Could Matt Barkley’s draft stock be slipping?

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USC quarterback Matt Barkley entered his senior season for the Trojans with national championship aspirations and as the favorite to be the No. 1 overall pick in the 2013 NFL Draft.

With national title hopes long gone, Barkley could also be seeing his draft stock sliding as well. According to Sam Farmer of the Los Angeles Times, Barkley doesn’t seem to be leaving a lasting impression with scouts.

Farmer spoke with a few NFL scouts to get their evaluation of Barkley. The scouts he talked to questioned Barkley’s arm strength and ability to make something happen when the play breaks down.

“Physically, he’s very average,” one scout said. “When he’s throwing it across the field on a deep out, the ball sort of hangs in the air. He doesn’t have that ability to just drive it. In the NFL, with the corners, they break so much quicker. They see it quicker, they close. A lot of those balls are going the other direction at the next level.”

“He’s got to be a decision-making, timing passer. That’s kind of his game. When he’s in rhythm, and he’s making good decisions, which a lot of times he’s good to very good, he can have success,” a second scout said. “If a play breaks down, or there’s pressure, he’s not going to be the kind of quarterback to improvise or make an athletic play.”

It doesn’t help that Barkley appears to have suffered a serious injury to his throwing shoulder either.

Scott Wolf of the Los Angeles Daily News reported that he’s hearing Barkley separated his right shoulder in the fourth quarter of the Trojans 38-28 loss to UCLA on Saturday. Lindsey Thiry of reported that Barkley emerged from the USC locker room apparently wearing a sling under his jacket.

While it still seems likely Barkley will be a first round pick come April’s draft, he will have more hurdles to overcome this off-season to ease NFL team’s concerns about his ability and now-injured throwing shoulder.

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  1. He’ll be fine I think. In today’s league, teams that need a quarterback will draft one regardless of value. Hell in the last couple years Blaine Gabbert, Jake Locker, and Ryan Tannehill were top 10 picks and Barkley has been a much more productive player than any of those guys were coming out of college.

  2. these usc quarterbacks cannot be trusted! usc has like what,95% 4 or 5 star recruits. Had to evaluate them

  3. That kid is so ridiculously overrated that it’s eye-popping. I have watched six USC games this year. He’s thrown a Matt Cassel-esque INT in each. And the Chiefs are gonna draft this guy??? The kid backing him up has a better arm. Barkley is another Cassel, who naturally went to which school?

  4. I never really bought Barkley as a potential #1 overall pick anyway. Even if he would have came out this year when his stock was highest, no way I would have taken him over Luck or RG3.

    In the end, looking like most of the teams which are going to be picking highest this year KC and probably Jax could be the only ones even in the market. The question then becomes is Matt Barkley even the second best quarterback who will be coming out?

  5. I never was a big fan of Matt Barkley. I won’t knock the kid too much because I’m not a scout with tape on him, but he has a lot of Mark Sanchez in him, but with more college experience. Best possible situation for him would be to learn under a good QB because glancing around the NFL, pretty much every team is set at QB with the exception of Arizona, Jacksonville, Cleveland maybe, Kansas City, and probably Buffalo. Of those teams, the best possible destination is maybe Buffalo, but that would be ideal for any rookie QB who could easily be an upgrade over Fitzpatrick. The rest of the teams would look to add depth. I wouldnt be surprised if he fell to 2nd to early 3rd round.

  6. the poor chiefs will draft him anyway. because they wont have a choice he will be best available and biggest need at same time. it will be like the Tyson Jackson pick all over again. in hindsight the Jackson pick at 3rd overall was the best choice pioli had at the time. he couldn’t trade out that year either. this scenario will probably happen again to the chiefs.

  7. Ever since I was in third grade I love watching collge football as much as NFL football and USC has always been one of my top three teams. Having said that I do indeed have reservations about Barkley I and I believe strongly as each day goes by his interviews and his psychological makeup will weigh very heavy in his draft status. I have seen him throw interceptions and make extremely poor decisions as far as interceptions. Unlike Christian Ponder who has no wide receiver help whatsoever (Harvin is more of a slot receiver), Barkley has excellent receivers and sometimes watching him you wonder why he makes some very bad throws, in particular right to defensive personnel?

  8. USC qb’s r terribly overrated. the only one that was remotely ever good in recent years was palmer. palmer, cassel,leinart, booty, dirty sanchez…nuf said

  9. Overrated, as USC is every single season. In the last 2 or 3 decades, the only decent QB this school has produced has been Carson Palmer. I give you Todd Marinivich, Sean Salisbury, Rodney Peete, Rob Johnson, Matt Leinart, John David Booty, and Mark Sanchez as proof.

  10. Weak arm, have problems making plays after a play breaks down – Sounds like he will be a perfect fit with the KC Cheaps, only if they can get him at a bargain price!

  11. this poor kid(Matt Barkley) put his career in Lane Kiffin’s hands. only a matter of time ’til this USC program runs to the ground! heck UCLA beat ’em today! just a sign of things to come…

  12. Carson Palmer was an above average NFL QB, right up until he blew out his knee in the playoff game vs. the Steelers. Since then, below average, but he had a few very good years early on in Cincy.

    Barkley is more like Mark Sanchez 2.0. Smart guy, and when paired with a great defense, he can be a good QB, but he’ll never be great.

  13. Advice to Barkley: If invited to Draft Day at Radio City Music Hall, stay at home!!!

    Barkley has too many good players around him, a weak arm, and could be 2013’s version of Ryan Mallett without the character issues.

    Bye bye first rd status!!!

