Antonio Brown could be back for next Ravens game, in two weeks


The parade of missing players for Sunday night’s Ravens-Steelers game in Pittsburgh could have one less float when the AFC North rivalry returns to Baltimore in two weeks.

Steelers receiver Antonio Brown, the team’s MVP in 2011, could be back from a sprained ankle in two weeks, per a source with knowledge of the situation.

Brown sprained the ankle two weeks ago in a game against the Giants.  It wasn’t expected to be serious at the time, but he has missed two games, and he likely will miss next Sunday’s game at Cleveland.

In addition to Brown, the latest installment of one of the best sports rivalries will be played without Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger or Steelers safety Troy Polamalu.  Missing for the Ravens are linebacker Ray Lewis, cornerback Lardardius Webb, and cornerback Jimmy Smith.

21 responses to “Antonio Brown could be back for next Ravens game, in two weeks

  1. He hasn’t missed two games, he will miss his second tomorrow.

    I heard on thursday, he still had a baseball-esque sized lump on his ankle. Hope he’s back to full strength soon!

  2. Please dont compare missing polamalu, roethlisberger and brown. all pro bowlers. To lewis, webb and smith. My god have some journalistic integrity.. I still remember brown burning past webb in the playoffs a couple years ago pinning the ball to his helmet on 3rd and 25 to put that game on ice and send the ratbirds home once again in the post season.. Good times..Good times…

  3. Webb wasn’t burned by Brown in the Divisional Round in 2010, Dawan Landry failed to get their in time when Webb passed Brown off to him on a Four Verticals. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. Webb’s injury is just as big as Brown’s, as Webb typically dominates Mike Wallace when the Ravens and Steelers play.

  4. Just for this game only if you gave me a mulligan to add any Steelers player back, it would be Brown, over Ben, just for this game!

    The Brown out hurts the Steelers in two phases because he went to the Pro Bowl as a returner. Reluctant to risk Manny Sanders to replace him, because Sanders is now starting, you got Gilreath, a rookie, who played his first game last week and looked shaky on kicks.

  5. Leftwich gonna carve that awful ratbird defense thats ranked 26th in the nfl up like a thanksgiving turkey!!! Pretty bad when the starting franchise Qb goes down, yet a lot of people are still picking the steelers over the ratbirds! Soak it in folks. Its about to get real in 27 and a half hours! Smashmouth football. Pittsburgh style!

  6. ravenator says: Nov 17, 2012 4:01 PM

    Steeler fans will be non existent in three weeks

    We will still be in the hunt you little troll
    Unlike the Cravings it is the next man up Feel sorry for your team

  7. Pittsburgh fans complaining about injuries? Try being a panthers fan. We always have half put starters on IR by the time we reach the half point of the damn season. I know that’s an exaggeration, but it’s still pretty bad. No excuses!

  8. Now youre comparing the carolina panthers players being out to a superior steelers franchise?? All your players healthy all year you are a 8-8 team at best! Cam newton stinks! Steelers stay healthy they are a 13-3 or 12-4 team! Get a clue!

  9. Jon Beason, Ryan Kalil, and Chris Gamble would all be starting on Pittsburgh.

    Also, Cam had the greatest year for rookie quarterbacks in league history, saying he stinks is pretty narrow sighted considering our offensive line is garbage and he has no running game supporting him.

    You get a clue. We actually play real teams in the NFC. I wish we got to beat up on the Browns and Bengals every year. And y’all still lost to the raiders.

  10. The Steelers can overcome injuries and still beat the Ravens. The new offense is starting to click and it is perfect for Leftwich. Our tandem of RB’s will have their defense laying on the sidelines by game end. Ray Rice is only a single man we got 3 Ray Rices

  11. You left out the Steelers starting right tackle. And since you are including Lewis for the Ravens why not mention the Steelers starting right guard.

  12. sixburghrules says: Nov 17, 2012 6:51 PM
    Ray Rice is only a single man we got 3 Ray Rices

    Hitting the spiked eggnog early I see. Rice has more yards from scrimmage than any other player since he came into the league and has led the league in yardage twice. He’s also one of only 4 guys in history to gash the Steelers defense for over 235 yards in a season. Jim Brown was another. The Steelers have lots of good and some great players, but not a Rice. Saying you have 3 is just ridiculous. It’ll be a close game as most are between these 2, but if Polamalu is out you guys will likely lose. He is the most vital piece on that team, not Roethlisberger.

  13. I wasn’t going to do this but since other teams fans are saying Steelers injuries are not such a huge deal . Here goes how many injuries the Steelers have right now
    1) The starting RG and RT on the OL. Good thing the steelers were able to replace them. THough Adams is not as good in pass protection.
    2) Their team MVP from last year – Brown
    3) Uhh, Big Ben. Imagine if Ravens were playing without Flacco. Say goodbye to all those big plays to Torrey. Or if Panthers of last year had an injury to Cam. THat is the equivalent of two or three top injuries. NE survived without Brady for one year. If it happens this year, they are toast.
    4) Troy P: Though in this case, he is like Bob Sanders and to some extent Reed. You have to live with him being missing from some games.
    5) Any resemblance of depth in the LB corps. Two of their backups are out.

    ANd this does not count the injuries they had in other games where they were missing 2 of their top 3 RBs in most games. This does not get into the fact that they cannot rest a recovering Harrison and still not fully healed Woodley(similar to Suggs and Ngata not being 100%) because of all the injuries to their top backups.

  14. Can someone get these fans some tissues. Every team has injury issues. Ravens missed almost the entire first half of the season without the D-MVP. Then a slew of others. It happens…

    Next man up yinzers. Quit crying. You sound like Emmanuel Sanders looked when he took his flop. Embarressing…

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