Haden makes trip, still game-time decision


For many injured players listed as questionable, the questions evaporate when the plane leaves for the site of the game without him.  For Browns cornerback Joe Haden, the question remains, because he made the trip to Dallas for Sunday’s game against the Cowboys.

The team has confirmed that Haden has flown to Texas, despite an oblique injury that has his status for the Week 11 game up in the air.

The injury occurred on Wednesday during practice, and coach Pat Shurmur has said Haden’s availability will be determined at game time.

That’s still the case.  Look for a decision to come in the morning.

6 responses to “Haden makes trip, still game-time decision

  1. With the lame duck management in Cleveland, why should these players risk their bodies or their futures, unless there is something to gain, aka contract years?

    A few will do it out of personal pride and professionalism, aka Joe Thomas. Yes, they’re paid millions to give their best but does it really matter now? They’ll get paid either way.

    Shurmur is done, why risk it? He’s been nothing but arrogant and disrespectful towards the players and the fans. Fook’em Might as well save it for the new regime….again.

    I really don’t know how Thomas, Dawson, McCoy, and a few others (pre-Shurmur) hang on.

  2. They hang on because they are professionals. They earn their keep. Those who slack off may not be around next year. If the Browns don’t want you, who does?

  3. @oldcracker

    Everything you said goes against the mentality of a football player. My senior year I played on a bad team. I didn’t get paid, had nothing to play for, but I still gave it my all every game and every snap. I wanted to make sure, win or lose, I represented myself and my team to the best of my ability. Players should have a sense of pride and loyalty towards their teammates and their organization every time they step on the field. To lay down, as you suggest, is just an insult to those that truly appreciate the game. Not to mention, if players laid down, it’d be a slap in the face to the fans that support the team. Sorry about the rant, but post like yours are ridiculous.

    Btw, contracts aren’t guaranteed in the NFL. So actually, everybody still has something to play for.

  4. I guess the Browns fans made the trip as well. Something like 200 fans showed up at the team hotel to welcome them, and then an estimated 500-600 fans showed up at a Browns Backers party here in Dallas. That my friends, is called dedication!

  5. I don’t see how it matters what he does. He is the only legit corner tey have so either dez or miles was gonna go off today. Now that he isn’t 100% they both will. Dallas finally puts an all around solid game on and blows the browns out

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