Clock keeps ticking on Sean Payton, Saints


The Saints now have 12 weeks and two days to nail down a new contract with Saints coach Sean Payton before he potentially becomes a free agent.

(How ’bout them Cowboys?)

Mike Triplett of the New Orleans Times-Picayune has provided an update on the situation that could end up being misconstrued if not read carefully.  Triplette’s item contains no hard news; otherwise, it wouldn’t have been subsumed within a broader collection of pre-weekend takes.

Indeed, Triplett’s item is analysis, not news.  And that’s fine.  But let’s not assume that Triplett’s potentially spot-on analysis is anything other than potentially spot-on analysis.

Triplett writes that Payton “probably won’t make an immediate decision on whether or not to sign a new contract with the Saints, since he’ll want to keep his options open.”  Likewise, Triplette explains that “the Saints probably won’t push too forcefully for Payton to either sign a new deal or honor his previous agreement that was signed but rejected by the NFL,” and that “[i]f Payton wanted to make a move for family reasons, the Saints likely wouldn’t want to force him to stay against his will.”

Triplett’s read on the situation mirrors Peter King’s explanation from the most recent Football Night in America.  King explained that Payton’s divorce has turned contentious, that custody issues are emerging, and that Payton most likely won’t stray beyond the Dallas-New Orleans corridor.

It all adds up to a potential tug-o-war between the Saints and the Cowboys over Payton.  While the Saints have dibs on doing a deal with Payton, Payton’s leverage won’t be maximized until we know whether the Cowboys job is open after the season ends, and whether the Saints feel compelled to overpay for Payton based on the outcome of a season without him.

Though fans surely want to see this one end sooner rather than later, the Saints have shown in the past a willingness to play things out, even if it hurts them in the long run.  But if the Saints apply the same stubbornness they demonstrated during the Drew Brees negotiations, Payton potentially will have the viable Door No. 2 that Brees didn’t.

Payton’s leverage evaporates if the Cowboys make it to the playoffs.  And so Saints fans may have divided loyalties when the two teams get together in Texas two days before Christmas:  Cheer for the Saints and risk losing Payton permanently, or pull for the Cowpokes even if it means no postseason for the Saints in 2012.

24 responses to “Clock keeps ticking on Sean Payton, Saints

  1. Vicks been on pause since he suckered Philly into that contract. Philly qill finally get ro aee what a real qb looks like. It kind of funny though the oline magically started to play better with Foles in there. Wonder if Vick got that message?

  2. What a great way to get your first start. To go vs. a team that is on pace to give up the most yards in NFL history.

  3. Best news I’ve heard this week. I hope he plays well and gains valuable experience, but I still hope the Eagles lose so we can get rid of Reid, his time has come to get out.

  4. It kind of funny though the oline magically started to play better with Foles in there.

    Its not magic… the oline could count on where the qb was going to be and block in unison…something vick couldnt comprehend.

  5. So, we have a change in QB. I wonder. In order to get Foles in and Andy not having to lose face with his statement “Vick is my QB”, we now have a concussion on our hands.
    See the point. Vick isn’t being demoted and Andy doesn’t have to eat his words.
    How convenient huh.

  6. Oh, by the way I watched the game when Vick had his concussion. Did anyone see the hit on him?
    Let me know, because the guys in the booth didn’t see it either.

  7. I would think that a coach of Payton’s stature would rather leave a few million on the table than work for Jerry. Jerry is going to be stuck with guys who are either trying to resurrect their HC careers or newbies who are trying to start their HC careers.

  8. A control freak like Sean Payton would never work under a garbage GM like ol’ leather face. He has carte blanche to do whatever he wants in New Orleans under The Loomis. Why would he give that up?

    You gotta admit, Loomis, Payton and Brees is a pretty good combination.

  9. I don’t know why Dallas keeps getting brought up when talking about Sean Payton. As long as Jerry Jones is the Owner/GM of Dallas, Payton wouldn’t go there. Jones is notorious about wanting absolute control of the team and Payton would want more control than Jones would be willing to grant. The fact that Payton had what is basically an escape clause in his contract in case Loomis left speaks volumes for that fact that wants a good buffer between him and overbearing owners. The situation at Dallas is probably the farthest thing from that!

  10. As a Saints fan I would hate to see him go. But, if this is the end of the line I would like to think him for allowing me to see something I thought I’d never see , the Saints win the Super Bowl. Now, if he leaves I’m betting it wouldn’t be Dallas. Jerry Jones wouldn’t give up the control he would want. One of the things I think you might want to consider is the possiblity that he goes down to college. Mac Brown as struggled the last few years. And, Austin isn’t that far from Dallas. I’m just saying

  11. I think Jerrah sees a little jimmy Johnson in Payton.
    If he’s smart (which he is not) he would step aside and let Payton have absolute power. But we know this will never happen.

  12. Want to know why Payton stays with the Saints and doesn’t go to Dallas? Just look at who wears #9 for both teams.

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