Marty Mornhinweg defends Eagles’ use of LeSean McCoy


One of the many criticisms the Eagles’ coaching staff has heard this season is that they haven’t made good use of the talents of running back LeSean McCoy. Eagles offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg, however, says that criticism is not valid.

When it was pointed out to Mornhinweg that the Eagles are 3-0 in the three games this season when McCoy had at least 20 carries, and 0-6 in the six games when he had fewer than 20 carries, Mornhinweg dismissed it. Asked what he makes of the stat, Mornhinweg suggested that the reporter asking him was mistaking cause for effect.

“I make that we’re in four-minute [offense] at the end of the game, so he gets a few more carries,” Mornhinweg said. “It’s just simple.”

There’s some truth to the idea that teams run more when thy’re already winning, and therefore at the end of the game the stats show that the winning team ran more. However, points out that McCoy has had only five carries in the final four minutes of wins this season, and all three of the Eagles’ wins were close games that went down to the wire, so the Eagles weren’t handing off to McCoy to protect leads late in games.

But Mornhinweg said the Eagles have used McCoy plenty this season, and in the games when he hasn’t had a lot of carries, there have been good reasons for it.

“I think LeSean is eighth in carries and fourth in total touches; I don’t think there’s a problem there,” Mornhinweg said. “Every game is different. You have to dig into every game. And usually the ball carriers get a few more carries when you’re ahead in the four minute and toward the end of the game.”

Whatever the reasons, with Nick Foles set to make the first start of his career on Sunday for the Eagles, Mornhinweg would be wise to put the ball in McCoy’s hands often.

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  1. All u silly Eagles fans that want him I carry the ball 30 times a game should realize that when RBs are over used like that, they are never the same the following season. So I question whether you are really fans or not. It’s almost like your begging to see LeSeans career end early. And sadly, your stupidity is contagious

  2. What a load of BS. He and King Andy know of only one way to play the game: pass, pass, pass and if it isn’t working pass some more. If the ‘running game’ doesn’t get a big gain or first down in short order, they abandon it. But when pass plays aren’t there, they never abandon the pass. What other team in the league tries play-action when they haven’t ran the ball even once, or barely at all?

  3. I’ve been saying it for the past couple weeks now.. Mornhinweg is the one who should be under the microscope here. It’s true that the line is decimated and Vick has/had issues.. but as the OC he needs to play-call to the strengths he is given. He simply hasn’t.

    Say whatever you want, but those stats don’t lie. When McCoy gets the rock defenses MUST defend the run; which in turn opens up the pass and reduces the constant blitz packages Philly has been seeing.

  4. The O-Line got Vick sidelined. Let’s not finish McCoy’s career with some horrible injury this year resulting from too many direct hits. Preserve him for the retun of Jason Peters.

  5. Oh yea

    Defense ranked 12th in scoring fire Castillo. who would have took a bullet for Andy

    Offense ranked 29th in scoring. In Marty we trust, because he thinks a pass happy offensive system will get him a head coach gig again.

  6. Eagles play action has been a waste of that half a second fake since mcnabb. It fools no one and gives the D that extra time to get straight to the Qb. In 14 years never seen a defender bite…NEVER

  7. This is the same coach that deferred in an overtime game because he wanted the wind at his back!

    McCoy is a stud, and you are supposed to lean on the studs…

  8. Vick makes every offense look bad and in disaray.

    Keep blaming everyone else…its great for the rest of the league! One less team to have to worry about!

  9. Vick has taken the heat for both the OC and OL. Foles will find out this week. He learned a little last week, but this week it’s baptism under fire.

  10. Marty, Vick and fat Andy will be elsewhere next season….
    Thank GOD!
    I actually am excited to see what Nick can do on Sunday against the skins! The whole team looked better once Vick was out last week!

  11. Marty, don’t make your case to the press. make your case when you are looking for employment next year. And watch what (hopefully) a decent OC can do with this talent.

  12. Forgotr to add, McCoy is pure class. No bitchin, no complaining. Just shuts up and plays the freakin’ game. Too bad the Eagles do not have more like him, especially on D.

  13. McCoy’s on a pace for 288 carries. What do the Eagles fans want, a guy who will be good for 6 more seasons or a guy who gets 330 carries this year and will decline in 2 or 3?

  14. People love to misrepresent stats in football. That misrepresentation seems to come from ignorance of the fact that situations dictate playcalling. I can never tells if its willful ignorance or not.

    If Eagles drives were not always ending with turnovers, and instead continuing, dont you think he’d have at least two more carriers per game so far? So any extra 20 carries give or take?

    On top of that, yes, the eagles are rarely in situations where just running the ball over and over is the right call.

    Oh, and for some reason they think they have a QB who should have the ball alot. Giving Vick the ball alot does not lead to wins. He is not a good QB.

  15. I understand that the NFL is a pass-first league, but you need a capable quarterback first if you want to pass first. McCoy has been underutilized this season and Marty’s explanation is just further proof of his incompetence. At least he didn’t say, ‘I have to do a better job…’

  16. THIS JUST IN!!

    this is why Mardy will not be here next year.
    these clowns have no idea how to operate an NFL worthy scheme.

    small players, small gaines, small minds.. way to go schlubs.

  17. The Eagles are not dead yet. Yes we will be using a rookie QB that is 6’6″ 240 very smart and can throw the ball to more then one receiver. He won’t get sacked very often because he’ll get rid of the ball and his coach will change the offense to take the pressure off him we are in a weak division. Its a long way from being over

  18. run the ball you will get to kick field goals. you have to be able to score from 30 plus yards out in this N.F.L., also the Eagles have run the ball a significant amount early without much success after that they have been playing catch-up and cant risk not trying to make big yardage. it’s about just running enough to keep the defense honest.

  19. There will be 15 teams in the NFC that will be very sad to see the dynamic duo of Andy & Marty leave the city of broken wings. If you are not going to use Mr. McCoy there are 31 teams and millions of fantsy owners that would welcome a trade……… Just sayin….

  20. It’s pretty obvious the OC is either totally oblivious or just sticking to his guns and willing to take the team down rather than admit he’s made a mistake. Shady needs at least 20 carries a game – it makes the team more than one dimensional and take pressure off the QB. This became even more important after they lost 80% of the starting oline. This dude basically killed any chance Vick and the Eagles had of having a decent season.

  21. Anyone who knows football knows that you can’t spend 80% of your time with the OL backing up in pass pro and then expect them to be good run blockers. For the last 14 years the Birds have always been lousy at short yardage runs and Red Zone offense. Why? because they spend too much time backing up. Look at the good teams they have much better balance and short yardage/red zone offenses that can knock someone off the LOS when needed!!!

    Just watching Foles get rid of the ball quicker last week was worth him being in there. There just needs to be a change in thinking on “O”.

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