Andy Reid: Michael Vick thinks he let the team down, but he didn’t


As the Eagles desperately attempt to turn their season around on Sunday, they’ll be doing it without Michael Vick, who’s out with a concussion. According to Eagles coach Andy Reid, that has Vick upset.

Reid said Friday that Vick blames himself for not being out there with the team, and that he’s frustrated by being ruled out. Reid was quick to add, however, that Vick shouldn’t feel that way.

“I know that one of his goals was, obviously, not to get hurt and make it through the season,” Reid said. “Mike is a very considerate guy. He feels like he lets people down and his teammates down, and that’s not the case. He’s hurt. One of the toughest guys I’ve been around, though.”

Vick also likely feels that he’s letting Reid down, as Vick has been saying all year that he’s motivated by his respect and admiration for Reid. Now Reid and Vick are both likely finished in Philadelphia, but Reid is right: Vick’s concussion isn’t to blame for that.

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  1. Cleary, what let him down was the crazy coaching changes and lack of o-lineman. They moved their o-line coach to def cord… No need to get into that one. Then they had little to no depth on the line. Just sayin, if I was a head coach, I would spend my first two years drafting and signed o-lineman. It’s by far the most crucial position in the NFL.

  2. I am so sick of this fraudulent con artist being defended. Vick let down his team? No. Look at his complete resume. Vick defenders can go scratch their arses…. He let down the entire country. People used to love watching this guy play, he was exciting and game changing. He was great for the NFL, and inspired youth worldwide with his play. Fast forward – He lied to Arthur Blank, he committed unspeakable crimes, he conned his way into a 100 million dollar contract, and he now SUCKS on and off the field.

    “Mike is a considerate guy”??!?!?!?! Get the hell out of here with that BS Andy. He is as arrogant as anyone to step on the field, and masks it with fraudulent interviews, pretending to be humble.. His unwillingness to alter his style to simply protect himself is a microcosm of just that. EVEN THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES NOTICED IT! No wonder your city hates you now Andy; a pathetic display of events over and over, and the Eagles are the team that made it happen for this POS….

  3. Say what you want about Vick’s quarterbacking ability, but he is a warrior and he gives it everything he has on every single play. He’s also worked hard to player a safer style of football, and he didn’t get hurt until now. It was inevitable that he would get hurt though, with that terrible patchwork offensive line.

  4. Vick,

    Yea you have been playing poorly, but all the blame is not on you. Your coaches let you down bro. The offensive line falls apart due to injury, which happens in the NFL, it’s rough game. The problem is your coaches never changed the game plan accordingly. If you have no line, you cannot expect to find success with constant five step drops. The ball needs to get out quicker and they didn’t put you in position to do that.

    Consequently, you and Reid are gone


    Birds fans everywhere

  5. Andy Reid: Michael Vick thinks he let the team down, but he didn’t

    Philadelphia: Comments like this are exactly why you won’t be the coach next year Andy.

  6. The Eagles got what they deserved. As a Cowboys fan, nothing has pleased me more to see him bungle games, and watch everyone apologize and defend him. I dont need to call names or criticize. His actions and performance speak louder than anything I may offer or any of you who try and defend him. It’s been a lot of fun to watch, but, now, it ends. What will be even more fun to watch is what happens when football is done with him.

  7. Vick Has been OVER RATED ever since he entered the NFL, He HAS let ever team and fan down his whole career so whats the news here.

  8. Reid said Friday that Vick blames himself for not being out there with the team, and that he’s frustrated by being ruled out. Reid was quick to add, however, that Vick shouldn’t feel that way.


    Vick being out there with the team has been part of the problem all along. Vick has also been coddled his entire life by his coaches which is why he actually think him being out there would help the team.

  9. Just watching some of the Eagles games, Vick is running for his life back there, his offensive line is just not good. As a Cowboys fan, it is great to see the Eaglets finally not do well – they were very good for about a decade – but Vick isn’t the only one to blame. The only part of his game that has hurt the team is the turnovers in the redzone – I saw the fumble vs Pitt and was pretty blown away.

  10. phillysports25
    Nov 17, 2012, 7:16 AM PST

    Can you say “dumber than a box of rocks” ok then.. Climb right in because there missing one.

  11. Vick & Reid. Both overrated and both need to follow the famous quote from Iron Mike Tyson. Just “Fade into Bolovian”…..

  12. Vick and Reid should sign their knee pads and exchange know.. so they have something special to remember each other by.. after they split at the end of the season.. maybe make a mix tape as well.

  13. The only offensive line that I have seen that was worse than Phillys current line was the OL that Big Ben won his first Superbowl with.

  14. Maybe he didnt let his team down…
    but he definately let the rest of thw world down with his cruel behavior toward life.
    You get what you give!

