Steelers teammates confident in Leftwich’s abilities


Byron Leftwich knows no one is giving him much of a chance.

The Steelers are 0-4 against the Ravens without the injured Ben Roethlisberger, who is not going to play Sunday night because of a dislocated rib and sprained shoulder.

But the Steelers backup remains confident in his own abilities, as do the players around him.

“I know they’re saying, ‘Hey, man, they got a backup quarterback playing Sunday night against the Ravens’ and we understand nobody’s giving us a shot,” Leftwich said, via Alan Robinson of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. “That’s OK.”

While Roethlisberger is clearly their most important piece on offense, teammates are rallying behind Leftwich, with center Maurkice Pouncey saying: “I think we’ll do a great job with him. People are making this out to be bigger than it’s going to be.”

Ravens coach John Harbaugh said Leftwich was “fully capable of running their whole package,” though there are significant differences.

First and foremost, what Leftwich lacks in mobility he makes up for in arm strength.

“Probably about 20-25 miles per hour,” wide receiver Mike Wallace said of the difference between Roethlisberger and Leftwich. “Byron’s ball comes out a lot faster. I like Byron’s ball. Ben has a nice soft touch on it, you just pluck out of the air and keep rolling. Byron, you definitely got to brace yourself because it’s coming.”

How well they’re able to adapt to the difference will determine whether the naysayers are right.

20 responses to “Steelers teammates confident in Leftwich’s abilities

  1. He throws the ball hard but by the time it comes out, it’s another day.

    That’s one hell of a slow release.

  2. Leftwich to wallace deep touchdown!!! Get used to that sentence ratbirds. Lefty all night sunday night! Next man up… Its what the steelers do!!

  3. Pressure’s all on the Ravens now. And we all know how well Flacco does in those situations.

    Steelers win with a backup behind center and the Ravens look bad. Steelers lose, no one expected them to win anyway. So it’s all good.

    Good luck, Ratbirds.

  4. Just wait till after the first couple series, then we’ll see how confident they are. Ravens rout the Steelers. This one won’t even be close. Another sweep coming up. Can’t wait to hear the excuses afterwards

  5. Gary Coleman (I mean Leftwich) does have a cannon, albeit a slow-firing one. WRs have to make plays since Ravens will be loading up against the run.

    Run defense better be better than it was monday night. If so, Steelers have good chance.

  6. What do you want them to say, that he’s terrible? When would a team ever say that about their backup QB……oh wait.

    Every 300 lb morbidly obese Steeler fan will be crying in their deep fried Oreo’s on Sunday Night, when they lose 16-10, and will be whining about Little Ben being hurt.

  7. I know how much Ravens fans love to crow about having swept the Steelers in a previous season – but they forget that one of those games went to overtime, with Dennis Dixon, our then #3 QB at the helm…

  8. Hasn’t played in two years.
    Lotta luck as a bus with flat tires is mobile.
    Steelers are done, Thats a good deal

  9. This is probably the weakest the 2 defenses have been in last decade… this could be a relatively highs coring game…

  10. I still would like to know who scheduled these two teams to play each other in a two week span.

    The way these guys go after each other they have to have a real sick sense of humor. 🙂

  11. Which game went into overtime with Dennis Dixon playing? The blow out in week 1 or the 23-20 game in week 6 that ended with a game winning TD pass from Flacco to Smith in the 4th qtr…oh and Rothelisberger played both games…I’m confused…

    Anyway its about now not last year last I saw the sweep didnt matter cause the Giants won the superbowl…hope for a good game sunday.

  12. Even though the guy hasn’t played a meaningful game in two seasons, suddenly everyone’s a Byron Leftwich expert…
    Here are the stats from Monday night against the Chiefs: Roethlisberger 9 of 18, 84 yards. Leftwich 7 of 14, 73 yards. Please tell me again which of the two hasn’t played in two years?
    Here’s the problem: Everything SuperBen does is blown way out of proportion, and everything Leftwich does is scrutinized beyond recognition.
    Leftwich’s passes have been clocked at 51 mph. Not bad for a guy with such a slow release…
    Factoring in every game (preseason and regular seasons) that Leftwich has played as a Pittsburgh Steeler, he’s thrown 10 touchdown passes and zero interceptions.
    Call me crazy, but I like the Steelers’ chances at home, in primetime, with Leftwich at QB, against the 27th-ranked defense in the league.

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