  14. If Buffalo is sitting there on the clock with Barkley still available, I’d rather see them burn the pick on another starting Running back than end up with another Trent Edwards or J.P. Losman. Please Buddy Nix, think of Buffalo’s fans and the pain and suffering they have endured over the last decade…
    Please pass on Barkley.
    We don’t need to waste another 3-4 years to find out that he’s not the guy we were looking for. I’d much rather stick with Ryan Fitzpatrick than chance it on Barkley, at least Fitzpatrick has some brains and isn’t afraid to mix it up every now and then. Thanks! -From a concerned fan

  15. If it comes from USC and doesn’t play linebacker, o-line, or d-line, it is generally a good idea to stay away. There are a few exceptions but it is almost never at QB..

  16. fordmandalay says:

    Palmer, Cassel, Leinhart, Sanchez, Barkley. See a pattern here?

    OK, but for every one of those guys, there’s a Todd Marinovich or Rodney Peete.

  17. USC quarterbacks routinely post impressive numbers because they play in a defenseless conference and in perfect weather conditions pratically every week…

  18. Not as big of a gamble with the new rookie contract slotting. Somebody will take a flier on him early, but I predict his career will be closer to Sanchez than Andrew Luck.

  19. Granted im not an nfl talent evaluator, but he just doesnt look that good to me.

    Not a good arm, questionable throws/desicions.

  20. He is a QB from USC, why would anyone spend a #1 pick on him. History shows that USC QB’s are historically overrated, all the way back to Todd Marinovich.

    Best case scenario is Carson Palmer (and this kid doesn’t have half the arm Palmer has), and that is not worth a overall #1 pick

    Last year had a few potential stars at the QB spot, this year have some guys who could become servicable, but I don’t think any of them will be a star at the NFL level. If you are looking for a franchise QB, this is not the year to find one via the draft

  21. Tell me some stories of a Quarterback other than Andrew Luck who was highly touted and decided to come back for his senior season that it improved their draft stock ? If in college abd you are projected to be a very high draft pick in the NFL, then go Pro ! I know all situations are different….but why not take the millions and the draft position where you are almost guaranteed the chance to play in your first or second year….

    I think Barkley projects to be a 2nd to 3rd round draft pick now….

  22. There is a Dearth of great Senior QBs coming out of the NCAA this year compared to the boon we have had recently. The best QB Talent wise is EJ Manual. Matt Barkley is another Mark Sanchez talent wise. Geno Smith is another Rian Fitzpatrick talent wise. And KC states QB is just another Tim Tebow talent wise. EJ has the Best Arm strength, Deep Ball, And runs the ball well for a 6’5 QB.

  23. The Jets will give up everything for this guy. And I will laugh just as loud as I did when they traded up to get “The Sanchize.”

  24. He’s no longer surrounded by superior talent unlike like his previous counterparts and every single Florida QB.

  25. Mr. Wright 212 says:
    Nov 17, 2012 9:36 PM
    When was the last time a USC QB was even any good? Rodney Peete and Carson “The Comeback Stat Compiler” Palmer don’t qualify.


    What were YOUR stats, arm-chair guru?

    Thats what I thought.

    You basement GM/draftniks kill me. – ball out , then you can run your mouth about ANY of these QB’s.

  26. fordmandalay says:
    Nov 17, 2012 10:00 PM
    Palmer, Cassel, Leinhart, Sanchez, Barkley. See a pattern here?

    Yeah, i dont see fordmandalay in that group of QB’s…..

  27. The karma of trying to change Tailback U. into Quarterback U. USC’s recipe for success during its glory years (McKay/early Robinson) was to run the ball and play good defense. When Petey took over, he tried to feature the quarterback position at the expense of the running back position. Reggie Bush killed that noise and Lane Kiffin better wise up before he’s the former head coach. Stanford, and a few other college teams, are proof that you don’t have to run the spread to have a successful program.

  28. He will end up a 2nd rnd pick and amaze everybody in camp at
    how much he sucks ala Brian Brohm.
    I was a fan but I think the scouts may be right.
    On physical ability he looks like a 4th rounder who if ge gets the right QB coach could be a teams 3rd string and maybe be servicable in 3 years.

  29. Doesn’t matter. The Jaguar’s ignored Gabbert’s falling stock and took him with their first pick last time, and the 1-win Jags will make the same mistake again.

  30. All of you guys lumping Carson Palmer in with other USC QBs like Sanchez: I assume you’re not aware of the fact that Palmer is leading the AFC in passing right now? He’s ahead of Brady, Manning, Luck, etc. in that regard and has the same avg yards per attempt as Aaron Rodgers and fewer turnovers than Drew Brees.

    And no, this isn’t a garbage time stats issue. Unless the gametying drive against ATL, comeback win against Jax and near-miraculous comeback against TB qualify as “garbage-time” numbers.-

    Turn off the ESPN. Those guys only pretend to watch all the games and most probably have less of a sense of what’s really going on than most hardcore fans.

  31. I’ve never gotten the media love affair with this program. They continually talk them up and want to heap awards and high rankings on the program and players. Both are annually overrated. Big time!

  32. Aaron Rodgers was crtiqued down to the Packers at what? Like 26 or 28? Barkley could be really good if he is drafted somewhere that lets him learn the pro game.

    Too many teams draft a QB out of need and throw him to the wolves as a rookie. Very few rookie QBs are good enough to start their first season.

    I guess the NFL is a results driven league, but a lot of talented QBs have been wrecked by teams when patience would have made them good or great.

    Anyway, I think Barkley would be better off if he fell to a team like New England or Chicago. He could sit a couple years and learn. If he goes top 10 or even 15, he will be a dud.

  33. paredskinwarrior1985 says:
    Nov 18, 2012 9:55 AM
    he will end.up being an eagle book it

    Are you a wizard?

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