer of NFL Network, one of the questions related to HGH testing.

Unfortunately, we don’t have that agreement,” Goodell said. “I just talked to [NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith] this week about it.  I still believe it’s something that’s in the best interest of the players, from a health and safety standpoint, but it’s also in the best interest of the game.  We’ll have, hopefully, some meetings in the next couple weeks to address some of the remaining issues.  I’m hopeful we’ll get something done.”

To date, there has been plenty of hope but no action.  The league and the NFLPA agreed more than 15 months ago that there will be HGH testing, commencing in the 2011 season.

Let’s repeat that.  They agreed in August 2011 that HGH testing would start last season.

Since then, the league periodically has criticized the NFLPA for stonewalling.  But the NFL has done nothing to force the union to agree via the various available legal remedies for enforcing a binding contractual agreement.

Maybe the league realizes that compelling the union, and in turn the players, to submit to blood testing for HGH won’t end well.  A cynic would wonder whether the league is willing to delay the launch of HGH testing in the hopes that those who use HGH will find an alternative substance that can’t be detected via testing or a masking agent that will keep them from being caught.  If, as many suspect, a high percentage of players are using HGH in order to recover from injuries and if, as many believe, HGH works, shutting off the supply will make it harder for players to suit up and play.

And that wouldn’t be good for anybody.

Regardless of the reasons, the agreement to submit to HGH testing continues to go unhonored by the players, and unenforced by the league.  It could stay that way until Congress decides to do something more than send letters politely asking the parties to proceed.

12 responses to “Goodell remains hopeful that HGH testing is coming

  1. Sounds like a good plan.

    Anyone who doesn’t have any Human Growth Hormone in their bodies obviously isn’t human and probably should not be allowed to play.

  2. Why? The NFL is already testing for chemical performance enhancers. If these guys want to be better by HGH, why should anyone care? There is no real evidence it is harmful and the game is faster and better.

  3. We don’t have that agreement in place? Great, then all we need now is to get an agreement in place with Congress to step in when businesses can’t sort out major problems dealing with major money when there’s major concerns. Once we can get that rule/agreement initiated, then they can force the NFL and the NFLPA to make their agreement.

    To the Harvard student, here’s the real answer to your question:

    Sorry, but in lieu of making an agreement for HGH, the NFL decided to take a monetary discount to try and avoid a stalemate or financial caving. We did a bad enough job as it was to negotiate this deal in favor of the quality of the game for the fans and sold out instead. But one of these days people will start caring about credibility and honor moreso than money, you just wait and be patient for that and thanks for your continued interest and support of the game, we really appreciate your business a great deal, I swear I really mean it.

  4. My guessing is that they’re taking their time with HGH testing because they want to allow players to transition from consuming it without affecting them. If they suddenly started applying tests, I’d imagine a lot of players would get caught, and the ones that stopped consuming it would show a drastic decline in production.

    Anyway, just my 2 cents without really no evidence to support it.

  5. I personally love HGH. It is a miracle drug. I can only imagine the quality hgh they get. I am mixed on player use. I just dont think the human body can handle the hits these guys take with todays technology and the improvement of genetics along with HGH. I would say 70% of the players are on hgh. Not only for the muscle mass it creates but the recovery part of it also

  6. Nearly no one will get caught using HGH. It metabolizes within a few hours of use. A user would have to be some combination of (a) unlucky, (b) using constantly, (c) stupid, or (d) ratted out to get caught.

    As to whether it works as a PED, it has been shown to cause muscle hyper trophy but not increased strength. As for speeding healing, there’s a whole class of drugs that are very potent anti-inflammatories which work a lot better…they’re called steroids, which are also more effective PEDs too.

  7. My guess is 100% of the players use it there is no way that a human body can go through a full NFL season without some extra help HGH makes every muscle in your body grow so that includes organs ever wonder why you see the football players dying from enlarged hearts it may just be coincidence but I don’t think so. Production would definitely decrease

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