Floyd becomes new “Z” receiver in San Diego


After Vincent Jackson left the Chargers for the Buccaneers, San Diego needed a new “Z” receiver.

In the Chargers’ system, the “Z” lines up next to tight end Antonio Gates, with the goal of forcing defenses to choose one for extra focus — giving the other a little more room to operate.

Newcomer Robert Meachem had been the “Z” receiver in place of Jackson.  But now it’s Malcom Floyd.

“I’ve been moving around, but I’m comfortable playing that position. It’s becoming fluid now, but I understood ‘Z’ responsibilities after watching VJ and Meachem do it,” Floyd tells Scott Bair of U-T San Diego.  “With Antonio and I lining up next to each other, we put a strain on whatever side we’re on.”

Meanwhile, Meachem has been sent to the bench, with Danario Alexander filling Floyd’s former spot.

The fact that the Chargers signed Meachem to do a job that one of their holdovers could have done — and is now doing — becomes another piece of evidence for the “fire A.J. Smith” column on owner Dean Spanos’ legal pad.  But if the Chargers win more games with Floyd as the “Z” wideout, maybe the “keep A.J. Smith” column eventually will include the words “made it to the playoffs . . . somehow.”

18 responses to “Floyd becomes new “Z” receiver in San Diego

  1. Drew Brees made Robert Meachem and Phillip Rivers broke him! Grass isnt always greener on the other side! You had it great in New Orleans, now you play for a team that doesnt want you and a fan base that hardly supports the team. Nicely done

  2. jimmywalker78 says: Nov 17, 2012 3:45 PM

    Drew Brees made Robert Meachem and Phillip Rivers broke him! Grass isnt always greener on the other side! You had it great in New Orleans, now you play for a team that doesnt want you and a fan base that hardly supports the team. Nicely done

    New Orleans refused to pay him. They used his money to overpay Brees.

  3. It has more to do with his body of work as a Charger. When you’re wide open and the ball hits you in the hands for a go-ahead winning touchdown on the road, but you drop it because you were afraid of success (not even taking a hit) you made the bed you lay in.

    It’s not his fault he’s not as tall as fast as Vincent Jackson and AJ Smith brought him in to be something he cannot.

    But he was given opportunities he clearly didn’t earn in the offseason. He was given the top spot because AJ Smith once again let good homegrown talent go to another team to reap more success replaced with a shadow of the former talent

  4. There are reasons why devery Henderson and lance Moore have been career Saints, and why New Orleans hasn’t gone to free agency for a receive since…Brees got there. Graham and Colston are worthwhile talents, but even they are only valuable to their own team at a price tag other teams shouldn’t pick up.

  5. If we assume that the Chargers fans want to see AJ Smith get canned, then that implies that the Chargers actually have fans.

    Smith’s job is safe.

  6. Some of you are in the “Brees makes those WRs good” column. That means he is responsible for all his throws and all their catches too. So, tell me again how he’s “overpaid”?

  7. Vincent Brown will be back at some point, & I think he is going to become a great receiver. With Danario Alexander producing at a high level, Meachem is in tough to stay on the field.

  8. Danario the makings of a great receiver. I always liked him when he played for the Rams, but he gets banged up alot. If he can stay healthy he will make a great target for Rivers in the end zone. Big agile receiver.

  9. Meachem honestly never made sense for the Chargers offense.

    The offense requires WR and TEs who are able to be physical up front and beat man coverage. Meachem has always been a one-trick pony, a speed guy who is a body catcher.

    AJ should be fired for giving him 25 million instead of investing in his offensive line.

  10. Meach dropped that pass cause he was surprised that Rivers actually threw a good pass. Instead of his normal shotputt jump ball or under throws. He drops one pass and he becomes a scapegoat. Rivers is terrible all season but he is still out there.

    In the end it is his own fault. He decided to cash in on a big pay day and found probably the only sucker GM willing to pay that amount.

  11. sdcreppin says:
    Nov 17, 2012 4:10 PM
    @jimmy walker I guess meachem dropping that wide open pass against was rivers fault

    Well, yes and no. The ball was underthrown, so Meach had to slow down to catch it, which he did and then dropped it when it hit his hands. Perhaps if the ball was thrown in stride, Meach catches it and spokes it in the end zone.

  12. Regarding the article, AJ Smith makes personnel decisions, Norv Turner makes coaching decisions, so if these coaching moves allow the Chargers to start winning, how does that help AJ? He still signed a player for starter money who is now riding the pine.

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