Peyton gets ribbed for awkward slide


When it comes to passing, Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning is having a great year.

When it comes to running, he’s not.  (Then again, given that he has the physique of the pre-oil-can Tin Man, when has he?)

As explained by Lindsay H. Jones of USA Today, Manning has been taking flak the past few days for an awkward attempt at a slide against the Carolina Panthers on Sunday.

“It’s not even worth explaining what happened.  It looked bad, and the fact that my knee brace got caught, nobody wants to hear that,” Manning said Wednesday, via Jones.  “It is what it is, as they say, and it’s right there on film.  I’m very aware that it’s fair game for criticism and ridicule.”

The only player who isn’t allowed to join in the reindeer games is receiver Eric Decker, because Decker opted to slide after catching a pass.  That’s something receivers aren’t supposed to do.