Jim Harbaugh has procedure to deal with irregular heartbeat


Coaches usually give the injury updates at practices, but the 49ers were giving one about coach Jim Harbaugh instead this Thursday.

The team issued a statement explaining that Harbaugh was not at practice because he needed to have a procedure done to deal with an irregular heartbeat. The entire text of the statement follows:

“Coach Harbaugh is not at the facility today under doctor’s orders. He is having a minor procedure done at Stanford Hospital today for an irregular heartbeat. We anticipate that he will be back at the facility tomorrow, but do not have any further information to share at this time. Assistant head coach and special teams coordinator Brad Seely will be overseeing today’s practice and meetings. When more information regarding coach Harbaugh is available we will pass that along.”

There’s not much to add here, outside of the fact that it sounds promising that Harbaugh is expected back at work in some capacity on Friday. Beyond that, we’ll just send our best wishes for a quick and complete recovery and express our hope that there isn’t a need for more medical intervention in the future to deal with the issue.

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  1. Perhaps if he took it down a notch he’d feel better. For starters … just accept that every penalty assessed against your team is not a bad call.

  2. Captain Comeback is tougher than a two dollar steak. Sedate him plenty because his wiring won’t let him relax and take it easy.

  3. Gotta have a heart to have an irregular heartbeat.

    Just ask any of the workers in the building on how he treats them.

  4. Harbaugh is the best coach the 49ers have had in years, his grit and personality give the team a new identity…Best wishes for him to have a full recovery so he can lead the team for many years to come.

  5. Thankfully, he already played the Lions so he doesn’t have to worry about Schwarts running him down and triggering a cardiac arrest!

  6. cubsin2049 says:
    Nov 15, 2012 3:12 PM
    Gotta have a heart to have an irregular heartbeat.

    Just ask any of the workers in the building on how he treats them.
    Is that you Jim Schwartz??

  7. @ mvp43

    Somehow I don’t think he is afraid of Schwartz. And in beating Schwartz like a rented mule, he probably wouldn’t even break a sweat.

  8. Talk smack about Harbaugh all you want, but fans 95% of the NFL’s other teams wish they had a coach half as good as him.

  9. This clown is his own worse enemy. Carrying on like he does, can not be healthy. Its a tired act and the players are probably immune to it.

  10. Thats why he has been so sedate on sidelines on game day… now that its taken care of… he can let the emotions out… kidding aside… wishing harbaugh a speedy recovery… dont miss a beat!

  11. From a Seahawks fan that thinks Harbaugh is insufferably annoying-

    A sincere get well soon.

    You’ve made divisional football fun again.

    Take it easy, coach.

  12. Hawk fan here , with all the vitrol for the Niners and their coach that goes along with it . However …

    We are talking about a man’s life here . As a person with a pacemaker myself , I can’t think of any other ‘procedure’ for an irregular heartbeat other than a pacemaker implant . If thats the case , it’s doubtful he’ll be back to work tomorrow . Hopefully he feels better soon .

    Take it easy coach , give yourself time to heal properly . Sticking wires into your heart isn’t always the “minor procedure” they say it is . God bless .

  13. I’m surprised he didn’t instruct the team to say only that he’s “working through something”. (For those who don’t follow the Niners, that’s usually as much detail as Harbaugh will provide regarding injured players.)

  14. Irregular heartbeat? Atrial Fibrillation? A-Fib is no joke, believe me. It can be controlled in many cases by a combination of medication and quitting both alcohol and caffiene. No booze, no coffee, no cokes! And, by cutting out alcohol and soft drinks, the pounds come off!

    Good luck, coach.

  15. The procedure is an ablation, it involve running a catheter up thru a vein in his groin, into the right side of his heart, piercing the center wall of the heart into the left side and then using the catheter , they freeze the hyper active muscles in the heart walls, usually the muscle rings around the vessels leading out of the heart. Can be up and around in a few hours or have to stay overnight. Have to stay on blood thinners for a while. The worst part is post surgery when you have to lay in bed with big sand bags keeping pressure on the holes in your groin so you don’t bleed out. Works though, I havent had a problem in 9 years since mine.

  16. My semi educated guess would be that is a “cardio-vert”. The procedure is as simple as getting the paddles. Kind of a reset button for your heart. Supplimented with a few medications. The long term fix is usually an ablation procedure. I have some experience, 6 cardioversions and 4 ablations, both of which are relatively simple and easy to recover from. My last one was 3 months ago, the entry points are so tiny now that “sandbags” are no longer used. I hope coach gets healthy and continues to be as intense as ever. -Lions fan.

  17. As coach himself says….”No time to sit around and worry…just gotta dust off and ride”

  18. Just ask any of the workers in the building on how he treats them.

    What are you talking about? A good friend of mine works at Candlestick and has met Harbaugh twice, and the second time they met (around 3 months after the first time) Harbaugh not only remembered his name, but remembered that he had said his dog was having surgery and asked how it went (it went fine). And my friend is like the lowest level employee (sorry if you’re reading this Dani, but you know it’s true).

    I mean, maybe that was just one random thing and he’s mean to everyone else but nice to my friend, but I don’t think there is any reason to think Harbaugh is mean to the people that work for him.

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