Ravens lose another corner, as Smith has groin surgery


The Ravens weren’t deep in the secondary to begin with, and now they’re without another cornerback.

Former first-rounder Jimmy Smith, who was replacing Lardarius Webb after he went on injured reserve, had groin surgery today.

The team hopes he’ll return before the end of the season, according to Jeff Zrebiec of the Baltimore Sun, but it leaves them very thin now.

Special teamer Corey Graham will likely step into the starting lineup opposite Cary Williams, with Chykie Brown moving up to third corner duties. The Ravens added former Raiders starter Chris Johnson earlier this week, and he may play immediately.

12 responses to “Ravens lose another corner, as Smith has groin surgery

  1. Pittsbrugh will be without their starting QB, their leading receiver, their All-Pro special-teams ace, and their MVP (all of whom happened to be the same person Antonio Brown). Brown will become the sixth offensive starter the Steelers have played without in the first 10 games of this season. If you count four defensive starters who have missed another 12 games and pose it all against the backdrop of injuries to quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, how much attrition can even the deepest NFL roster can withstand ?

    Now, how many offensive starters will the Ravens be without on Sunday ?

  2. The Ravens have a full offense but are missing their starting middle linebacker (the best to ever play) and their two best corners. Plus Ngata and Reed are playing hurt with Suggs not in football shape. Both these teams are pretty messed up.

  3. @mostlombardisintheleague

    Calm down Sparky, both teams are injury-depleted right now and although losing Ben is the ultimate loss it’s still gonna be a great game. Depth is key to good teams and both teams have it.

  4. That said the Roethlisberger injury hurts the most. A team doesn’t just shake off losing one of the three elite quarterbacks in the league.

  5. Didnt even notice that Jimmy Smith was playing or that Ray Lewis was not playing. Steelers have a pretty big chip on that shoulder from last year with or without Ben. The QB doesnt win every game. Ravens fans should know that FIRST hand

  6. While Ben is probably the biggest single injury on either side, there is less of a drop off in talent between Ben to Leftwich as their is from the Ravens’ two injured corners to the scrubs they have in now. Overall the injuries are fairly even, and it’s going to be another typical Ravens-Steelers slug fest.

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