Man ejected from Bills game found dead Friday morning

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It’s not all happy news coming out of Buffalo in the wake of the Bills’ 19-14 win over the Dolphins on Thursday night.

The Buffalo News reports that a 26-year-old man was found dead face down in a creek near Ralph Wilson Stadium early on Friday morning. Police were using a helicopter to help search for the man after his brother reported him missing after the game.

The deceased man, whose name has not been revealed, was ejected from the stadium during the game for allegedly being intoxicated. Police were able to track his whereabouts after getting a “ping” from his cellphone and used the helicopter in order to pinpoint his exact location.

There’s no further information on exact cause of death, although there’s no sign given by the News that law enforcement suspects foul play.

29 responses to “Man ejected from Bills game found dead Friday morning

  1. There’s a creek right next to he stadium where it’s convenient to park on the other side. You have to walk down about 45 feet and back up. It’s ruder in the wintertime. He probably fell going over and laid face down in the water. GOD save him. R.I.P.

  2. I feel sorry for his family. Hopefully this will cause stadiums around the NFL to step up security to remove and temporarily hold the out of control drunks.

  3. Boy do I smell a lawsuit. Obviously we don’t know any of the details, but typically the protocol is to let the intoxicated person sit in a room somwhere and shake it off and have someone pick him up.

  4. “…his brother reported him missing after the game.” Does this indicate that the brother was also at the game? If so, why didn’t the brother leave with the drunk and take him home?

  5. Sad to see another NFL fan death linked with heavy intoxication. There have been far too many deaths this year caused by too much booze.

    Folks, if you go to a game with some friends of yours, please watch out for each other. No one needs to get blackout drunk to enjoy a game or mourn a losing team. And stadiums really need to crack down on cutting people off or watching out for those who sneak flasks in.

  6. I go to 2-3 games a year with my friends, and one of the four of us is ALWAYS a designated driver. I hate it when it’s me, but it’s the responsible way to do it.

  7. Stop with the comments blaming security. Seriously. You’re an adult, you take responsibility for your actions. Nobody is going to hold your hand when you’re 26 years old.

    Tragic that he died, obviously. But don’t go blaming other people for what happened.

  8. Michael Marshall nailed it, it is tragic that he died no matter how it happened. I also will never understand people going to sporting events and concerts, etc and spend hundreds of dollars on tickets, parking, food, drink and drink so much that they either won’t be able to remember it, or get kicked out.

    unfortunate situation, but i doubt anyone was forcing him to drink to the point he would get kicked out.

  9. There needs to be rules in place that if you’re ejected from the game that there’s a holding tank available, this is just so sad.

  10. Tragic and my thoughts go out to the family, but what is the park supposed to do? Escort every drunk person to a cab? It’s not reality. Responsibility really can be life and death.

  11. That really is horrible, but you only have to go to a game and see the drunks all over the place.
    They tailgate at 9am for a 1pm game, and are completely hopeless come the game. Then they go and get more during the game, it’s ridiculous.
    Not the Dolphins fault this time. Put them in a “holding cell” at the stadium until someone picks them up.

  12. And stadiums really need to crack down on cutting people off or watching out for those who sneak flasks in.

    Why does everybody have to suffer for the acts of the few? I’m sorry it happened this way, but trying to legislate safety just A) will never be foolproof and B) takes away personal freedom

  13. There’s no need for holding tanks or increases security only a need for increased personal responsibility. I’m sorry for his family but he made his choices in life nobody forced him to drink or forced him into a creek

  14. He was with his brother and cousin I thnk. Perhaps they should have been responsible and made sure he is ok. I put this on him and the brother and cousin

  15. To all the folks blaming security….you have obviously never been to a buffalo bills game. Ralph Wilson is the craziest stadium in the NFL. They have TWO holding centers and a court in the stadium because so many people get arrest at the games. You get arrested for when you commit a crime, not when you’re too drunk. At some games, there are close to 200 ejections. They can’t arrest and hold everyone until they sober up. if they arrest everyone who was too drunk, there wOuld be 50,000 people in jail.

  16. Just found out the man who died, was my cousins good friend and lives in the same town as I do. shame, he was so young and talented.

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