No practice for Cutler on Thursday

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The Bears have been very tight lipped about the status of quarterback Jay Cutler, who suffered a concussion on Sunday.  On Thursday, the Bears spoke, but only because they had to.

Cutler didn’t practice today, which means he hasn’t been cleared to return to practice.

For teams that play on Monday night, Thursday is the equivalent of Wednesday, the first full day of practice for the week.  Updates will come on Friday and Saturday, with a label (out, doubtful, questionable, etc.) being applied on Saturday.

Also missing practice on Thursday were defensive end Shea McClellin (concussion) and defensive tackle Matt Toeaina (calf).

Receiver Alshon Jeffery, who has missed several games with a broken hand, was a limited participant in practice.

The Bears face the 49ers on Monday night.  San Francisco quarterback Alex Smith received clearance to return to practice on Wednesday.

16 responses to “No practice for Cutler on Thursday

  1. I’m not a Cutler fan & while the Bears are better when he’s playing, I felt Orton could’ve done just as well & those draft picks would’ve been nice to keep.

    That many concussions take a toll. Thankfully with the 4or 5 I had in school, I only get migraines. As much as it pains me from a football standpoint, from the non football standpoint I hope Cutler doesn’t cheat the tests & doesn’t rush back. Get healthy before you even think of going back out there. Ignore the idiots saying you’re soft & whatnot. Ultimately, it’s just a game.

  2. If QB backups don’t get reps during the week, then that’s on Lovie. Mr. Smith, your job involves getting all team members ready to play, not just the starters. Perhaps Haney would have fared better had he been allowed to take snaps during the week. Jason Campbell may be better than Caleb, but if he doesn’t get any reps (mental ones don’t count), then how is he supposed to step in and do the job???

  3. The Bears have been winning with the hopes of scoring on defense and special teams. This will be another test (loss) on Monday, against a 49er team that doesn’t turn the ball over and have a above average cover team. Possibly with no Cutler, the Bears will lose by alot. 27-6..

  4. It is in the Bears best interest to rest him this upcoming game. The season has a lot of games left and eventually it will come down to the Bears and Pack, why risk his health and if cards fall right he might see them later in the playoffs?

    It is unlikely that the Bears will go any further than a 2 game losing streak if the 49ers win (IF). Lots of football left and if I was the niners I would rest Smith because he’s one Briggs or Melton or Peppers big hit away from missing several games!

  5. Cutler is a tough dude and the Bears are smarter than what they lead you to believe…I expect they will do the right thing for the Season and not 1 game…even though its an NFC game.

  6. As a Niner fan, I hope Cutler can play. Yes, increases the odds the Bears will win, but these are two good teams. I’d like to know who’s truly better with both teams at (relatively speaking) full strength. Smith vs. Cutler is interesting – Smith is 2-0 vs Cutler (including Cutler’s time as a Bronco), but I recall getting whupped pretty good by the Bears back in ’06 (might’ve been something like 41-10). Right now it’s looking like one of the best MNF matchups of the season!

  7. I still think Dobbins did that deliberately to take Cutler out. All season the Bears were playing hot in the 2nd half. Taking Cutty gave them the best chances of winning.
    I also think Dobbins should get a suspension to accommodate the fine. That was a real cheap shot and the NFL and Goodell know it.

  8. Bears fan here guys,

    But fandom aside, I wish both Cutler and Smith a healthy & speedy recovery.

    Both are some talented quarterbacks and have a future ahead of ’em.

    As for the game, hopefully it’ll be a good one. Personally, I think it’ll come down to Defense and the Running Game.

    Both Bears and 49ers have solid D and a star RB. This game is up for grabs!

  9. The bears cannot win a primetime matchup against the best teams (GB, Hou, SF) with or without Cutler. We know this because it’s been proven time and time again. SF puts a 3 TD beating on them!

    SF 27, Chi 6

  10. @jimhopkins2012 The backup QB gets 25% of the snaps every week in practice. With new limitations on how long you can practice and how you can practice, there are fewer and fewer snaps to go around every week and year. As a coach, you can’t waste valuable reps preparing somebody who you hope doesn’t have to play. It’s hard enough getting the starters prepped every week, especially when you factor in that this is a brand new offense for both Cutler and Campbell. The priority every week has to be to get Cutler ready to go and to have a batch of plays that Campbell feels comfortable with if Cutler goes down. Obviously with Cutler not going this week that’s gonna be different, but you can’t give your backup QB too many reps because you’re simply taking them away from your starter which makes your team worse as a whole.

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