PFT Live: Steelers expect Leftwich to win

QB Byron Leftwich will start for the Steelers on Sunday Night Football against the Ravens due to Ben Roethlisberger’s injury. Steelers coach Mike Tomlin said “we expect winning football from (Leftwich).”

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4 responses to “PFT Live: Steelers expect Leftwich to win

  1. Hah! They expect him to win, but he won’t. Man hasn’t won a game as a starter since October, 2006. The collapse of Pittsburgh begins Sunday night. I can’t wait to watch!

  2. Even though SuperBen is/was having a “career year” — which is really sad considering he’s been in the league nine seasons — the Steelers’ offense has scored just 207 points through nine games. That’s with SuperBen. So let’s all stop pretending that Leftwich is replacing Dan Marino.
    The Steelers are 4-1 the past two seasons without Roethlisberger. Leftwich is about to start a game for the best team he’s quarterbacked in his entire career.
    The Steelers can and will win this game, and they shall do so comfortably…
    Steelers 23, Ravens 13.

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