No contract talks between Rams, Amendola


Rams receiver Danny Amendola said on Wednesday’s episode of Pro Football Talk that he’d have no problem with having the franchise tag used against him.  That could be how it turns out.

A source with knowledge of the situation tells PFT that there currently are no talks between the Rams and Amendola regarding a new deal.

There’s no rush at this point — especially with Amendola still being seven games away from completing his rookie deal with no serious injury.  Still, if the Rams don’t get something done between December 30 and late February, the Rams will have to devote nearly $10 million in cap space to Amendola for 2012.

Thereafter, they’ll have until the middle of July to work out a long-term deal that reduce the cap charge for 2013.

It’s hard to imagine the Rams letting him get away, given his emergence this season.  Meanwhile, Cowboys owner/G.M. Jerry Jones has to be kicking himself for giving Amendola the boot as an undrafted rookie, and any team that considered pursuing him as a restricted free agent (cough . . . Patriots . . . cough) is likely wishing it had.

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  1. Amendola is one of my favorite players, but he still has to show that he’s not going to be plagued by durability issues. From day one with the Rams to today he has played like he is fighting for a roster spot. With so much talent I hope he has a long and productive career and gets rewarded for all of that effort.

  2. You seem to forget oh great one that Amendola had a choice to go on the practice squad of the Cowboys or go to the Eagles regular roster. He went to Philly, got hurt and was cut.

  3. Actually he was on the Cowboys practice squad for a year, then went to Philly’s active roster. Dallas gave him a chance. Same thing can be said about Cole Beasley this year and he is on the active roster.

  4. No serious injuries? How about the ugly dislocation of his elbow that cost him much of last season? How about the cracked sternum earlier this year that was considered life threatening because the bone came extremely close to piercing his heart?


  5. Amendola for team MVP. The Rams play alot better with him in the lineup. He was out during last 3 losses. He is a huge part of Rams offense which can only get better as Bradford does.

  6. Danny Amendolas are a dime a dozen.

    Most teams are unwilling to make a slot receiver the focal point of their offense, but the Rams don’t really have much choice.

  7. Best slot receiver?? This guy has under 500 yards, and 2 TDs… This is madness. Wes Welker or Percy Harvin. No questions. Wes Welker for raw yards. Percy for more YAC than Amendola has total yards.

  8. We need to sign Danny Amendola and get it over with. Danny wants to stay here he said “This is my home.” I agree 110%. This is his home. He’s a very talented playmaker. I dont want to see him scoring TD’s wearing someone else’s jersey. I think the Rams Nation would agree.? Danny helps our younger recievers get open and make plays by drawing coverage were ever he’s at on the field. When he’s on the field our offense has a totally different mind set. There is going to be some Top WR Free Agents after the season if we dont sign him Danny Amendola will be 1 of them. We can NOT let him go. Once we get our offensive line straight with Danny on our offense and if our younger recievers keep progressing you will see Top 5 passing offense in the league. Mark my words. Rams Nation!!

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