Nick Saban says D.J. Fluker will probably enter the 2013 NFL draft

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Alabama coach Nick Saban attended this year’s NFL draft and saw five of his players go in the first 35 picks. Next year NFL teams are likely to take a similar haul of talent from Saban’s roster.

Our friends at College Football Talk pass along the word that Saban said on his weekly radio show that junior offensive tackle D.J. Fluker is “a guy who’s probably going to go out for the draft.”

The 6-foot-6, 335-pound Fluker looks like he’s ready to step onto an NFL field right now, and if he decides to declare for the 2013 NFL draft, then Alabama’s offensive line could have as many as three first-round draft picks in April. One of the starting guards, Chance Warmack, is a lock to be a first-round pick, and the other starting guard, Barrett Jones, may be a first-round pick as well. Fluker isn’t a sure thing to go in the first round, but the fact that Saban thinks he’ll leave suggests that he may have been told that Fluker will get a high grade from the NFL’s draft advisory board.

Another Alabama junior, cornerback Dee Milliner, could be the first cornerback off the board in April, and two players on Alabama’s front seven, defensive tackle Jesse Williams and linebacker C.J. Mosley, look like they could be first-round picks as well. Amazing as it is, Alabama could provide even more talent in the 2013 NFL draft than it did in the 2012 NFL draft.

10 responses to “Nick Saban says D.J. Fluker will probably enter the 2013 NFL draft

  1. I think it was Charley Casserly who said it.

    The talent at Alabama is great place for talent and Saban is a great coach to get players NFL ready. But they may have limited upside because they are already reaching their potential.

    Either way, it’s amazing what Alabama has been able to do with Saban as their coach. And I hate Bama.

  2. Too bad their highly touted Cornerback from the 2012 draft has yet to show anybody the “swag” he was supposed to bring to the Bengals. Somebody might want to tell Saban to start teaching his secondary the skill that is “backpedaling”. You kind of need to know how to do that to play in the NFL.

  3. It would be interesting to note how many football players opt for the NFL for academic reasons. Some, perhaps many of these athletes aren’t in school for any academic reason. They simply take enough blow-off courses to remain eligible before they declare for the NFL. Perhaps a shallow look into these folks will find they would have been on ‘double secret’ probation and be kicked out of school anyway the next semester. Meanwhile, the seats they infrequently occupy deny another academically superior student access to a college education. When I listen to some athletes get interviewed on either radio or television, they can barely speak English. I’ve counted 7 “you knows” in a single sentence from an Alabama grad. I’m sure the alums are proud of their school listening to this.

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