Spielman mum on contracts for Frazier, Harvin

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Whether he wants to talk about them or not, Vikings general manager Rick Spielman has two huge contract decisions to make this offseason.

But Spielman was adamant he wasn’t going to discuss the situations of wide receiver Percy Harvin or coach Leslie Frazier, who will be entering the final years of their contracts after this season.

“We keep everything internally,” Spielman said in several variations, via Tom Pelissero of 1500ESPN.com. “I won’t discuss anything on contracts.”

At the same time, he had high praise for Frazier, who is in the second year of his three-year deal, with a team that has exceeded every expectation.

“Leslie’s been doing an outstanding job,” Spielman said. “Knowing the situation, that we were going to have a lot of new faces on this roster, and I think the coaching staff has done an outstanding job. Again, we can bring in guys that are talented, but it’s our coaches who should get the credit for developing these guys. And our coaches should get the credit for playing these guys and letting them grow into the positions as they grow, because you know you’re going to have some ups and downs, especially when you have a young roster.

“But our coaches and Leslie do an extremely, very good job of working with these kids. And any chance they have, to get these guys ready to play. And I think that has shown so far this year.”

He likewise wouldn’t discuss when or if he’d begin discussions with Harvin on a new deal, or whether he’d consider working on one during this season.

“Percy Harvin is unique, unique football player, and he brings so much value to this football team, and Percy has developed into one of our core players and a leader for us on this football team,” Spielman said.

While a deal with Harvin is as simple as paying the man (which is easy to say when it’s not your cash), Frazier is a more complicated decision, since it creates a direction for the entire roster. He and Spielman seem to be on the same page, and Frazier has clearly done a good job with a young group, steering out of a skid to get them to 6-4 at the bye.

Whether that’s enough to convince the GM to commit to Frazier long-term this offseason (as opposed to letting him be a lame duck) is something Spielman’s going to have to decide, even if he won’t talk about it.

10 responses to “Spielman mum on contracts for Frazier, Harvin

  1. He may not want to talk to the media about both! Frazier & Harvin. But Harvin will have a new deal before the season ends!! thats for sure!! Frazier will almost certainly be inked to a new contract but!! may have to wait a bit longer. He has been doing a great job!! The team has a good direction under the current leadership!!! No changes needed.

  2. Signing Harvin is a no-brainer. Frazier on the other hand in a trickier case.

    Given the Vikings current record, and difficult schedule over the final six weeks, if Frazier keeps this team above .500 for the year, he deserves a long-term contract.

    If on the other hand, the team loses all four of its remaining division games and finshes below .500, its really a matter of how the Wilfs see Frazier handling the team next year. The Vikings are still very young in many areas, including QB. But sooner or later, you need results. I don’t see Frazier getting fired after this year regardless of how the team finishes. However, I also don’t think a contract extension can be justified if this team finishes 6-10 or 7-9.

  3. One underrated aspect of Leslie Frazier as coach is that the circus atmosphere around the Vikings has disappeared. Childress, Tice, and Green were always drawing attention to themselves with the ridiculous things they would say and do. Frazier is nothing but class, and he’s a good coach too.

  4. I think coach Frazier is first and foremost a players coach. I also belive that Spielman has drafted well! not only in talented players, But ones that have integrity as well, Which makes Fraziers job a little easier!! Not since the Bud Grant days can I recall a more, No non sense bunch of players!! We are most certainly on the right road!! What good is winning, Without class!! Percy Harvin will get his new deal! And rightly so! he has done everything asked of him and more!! We may not? Make the playoffs! this year but we have quite a few of the pieces in place!! As I see it? this years draft the Vikes will target a number 1 wide out, A top tier corner (you can never have to many good corners) I’m sure there are other opinions out there! And only time will tell Go VIKES!!

  5. Both Percy Harvin and Leslie Frazier will be Minnesota Vikings for a long, long time. Both will get long-term deals after the season is over.

    There will be some tougher deals to work out for the Vikings after the season is over, but Percy and Frazier won’t be among them.

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