Vick update confirms significance of concussion


When Mike Vick’s concussion was labeled “significant,” many reacted by saying, “They’re all significant.”

But there are degrees of concussions, and it sounds like Vick’s is indeed serious.

Trainer Rick Burkholder provided an update to the media on Friday.  Via Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer, Burkholder said that Vick is “well below” baseline testing, and that he’s “not the Michael Vick I know when he’s healthy.”

Though Vick’s vision has returned to normal, he’s still experiencing concussion symptoms.

“He’s foggy.  He’s not very alert right now in terms of he just doesn’t have that energy,” Burkholder said. “He’s tired all the time.  He’s slept a lot.  He’s not getting rid of the fatigue.  I would consider him heavy-eyed.”

As a result, Burkholder said Vick is “not even close” to playing.

The information from Burkholder makes even more curious the failure of the Eagles to rule Vick out before Friday.  Though it was at all times possible the symptoms would instantly disappear and Vick would be able to practice, it’s hard to imagine that anyone believed on Wednesday that there was any chance Vick could play on Sunday.

It’s unclear whether the failure of the Eagles to scratch Vick before Friday justifies any type of sanction from the league office.  The teams that have been fined $20,000 each for violating the injury-reporting rules this season probably have an opinion on this — including the Redskins, the team that didn’t know until today that it definitely wouldn’t face Vick on Sunday.

29 responses to “Vick update confirms significance of concussion

  1. Look, I am not saying Vick does not have a concussion but I find it rather interesting this occurred in the mist of the Eagles struggling on offense (yet again) after many questioned a change at QB. All I am saying is I would not put it past the Eagles to put this in as an exit strategy for Vick. This way Vick does not hurt his already plummeting stock any further before hitting free agency. Yes, I am a believer in conspiracy.

  2. Vick is in a no win scenario, the most popular QB is always the back up so let him start and see what he does. Vick is NOT the problem, the O-line is the problem and let the next guy up run for his life and see what he does. Good Luck !!

  3. If he really “is not the Michael Vick the Eagles know” then they need to get him back in the lineup like now. Maybe he’ll stop fumbling and throwing awful picks.

  4. If Michael Vick is still suffering concussion symptoms at the end of the year, does that impact the Eagles ability to terminate his contract?

  5. Apparently Vick was heard calling for his teammates to take out Gyp Rosetti after Monday’s team meetings.

  6. well it was only a matter of time. the eagles front office is silently smiling right now. I almost believe they kept the line in such horrendous shape to let Vick get hammered out there until he took his final hit.

    Funny how they go and shore up the line before Foles starts. Eagles are pathetic. So sad to be a fan.

  7. I really don’t understand how they could face any sanctions. They came out and said on Friday he’s not playing. I don’t see anything wrong with treating him during the week and hoping his symptoms will subside. It’s not like a broken bone where you KNOW the guy is out.

    With all the teams hiding injuries, I think it’s curious that you guys are calling out the Eagles when they have actually disclosed the injury.

  8. The injury report is a waste of time. The only reason it is there is for fantasy football and gamblers.

    Vick is not the problem. But, Vick is not the solution either. He is now an average QB, nothing more.

  9. It is absolutely 100% clear that the Eagles do not deserve any sanctions. The sanctions were for teams not disclosing injuries at all. In what way is that similar at all to this?

  10. I wasn’t paying attention to the injury report this week but was Vick not listed on the report? Or was he listed as something like questionable or doubtful? If he was listed then why should they be sanctioned? Should they have known without a doubt that he couldn’t play before listing him as out? Or should they have listed him as out and then he somehow was able to play?

  11. the question that no one seems to be asking, in the wake of last week’s QB concussions, is were any of them utilizing the new concussion resistant head gear and if not, why not?

  12. Wow most of you are not that bright. The oline played better with Foles because HES SMARTER THEN VICK. It does not take a rocket scientist to see this kid can read a defense (vick cant), call correct audibles (most of the time vick cant) and the oline know where to block for him. Vick just goes wherever he wants so the lack of communication between QB and Oline is 100% there. When you have a replacement Oline your job as QB is to be the leader and guide them. Vicks problem is that hes an uneducated ghetto dog fighter that was never that brilliant to begin with.

  13. Why are you bringing up sanctions? When does a team have to rule a player out? Certainly Thursday, when Vick was ruled out, is enough time? Of course, teams will delay rulings as long as possible to give opponents less time to scheme. But wow, you are reaching.

  14. Let me see if I got this straight…..

    Michael Vick is concussed, his vision has been distorted, and he’s nothing like the Michael Vick that the Eagle organization knows?

    Good thing for the Redskins he ain’t playing. If all of that is really true, he’d probably hang 50 on them this weekend if he played.

  15. Last year against the redskins, Vick suffers a concussion and exited the game after he was killing the skins. Then VY comes in and throws a pick 6. Vick had been killing the skins until Vick’s exit. The Eagles are notorious for manipulating injuries and concussions. Now they are going the other way as a means to move on and for Andy Reid to revitalize a reason to save his job.
    The Eagles should move on from Vick and Reid. Reid does not seem like the same guy since his son died and I don’t blame him. His heart is not in it.

  16. i bet he has had ALOT of concussions and im not giving fault to the eagles but vick just shrugs them off, lots of times when he gets in the head he gets up and keeps playing and the ones where he looks like hed be fine are the ones that end up injuring him. vick has alot of heart but his playing style will kill him as he gets older. he just cant adjust.

  17. Why in the world would the Eagles have any sort of obligation to delay ruling Vick out of the game?

    Is there a rule somewhere that I am missing? The teams that got fined violated injury reporting rules. The Eagles did not violate the rule- Vick was on the report as “doubtful”. They actually ruled him out 2 days BEFORE they were required to.

    Nothing to see here. Move along.

  18. The Eagles consistently choose to play PR games. They’re afraid to stand up and do what makes great teams great. That’s why they’ll never win a Super Bowl as long as Lurie owns the team. Just let Vick’s entirely unremarkable career just be over already. His mere presence in the NFL is an embarrassment.

  19. I am amazed at how many people claim that “Michael Vick isn’t the player he used to be.” Check his career stats–the player he “used to be” is an invention, a fantasy propagated by the fine folks at ESPN! His eleven years as an NFL quarterback minus the two he played in federal prison are the definition of mediocrity and worse which has been over-hyped to serve some other agenda. The fact that it has gone on for this long is the reason why so many fans who spend most of their time worrying about their fantasy teams actually believe that Vick was once a great player. Trust me, he wasn’t!

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