Dominic Raiola upset that people are writing the Lions off

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Lions center Dominic Raiola says his team still has a chance to make the playoffs, despite a 4-5 start. And he doesn’t appreciate suggestions otherwise.

“I think what makes me upset more is people are writing us off because of whatever,” Raiola told the Detroit Free Press. “But then the Saints are 4-5 and they’re right in the hunt. How the [bleep] does that work out? I don’t know. Whatever. We’re 4-5, too. So they’re basically writing us off.”

There are a couple of flaws in Raiola’s reasoning. For starters, not many people are actually predicting that the Saints are going to make the playoffs. People are saying the Saints are playing better now than they did at the start of the season, but no one thinks the Saints are going to catch the Falcons in the NFC South, and few people think the Saints are going to pass all the teams in front of them in the wild card race, either.

Furthermore, the Lions’ schedule over the last seven games is brutal, with six games remaining against teams with winning records. The easier portion of the Lions’ schedule is already behind them, and if they couldn’t emerge from the start of the season with a winning record, it seems unlikely that they’re going to experience a dramatic turnaround over the last seven weeks.

But if Raiola wants everyone to stop writing the Lions off, there’s a simple thing he and his teammates can do over the next week: Beat the Packers on Sunday, then beat the Texans on Thanksgiving. Do that, and everyone will start talking about how the Lions are a 6-5 playoff contender.

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  1. Those last two lines are the simple, solid truth.

    The NFC North has the potential of collapsing on itself these last couple of months. If the Lions’ D-Line executes their gameplan and allows them to overcome their depleted secondary, they could possibly allow their offense to win these games. Who knows. Any given Sunday and all that. That’s why we love this game.

  2. From 2010-present (the upswing and the “magical” playoff season thru the present) the Lions are a stunning 2-12 against playoff caliber teams played in the regular and post-season. Is it surprising they are being “written off”? They probably should never have been “written in”.

  3. First and foremost…it is not ‘running your mouth’ if you are responding to a question.

    Second, The Lions are not playing good football, plain and simple. As someone who watches them every Sunday, i’m less concerned with their record as I am the quality of play.

    Their issue isn’t discipline. Its not Suh. Its football. Play good football and everything will take care of itself.

  4. Sorry dawg… but as a 50 year Lions fan – here’s what I see:

    The Lions have the talent… but have become the ‘headcase’ result of poor leadership, starting with Schwartz. They’re playing bad football because they lack the leadership to do otherwise. Below are ‘symptoms’ of my point.

    Suh is playing sooooo soft, mostly man/man blocking and having just about ‘0’ impact, not even remotely the same effort he put forth last year. He’s on cruise control and the rest of the D line appears to be following that lead. That’s mental.

    The D that was touted as being ‘fearsome’ and ‘formidable’ is anything BUT that. How does Cunningham NOT get more out of that line?
    That’s mental and poor strategy…. and Chris Kocurek should be shown the door soon.

    The O regularly takes the first half of each game off. The D does the same with the second half.
    That’s mental.

    Stafford is throwing the ball like he has broken fingers… sailing over WIDE OPEN receivers heads, then forcing into double-C for INTs. And I HATE the overall offensive strategy – it’s downright inept. Don’t hang that hat on their ‘league’ passing stats either. If you move the ball ALL over the field, but don’t score and win, it’s a moot point. See Brian Griese.

    IMO they’re done with Schwartz, Linehan and maybe even Cunningham.

  5. Oh… and by the way Mr. Raiola, feel free to shut your pie hole and help your team play GOOD football.

    The Saint’s are NOW PLAYING like they’re ‘IN-IT’ and have ahem… won a SUPERBOWL with their current leadership Players. They’ve EARNED the benefit of the doubt.

    The Lions… are NOT and HAVE NOT.

  6. Im a lions fan and it sure is hard being a fan of them when you have guys worrying about everyones opinions instead of worrying about showing up on sundays.

  7. I was told the sunday game last week between the vikings ( my team ) and the lions were a must win to be in the super bowl you have to look at the standings in your division, If I understand that right and the saints are not in first place they may not make the playoffs will be surprised if they do.
    I will be happy if my team makes the playoffs, that would mean we would have to come off of our bye and start winning all the games to do it.
    The bears are struggling and the packers so I can see anyone winning the divison out of the top three, but lion fans please beat the packers. 🙂 will be watching your game and cheering you on.

  8. Even as a Viking fan, I don’t hate the Lions (other than Burleson and Raiola running off their yappers every two minutes) — Stafford and Johnson are class guys and excellent players. However, after watching the Lions get beat fairly handily by my admittedly mediocre team twice, I’d be amazed if they even finished with a winning record.

  9. It’s not about writing off the team, it’s about not being happy with what their chances are. No matter how much confidence you have in yourself, the odds to win are going to be much longer as a 4-5 team than if they were 9-0 or 8-1 and playing like an elite team like the city deserves and should have by now. This team has had more draft pick advantages than most other teams and should have found a way to build off of that to become the undisputed front runner at this point. They have failed in THAT achievement even though it’s still a possibility to make the playoffs.

    I can’t speak for all fans, but this fan is looking for and expecting a lot more.

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