60 Minutes says Rodgers’ reaction proves that he’s sensitive

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The ticking stopwatch finally struck “go” time.

Last week, Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers expressed disappointment regarding the manner in which he was portrayed in a 60 Minutes profile.  On Thursday, Rodgers reiterated his concerns.  In response, the respected news program opted to abandon the high road.

“Aaron Rodgers was never taken out of context and most anybody portrayed as he was on 60 Minutes would have been flattered by the story,” said CBS News chairman and 60 Minutes executive producer Jeff Fager (pictured) in a statement, via Weston Hodkiewicz of the Green Bay Press-Gazette.  “It was fair and accurate and it was obvious we got it right when we reported that he tends to be overly sensitive.”

Rodgers’ initial complaint came from the failure of the profile to focus on his charity work.  On Thursday, he downplayed comments to Scott Pelley regarding dirty teams in the NFL.  “It was cut for their purposes, their agenda, and most of the answers were either just portions of a bigger answer or probably not even for the question that was asked.  So, I’m not even going to touch that one,” Rodgers told reporters, via the Press-Gazette.

A partial transcript provided by CBS demonstrates what Rodgers did and didn’t say about defenses trying to take him out and bounties and dirty play.  And while we’ve got no issue with CBS releasing a printed version of the words that were uttered by Rodgers, it was surprising to see Fager resort to something that sounds a lot like snark when talking about Rodgers’ actual or perceived sensitivity.

Though it’s not a show I’ve watched with any regularity over the years, it’s probably not the first time the subject of a 60 Minutes profile wasn’t completely thrilled with the outcome of the piece.  Publicly engaging — and potentially offending — the folks who have expressed concern may not be the best way to get similarly-situated athletes and celebrities to agree to allow cameras and microphones to invade their space for an extended period of time.

Then again, maybe 60 Minutes is sensitive, too.

57 responses to “60 Minutes says Rodgers’ reaction proves that he’s sensitive

  1. I don’t believe Rodgers ever said his comments were taken out of context. I believe he inferred that the editing of the piece was structured to suit a storyline that 60 Minutes didn’t give him knowledge of beforehand and was disappointed that they didn’t devote any attention to the charity he was trying to promote.

  2. Honestly, I didn’t even know 60 minutes was still on. CBS has no good television. It’s safe to say that Aaron Rodgers and the Packers (and really any NFL team) are a much bigger deal than a fading news show just grasping at straws to find some sort of relevancy.

  3. i still say it’s some masterful trolling on rodgers’ part. the way he looks at the camera right before saying he’s sensitive, and the fan reacts make it seem all like an act. the fact mathews was in on it seals it for me. a joke they will laugh about forever.

  4. Aaron Rodgers is very sensitive. He always cries when someone mimics his signature title-belt move. If you don’t like it quit doing it.

  5. I like the fact that he’s sensitive. He uses any criticism at all as fuel for motivation. It worked great for Michael Jordan. You need to fuel the fire with something.

  6. AR was upset that the 60 minutes did not include any of his charitable work, specifically his work with the MACC Fund. The producers followed AR around for months and thought playing up AR sensitivity was a better story.

    If I’m AR, I’d be ticked to.

  7. Rodgers is a big crybaby, people complain about Cutty but at least he is the same dude all the time. Even Jennings reaffirmed the perception. A lot of times this blog shows who they favor….

  8. 60 Minutes, “respected”? They haven’t been respectable for years. Look at them nowadays, they’re a far left cheerleading organization for the Obama administration, like the rest of their network.

  9. I wonder how he feels about State Farm stealing his touchdown dance and rebranding it as the Discount Double Check…

  10. BREAKING NEWS!!! Aaron rodgers whining and complaing again…. This guy needs to stay out of the media… he’s coming off as a giant ____ … (fill in the blank)

  11. Rodgers doesn’t understand when to leave well enough alone. He tries to portray himself as not being sensitive but when someone calls him sensitive he whines about it…….what more proof do you need Mr. Rodgers. Even your teammates, Jennings and Mattthews stated you were very sensitive and said you would get worked up over their comments and once again you did. Wear your skirt with pride Aaron, you are who you are.

  12. Maybe they’ll do Flacco next. Hard telling what would happen to that guy’s fragile ego. Nobody in the league demands more positive reinforcement than him.

  13. Because no one ever gets misrepresented by the media. *rolls eyes*.

    Media has their own agenda – and it’s not to tell the truth. Get involved with them at your own risk.

  14. If sensitivity is what drives him to be as good as he is, I’m all for it. Better than a rapist, dog killer, or playboy wanna be any day of the week. Especially Sundays. Haters gonna hate, they just jealous.

  15. Not defending Rodgers because I didn’t see the interview, but 60 Minutes is known for clipping answers to slant the them way they want.

  16. They have approximately 4 hours of interviews and film that has to be edited down to an 18 minute piece. Did he think they were going to do a three week “special” on him? What a baby!

  17. Thank you media! I was a little concerned about this weeks game but now that you’ve pissed Rodgers off he’ll probably throw for 5-6 touchdowns.

  18. I agree that 60 Minutes should have included at the very least a short clip about the cancer charity, although more because it is an opportunity to provide some tremendous free exposure to an organization that could really use it.
    To me, that’s more important than the perceived disrespect Rodgers felt was directed towards him.

  19. I’d be a little “sensative” too. They do a whole peice about him and they left out the most positive thing outside of football that he does. He just said he was dissapointed.

  20. Maybe Aaron Rodgers has a point. 60 Minutes is awful. A couple of weeks earlier before the Rodgers story, I didn’t like the way that 60 Minutes portrayed Jacksonville in an interview with Jags owner Shad Khan.

