Brandon Spikes fined $25,000 for hit on Ryan Fitzpatrick

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Bills quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick called Patriots linebacker Brandon Spikes “a punk” for a shot he took during Sunday’s game. Now the league office has confirmed that it views Spikes’ hit as a cheap shot.

Spikes was fined $25,000 for a roughing the passer penalty on which he made helmet-to-helmet contact with Fitzpatrick. Spikes’ fine was a little more than the typical $21,000 fine for roughing the passer penalties, which may indicate that the league thought Spikes’ hit was particularly flagrant, or that Spikes failed to get the message when he was fined $21,000 last month for an illegal blindside block.

This fine won’t come as a surprise to Spikes, who said on Thursday that he expected it — and defended the way he plays.

I’m a passionate player. I love what I do,” Spikes said. “I go to bed thinking about ball; I wake up thinking about ball. You can see it when I’m playing. My teammates love it and I go out and play for them.”

Two other Patriots defenders were also fined for hits against the Bills: Jerod Mayo was fined $10,000 for a late hit out of bounds, and Alfonzo Dennard was fined $7,875 for a late hit out of bounds.

30 responses to “Brandon Spikes fined $25,000 for hit on Ryan Fitzpatrick

  1. Absurd. The hit was clean. He did not lower his helmet. Their facemasks came together when he he bear hug tackled him.

  2. Spikes goes around trying to injure people, trying to make a name of himself, to make up for his lack of talent.

    He’s a punk.

  3. It’s amazing how a defense that can’t cover anybody without the ball or tackle anybody with it racks up so much in fines for hits. Maybe with a qualified defensive coordinator the Patriots might have a decent defense.

  4. The league is fining player’s for playing the game. The only play that warranted a fine was Mayo’s tackle of Spiller around the head and out of bounds. Fitzpatrick did not give himself up on the Dennard play; he tight roped the sidelines trying to get more yards. Dennard had committed himself to the tackle. Does the league expect guys to anticipate what the offensive player will do?

  5. Only fine should have been the cheap shot at Fitzpatrick’s knees out of bounds. Drew a flag but boggles my mind no fine. Spike’s helmet was the first thing to make contact with Fitzpatrick. Not rocket science just can’t do that. Fine seems over the top but that is the league nowadays.

    If a bills secondary player dove at Brady’s knees after he stepped out of bounds the league would be in an uproar.

  6. Even though the ref’s gave the game to the Pat’s at least the league office chimed in with letting the world know what a bunch of cheap shots the Pat’s are.

    And just as an fyi, the facemask is part of the helmet, and if you ram your facemask into a qb’s facemask that is helmet to helmet – duhhh!

  7. Unwarranted fine, but then so are many of the fouls and fines against defensive players. The NFL is slowly but surely ruining the game of football.

  8. $7,875? who came up with that number?

    I dunno how I feel about these fines…the plays already drew penalties, not sure if it’s really necessary.

    But, I don’t feel bad for players who get fined, they can afford it. So whatever.

  9. The reason he was fined is because he drove Fitzpatrick into the ground after the ball was out of his hands. Not because of helmet to helmet, it didn’t help his case when he celebrated his helmet off and him laying on the ground.

  10. Seriously… Are there really Pats fans complaining about this? Really .. It was an actual dirty hit.. The rule does apply to players not named Brady or Manning

  11. The thing about it to is I’ve seen one offensive skill guy get fined and that was Golden Tate this is getting ridiculous so unfair to the defense. The next generation of players are not even gonna want to play defense

  12. Watch the video. Fitzpatrick lowered his head when he saw the hit coming and Spikes had already lowered his head to strike him in the chest. Because Fitzpatrick lowered his helmet into Spikes, he got the call. This has gone too far. Can’t hit above the neck or below the hips. If they’re going to limit the defense and their strike zone then the QBs should never be allowed to leave the pocket. Sounds like a fair trade off to me.

  13. I love all the Pats fans complaining about the fine, saying it was a clean hit, etc.. When their team and QB has benefitted more than anyone from the qb-getting-hit rules. As I watched the play I wasn’t mad that Fitz got hit hard to the head, I was more annoyed that Bellichick cried to the ref. What a baby.

  14. It’s cute how so many apologize for what Spikes does.

    I’d bet a dollar those same folks would scream for suspension if James Harrison did the exact same thing to the QB on Spikes’ team.

    Double standards.

  15. Isn’t that what flags are for? So now if you hit out of bounds it’s a flag, and 10k… Seems stupid and redundant and repetitive

  16. He is the same loser that cheap gave a cheap shot to Scott Chandler earlier in the year. He got a fine then. When will they suspend this punk to send him a message? Don’t fine him 25k. Suspend him without pay for a few games. For someone making $780k, that will send a clear message to play clean football, and not try to cheap shot other players.

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