Greene plans to address his quotes to Silver on Thursday


On Wednesday, the Tebow experiment officially became Peter Brady’s volcano.

On Thursday, the cleanup process will commence with running back Shonn Greene putting some of the lava back into the mountain.

On Wednesday night, Mike Silver of Yahoo! Sports quoted Greene as saying “something’s got to change” and characterizing the remarks as Greene lobbying for a shift at quarterback from Mark Sanchez to Tim Tebow.

Per a source close to Greene, the veteran running back plans to address the situation during Thursday’s open locker room session with reporters.

The source says Greene is adamant that he was referring to a “change” from losing to winning, that Greene never said there should be  a change at quarterback.

The interview, per the source, occurred on Tuesday.  (On The Dan Patrick Show, Silver said it occurred on Monday, and that they talked again on Wednesday.)  It was arranged by Greene’s agent, not by the team.

This isn’t the first time a player has been candid with Silver before subsequently claiming that he didn’t say what Silver says he said.  Silver is very skilled at getting guys to be honest and frank.  When guys see their words in print, and when they start to get flak for saying what they said, it’s time to get the lava shovel.

So look for more from Greene today.

Yep, it’s a very good thing the Jets aren’t a circus.

24 responses to “Greene plans to address his quotes to Silver on Thursday

  1. You says he’s skilled, others might say he’s slimy or abuses the trust. But it’s cool, he’s just making a living the best way he knows how…

  2. Amazing how such a sub-plot of a sub-plot of a team’s NFL season like this would be more newsworthy than this week’s game itself.

    Rexy knows that he still has 7 more weeks of soap-opera spin left (if he’s lucky) and he’s not happy about it.

  3. Why the Jets traded for TT is anyone’s guess; this whole messy scenario was inevitable as soon as he arrived. I’m only glad that Mr. Elway had the sense to get rid of him when he did – and I’m a TT fan btw.

  4. Sorry but it ain’t gonna be lava he’s shoveling out today in a desperate attempt to get his teammates unpissed at him, its going to smell something more along the lines of what you find on horse farms.

  5. WHY GOD WHY couldn’t the Jets have been picked for Hard Knocks this year . . .

    More on topic: Tebow may have his flaws and people can say what they want about his ability/inability to successfully Quarterback a team, but at the end of the day you have to admire the fact that SOMEHOW this dude has found ways to not only turn a sinking ship season around, but to also win a playoff game against a good Steelers team. You cannot say the same for Sanchez the last few years. Might as well play the kid, Marky Mark isn’t getting it done.

  6. The extent of delusion the members of this massively overrated football team suffers from is amazing. Shonn Greene, who is a total non-factor in games, averaging about 2.3 yds/tote, has the nerve to gripe about someone else? Do your job, and shut up, you wasted draft pick.

  7. More on this topic: Nothing on Tebow’s NFL resume is as strong as Sanchez’s. NOTHING. Not passing stats, winning percentage, playoff appearances, nothing. You cannot make a fact-based argument that Tebow is better, has been better or would be better.

    Also, three different NFL coaching staffs have come to the same conclusion on Tebow – that he doesn’t belong on the field. Why the media and the Tebowmaniacs refuse to accept this defies explanation.

  8. “Well, look at it this way – the Jets have one more legitimate Super Bowl than the Pats.”

    Ah Patriots haters. All of them are so jealous and green with envy that they comment about the Pats in posts that have nothing to do with them.

    How many times did the Patriots beat your team little fella? Don’t worry one day things will get better for you, but for now enjoy your mini-pizza’s your mother made for you she’s coming down the basement stairs now.

  9. Look this guy mouthed off out of frustration and now wants to take it back. One thing you learn on day one in any training that involves a mic, once you say something, it can’t be reversed. Its out there. Done and said. No, I didn’t say that going on here.
    I’m tired of the loud mouths but didn’t this happen in Denver. I mean their QB was doing ok but Tebow got a handful of guys somehow to get the Tebow mania thing going and the next thing you know he is on the field and the QB is traded.
    You can’t tell me this guy doesn’t have a way to incourage the behind the scene stuff that favors him and not the other guy. What Tebow says and does in front of cameras versus behind the scenes is two different things.
    I’m blaming Tebow for all this Jet stuff. He is the instigator.

  10. Circuses are actually very organized happenings. Takes a lot of effort to get the tent up and get all the acts on stage in a timely manner so that the audience is entertained and goes home happy.

    So, to call the Jets a circus is really doing a discredit to circuses.

  11. I think a similar situation happened to the Titans a few years ago. The team wanted Young as the QB and I think they played lousy just to get him in there. Funny, once he was put in, the receivers who previously couldn’t catch a cold, all of a sudden were hall of fame caliber. But it didn’t last long. When the honeymoon started to come to an end, the guy they wanted blew a fuse.
    Then reality set in the guy wasn’t all that good to begin with.

    Remember it ended in a very fine coach named Fisher getting the blame. The team still hasn’t recovered from it.

  12. Sanchez playing poorly? Ryan losing the locker room? Players privately and publicly calling for a QB change? Sneaky Silver getting guys to let down their guard, then using it in a story? All predictable.

    The only surprising thing is just how poorly the Jets have used Tebow. They can’t seem to figure out what to do with him– unlike the Broncos offensive coaches who knew exactly what they had and how to use him.

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