  15. stonedwhitetrash says:
    Nov 17, 2012 11:06 AM
    How ’bout them Cowboys
    Really? The cowboys have one 1 playoff win in the last 14 years, while the eagles have won 10. Before you start pounding your chest, realize that neither organization has accomplished anything during Andy Reid’s 14 years.

  16. Vick you did let your team down. That’s the ups and downs of a season. QBs always get too much of the blame and too much of the credit. Losing is never on one guy though, it’s called the ultimate team sport for a reason.

    I think it’s laughable that some of you will never get over fighting thing. You probably typed your comment on your nifty child made iPhone while stuffing your face with a hamburger. Get off your soapbox and kick rocks with open toe sandals. Odds are you are not as righteous as you claim to be.

  17. Andy Reid, Marty Minionwheg, Howie Roseman, and Jeffery Lurie let the Eagles and their fans down not Michael Vick.

    I know Lurie isn’t going anywhere but I hope someway somehow Roseman gets fired after this season along with Andy and Marty. I know his contract just got extended but the Eagles need a new organizational philosophy in the front office as well as on the sidelines.

    Fire Roseman for bringing in all these apathetic mercenaries Lurie it’s the only way.

  18. A lot of people out there call him overrated, and blaming him… lol. What were you saying 2 years ago when he had some protection and lit the league up?????? Now, his line is terrible and he’s under constant pressure, and is turning the ball over. I’m pretty sure Defense 101 is put pressure one QB, QB then makes mistakes… So many Looky-loo football fans out there these days..

  19. The Philadelphia Eagles will not get a coach better than Andy Reid. Write this statement down on a sheet of paper and post it on your refrigerator door Eags fans. You are about to enter the dark ages. See you in 10 years.

  20. Excuse me, but do they think we care about Vicks Feelings???This is football first of all. Secondly, he isnt good. People that are bad should feel bad.

  21. @all32 You think I’m dumb, okay, you’re entitled to your opinion. But, so am I. All I’m trying to say is, even though Vick’s performance level has decreased since he got paid (largely because of the offensive line), he gives it everything he’s got on every play. He hasn’t thrown his offensive line under the bus, when he easily could have with they way they are playing. He takes responsibility for his play, and that doesn’t happen much anymore around the NFL. With that being said, I do think the Eagles need a new QB, and they may have the answer in Nick Foles.

  22. No, but Lovie Smith let Cutler down by letting him dive head first for a first down after the massive helmet to helmet collision. Sad

  23. capitaloffense says:Nov 17, 2012 12:29 PM

    “I think it’s laughable that some of you will never get over fighting thing.”
    The fighting thing? I think its laughable that you dont even know what he did, and couldnt take the time to find out before making such a remark. Try torture/abuse….

    …Sad you get over that so easily!

  24. 100% of the problem is the fault of Reid. All his choices out there. All his coaches out there. All his play calling out there. All his flopo draft choices out there. All his backups out there. Its that simple. Vic would be having a darn good year with support.

  25. It’s true Vick has caused more turnovers than some teams, but much will depend on how Foles does this week behind that same offensive line. If he fails as badly as Vick, Reid might have been right about Vick and the problem is not at QB. However, if Foles does well, that might point the fickle finger of fate back at Vick.

  26. No Qb can successfully win with this coaching staff and the O-line. Yes, we all know the O-line is depleted and horrible. So what is the proper adjustment? …Run more and run quicker plays designed to get the ball out faster. Reid has not consistently done this. Instead he continuously puts Vick in positions to fail. Reid is a bad situational play caller and a bad time manager, which are the main reasons he hasn’t won a SB in Philly. Bring in a coach that has a proper run/throw balance, and we will see less turnovers, more points, and more wins. I like Foles, but Reid’s play calling will make him fail as well.

  27. The whole world seems to believe that Vick’s performance this year is everyone’s fault but his. I mean, the excuse-making part I get–people have been forgiving this guy’s lack of achievement and worse yet his aberrant behavior since he came into the league. What I don’t get is the idea that somehow his play is worse this season when the truth is he’s the same player now that he’s always been–over-matched, over-hyped, and overrated!

  28. @lennydpocketqb:

    Dude just stop. You haven’t witnessed every game for the last 2 years. You have no idea what your talking about. Reid is done. Write it down. The next team he coaches will be lucky to go 8-8 with him. His play calling is atrocious time management is ridiculous and the fact he puts all his eggs into an offense that no longer works in today’s nfl (unless you have the correct personnel) is the reason he’s out of Philly. I was a supporter up until last year. Now it’s time to move on…bring on a fresh face. There’s plenty of talent to work with on both sides of the ball.

  29. Vick is tough, but is NOT a leader. I remember when he threw that pick in the EZ vs. BAL and he’s sulking on the sidelines saying “I shouldn’t be letting y’all down” and his entire OL is trying to bring his confidence back up.

    Foles will eradicate all those things because if the OL isn’t protecting him, he’ll be all over them insteading of sulking and apologizing.

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