NFL docks ref Tony Corrente a game check for swearing


During the November 4 Colts-Dolphins game, referee Tony Corrente yelled an obscenity at one of his fellow referees. Corrente is far from the first person to yell an obscenity at a co-worker, but Corrente made one big mistake: He forgot to turn his microphone off.

That meant all the fans in the stands and the television audience heard Corrente swear, and as a result, the NFL has decided that Corrente won’t be paid for the game.

NFL V.P. of Officiating Carl Johnson has confirmed that he docked Corrente his game check, calling Corrente’s language “inappropriate for a game official.”

Working as an NFL official is a high-stress job, and almost everyone drops a few bad words when under stress. So I have some sympathy for Corrente here. But the reality is that the NFL will always hold its officials to a high standard of conduct, and the NFL and its TV partners don’t want swear words going out over the air. So it’s not surprising that Corrente is paying for this mistake. We can probably assume he won’t make that mistake again.

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  1. What a joke! They show players in slow motion on the sidelines say things like Mother F!@#er on a replay before going to commercial or you have the guys cussing up a storm standing next to the official on the field when he has his mic on, but they never get fined. I guess the officials do have to be held to a higher standard being that they’re making Millions of dollars every year… oh wait, that’s the players.

  2. Fines, fines, fines and more fines. Ridicules!!! It will start hurting the average consumer everywhere… So by all means all of you hoping for more fines, keep yelling. It will be the demise of this game. Smh

  3. 10 Billion Dollar business and they can’t get these refs mics that shut off automatically?? The NFL just can’t do ANYTHING right.

  4. But the reality is that the NFL will always hold its officials to a high standard of conduct….

    Really? Well as long as they don’t fight with the NFL. Then the league can care less how officials on the field perform/conduct themselves.

  5. This guy is recovering from cancer. Made a mistake with the microphone and ends up paying out a bigger percentage than DeAngelo Hall gets for threatening a ref?

    NFL has it all backwards.


    He didn’t get fined for swearing. . .

    He got fined because his swearing was heard by the world. . .

  7. Bet right now he’s cursing up a storm at goodell.

    This is professional football not a grade school. I guarantee this money is not going to charity unless that charity is the NFLs fund to defend/pay off concussion lawsuits. this is simply petty and out of control

  8. I went to a Raiders pre-season game at Cal Berkeley memorial stadium in the early seventies (the A’s were in the world series in Oakland) and a local AM station was playing on the PA system when the national anthem started and drowned it out. When the anthem ended with “and the land of the free, and the home of the brave” the PA system continued with ” so visit your local VD clinic today!” True story, couldn’t make this up if I tried.

  9. and in further news, the NFL has fined 10,000,000 fans for swearing at the refs during Sunday’s games.

  10. Absolutely ridiculous.

    All of the ineptness and idiocy that refs are allowed to get away with, and this guy gets fined for forgetting to turn off his mic?

    And what he getting fined for, really. The NFL must know that these guys curse on the field all the time.

  11. When will the NFL fine Jerrah Jones for false representation of an NFL owner, or Rex Ryan for pretending to be a NFL headcoach, or Rob Ryan just for being obnoxious and a blowhard?

  12. Every week i hear things from the players and the coache,. So are they going to get fined game checks too ???

  13. Wow, 1 swear word and we get some results from the front office.
    6 or so weeks (cant remember which week under paid incompetence was replaced by over paid incompetence) of inexcusable officiating and we get two empty apologies. For games that were not that bad in comparison to the ones they refuse to own up to. What a joke. Fine these morons already. Get some of that undeserved money back.

  14. That game check is probably more than a Janitor that works 60hrs a week makes annually. The other major difference is the janitor would get fired for not doing thier job. These guys get a raise, and a pat on the back from the media. Yayy rigged NFL.

  15. I would prefer more swearing from the officials. Also, the infractions should be reenacted by a team of mimes.

  16. This reminds me of that guy for the Rams who got a 15 yard penalty and then another 15 yarder because he yelled a profanity at the ref while his mic was on for the original call.

  17. This country is so absurd the way it pretends people are harmed by swear words when 98% of the population uses four letter words all day, every day. Except for bed time with the wife and sipping a few cold beers on a Sunday afternoon in the man cave watching games on the 80″ HD flatscreen, little is more satisfying in life than letting out a good curse word to express oneself.

  18. Ok, the bar has been set, the bar has been set for punishing an official for doing something that doesn’t alter the outcome of a game, now lets see the punishments handed out for…
    Bias officiating – “Personal foul, looking at Tom Brady, 15 yards, automatic forst down”
    Allowing injuries to happen – we were told that the replacements were a danger to the players health, I can only assume that means there should be no injuries with the real officials, how’s that working out?
    Major blown calls in virtually everygame, a huge number of which alter the entire outcome of games.

    I’m thinking if using harsh language towards a fellow official gets you docked a game check then every single official should be suspended for the rest of the season without pay for being completely incompetent.

  19. He should be fined….. but an ENTIRE game check? Seems a bit much for letting a curse slip. Players headshot and concuss other player and get fined what…. 1/10th of a game check? 1/20th? Agree with the fine, but it just seems to be a bit much.

  20. The NFL is out of control with the fines. You are watching a football game and not sesame street. Why doesnt someone fine Roger Goddell a weeks pay for ruining the game.

  21. So if someone is offended by frequent references to a higher power, is the NFL going to start levying fines for that too?

  22. Most of you on this comment are whiny losers. Complaining about ref calls that went against your team is lame. They all even out and it’s simply part of the game. The guy on here who said three bad calls a year and they get fired is semi retarded.

  23. I don’t even know what to say. I laughed. I thought it was completely appropriate. It sounded EXACTLY like what I’d say. He’s a manager running his crew. I’m going to be cool for a little bit, but eventually, someone’s going to know I’m pissed.

    We’ll fine for a swear word in public, but bad calls in public? Meh. It’s ok.

    Whatever. I hate myself for loving football. They’ve got us and they know it.

  24. … the NFL has decided that Corrente won’t be paid for the game.

    Big whoop. These guys are overpaid and will end up with a significant lifetime income stream. For that they should be perfect. Get rid of a quarter of the worst ones and replace them with the best from the NCAA Division I ranks.

  25. mjkelly77 says:
    Nov 16, 2012 9:19 PM
    … the NFL has decided that Corrente won’t be paid for the game.

    Big whoop. These guys are overpaid and will end up with a significant lifetime income stream. For that they should be perfect. Get rid of a quarter of the worst ones and replace them with the best from the NCAA Division I ranks.

    Yes, because no one ever complains about college football refs.

  26. Well at least he didn’t criticize the officials. That would have been a $10K minimum fine.

    The land of semi sorta kinda almost on a good day free speech.

  27. Fined an entire game check for swearing, that is a joke. The NFL bubble is nearing its bursting point. Imagine what this league is going to look like in ten years? Pay-per view is coming next with all of the talk about the in- home experience being better.

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