  21. Any team would be thrilled to have Aaron Rogers as their QB. He’s a class act and a beast, just the combination needed to be a team leader. Doesn’t 60 minutes have some soap to sell?

  22. Beezo-Doo-doo-Zippity-Bop-bop-bop says:

    “Aaron Rodgers is a big fat cry baby whiner that stands in front of the mirror every day telling himself over and over that he is better than Brett Favre.”

    He IS better than Favre. All you have to do is watch him NOT throwing stupid INT’s to see that. Anyone who still says Favre is better than Rodgers either has a weird thing for Favre or they don’t know anything about football.

  23. Is it a surprise that a guy who still listens to Boyz-To -Men, worships Ryan Braun, and pals around more with guys than women is sensitive?

  24. Rodgers needs to shut up. Much like Drew Brees, I didn’t mind jim until he started feeling the need to give his opinion on everything. Play the game, do your commercials and be quiet !

  25. Who cares about Rodgers. Yes he plays the game good but he is no Bree’s or Brady or manning. He had two good years. He has to do that every year consistently to be Among those guys. And he is so full of himself. Actually you know am what separates those guys from him Brady Bree’s and manning are never the reason there team losses But I have seen plenty of games that Rodgers poor performance was the deciding factor. And I don’t want to take anything away from Rodgers but this guy is a self centered jerk

  26. I was there day 60 Minutes was recording those interviews and had the pleasure of meeting Aaron Rodgers.After watching the 60 Minutes program recently I felt they DID take him out of context somewhat. I felt they were trying to show how uncomfortable Aaron is in public appearances. They got that message through. What they FAILED to convey is what a nice, classy, down to earth person Aaron is. How refreshing. The fame has not gone to his head. Not at all. He’s just like you and I. He just wants to be treated like a real person, a friend, with good values in life, and when you don’t do thatyou call him “sensitive”.I have met plenty of celebrities. Some I wish I had not after meeting them. Pompous jerks who put themselves above others. Certainly not Aaron Rodgers. He grew up middle class and his personality has stayed that way. He does not want to be treated like a “God” or put on a pedestal. He wants to be himself. It’s just that some people won’t let him. Those that bash him on this blog don’t understand him. You just wish you could be like him. A REALLY classy nice guy. I’m SO PROUD to have him as the QB of my team!!!

  27. Beezo-Doo-doo-Zippity-Bop-bop-bop says: Nov 16, 2012 8:52 AM

    Aaron Rodgers is a big fat cry baby whiner that stands in front of the mirror every day telling himself over and over that he is better than Brett Favre.


    Rodgers is a far better QB than Favre.

  28. kae0923 says:
    Nov 16, 2012 11:17 AM

    I thought the purpose of charity work was to help others not to get publicity

    Exactly… which is why it’s so disappointing that 60 minutes couldn’t at least give a mention to the MACC Fund, which is one of the better charities around.

    AR gets it… too bad the likes of you don’t get it.

  29. alewatcher says : “Rodgers is a far better QB than Favre.”
    get back to me in another 15 years on that will ya

  30. Have fun ripping on him for something that doesn’t matter at all. You guys will grab a hold of and hang on to anything you can with this guy, because you sure as heck can’t rag on him for anything he does on the field because it’s darn near flawless.

  31. thetokyosandblaster says: Nov 16, 2012 8:34 AM

    Honestly, I didn’t even know 60 minutes was still on.


    Guessing you haven’t watched a late window CBS game in the last 10 years?

  32. thejuddstir says: Nov 16, 2012 11:41 AM

    alewatcher says : “Rodgers is a far better QB than Favre.”
    get back to me in another 15 years on that will ya

    Rodgers may not set as many records as Favre, but he doesn’t make nearly many stupid throws as Favre. Any QB not named Favre would have been crucified for the mind-melting INTs Favre was famous for, but because it was Favre, he always got a pass.

    Rodgers already has one SB ring, and the potential for more.

  33. oh please u guys just LOVE any reason 2 hate on the guy….I’m a steelers fan….I watched the clip and AR came off as a very likable guy with a good sense of humor….it is sad that they decided to NOT highlight his charity……60 Minutes should be ashamed of themselves but seriously it is 60 Minutes….they lost ALL credibility years ago with the “Insider”…..and most peeps on here would kill to have him as their QB…..sheesh!!!

  34. If he wants to just get word out about his charity then simply do a press release. It’s been know for the past 30 years that when 60 Minutes comes knocking at your door you run the other way, not sit down and do an interview with them. If this came as a shock then it’s his own damn fault. Again, if you have an agenda and want a message to get out, you do a press release, not an interview.

  35. Some of Rodgers supporters just don’t get it. Charity work is NOT interesting to watch on television. The fact that he would rather have CBS focus on his charity work rather than a player profile in which you truly learn about someone is annoying. I like the fact that 60 Minutes included his sensitive personality, along with the reasons why he’s playing with a chip on his shoulder. It makes for great television and shows that Rodgers is a human being. What’s wrong with that? So Packers fans, please stop with the drama that Vikings and Bears fans are using this opportunity to bash Rodgers. The Vikings and Bears have NOTHING to do with this story. It’s only Rodgers and yourselves who are looking foolish for making this story continue.

  36. jordan468 said:
    “I wonder how he feels about State Farm stealing his touchdown dance and rebranding it as the Discount Double Check…”
    I am $ure he mu$t feel $en$itive about it too.

  37. Breaking news – “subject of 60 Minutes piece not happy with portrayal”, “water is wet”, “fire is hot”

    Rodgers complaining about ommission of charity leads to publicity about said charity. Done and done. Everybody wins. Moving on.

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