Joe Philbin says he’s embarrassed by the Dolphins’ turnovers


The Dolphins had three turnovers and no takeaways in Thursday night’s loss to the Bills. The Dolphins had four turnovers and zero takeaways in last week’s loss to the Titans. Going minus-seven in turnover margin while losing two straight games is not acceptable to coach Joe Philbin.

I’m embarrassed,” Philbin said Friday, via the Palm Beach Post. “I’m the head coach. [Turnover margin] is one thing we preach all the time. That’s not good enough.”

After a surprisingly impressive start to the season, the Dolphins have fallen apart on their current three-game losing streak, and with the Seahawks, Patriots and 49ers up next, it’s quite likely that the Dolphins will double their losing streak to six. Philbin knows that’s a problem he needs to fix.

“Obviously we have to make some improvements quickly,” Philbin said. “I don’t know if there’s any one immediate fix that will solve everything but we have to go back to work starting today.”

If the Dolphins don’t fix their turnover problems soon, this season could get ugly in a hurry.

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  1. I haven’t seen the phins play till they played the Bills. Of the two int one was earned by Byrd. Tannehill gave one away to Scott and Hartline was just a victim to ball swat. Nothing to be embarrassed about, maybe Tannehill’s second pick. If anything the phins should be upset they didn’t get a few from the bills. The ball was on the ground and tipped. .missed opportunities.

    The media is down on the phins because they will miss the playoffs, hell they weren’t winning it all this year anyway. A sadder story is in orchard park. Made the jets look super bowl bound week one dropped one to the titans and should have split with the pats. Thanks zebras!

  2. Not winning at least one of the last two submarines our season (not that we were going to hoist the lombardi trophy). I like Philbin, but can picture him as Smeigel rubbing his hands together muttering about turnover all night.

  3. Don’t worry coach the TV looks to be very dark next weekend so your not going to have many critics the Monday after thanksgiving

  4. Where are all of the Fin fans who were adamantly touting Tannehill as the top rookie QB? Yeah, finally accepting that he is at best a long term project. Reality bites.

  5. Going minus-seven in turnover margin while losing two straight games is not acceptable to coach Joe Philbin.
    To whom would going minus seven in two games (or any stretch) be acceptable?
    “That’s not good enough.”
    Thanks for the breaking news, coach.

  6. Philbin is embarrassed?

    What is embarrassing is the Dolphins inability to get any NFL-quality deep threat wide receivers…year after year…for more than a decade. Maybe Tannehill can be good…maybe he can’t…but how can anyone say for sure until he gets some tools to work with. Each week Miami basically has to try and run the ball against 5 linebackers since our opponents have no need to cover anyone deep. Barry Sanders would have a hard time running the ball on this team.

    The personnel brains on the team can’t get it right in the draft (can you say Ted Ginn?)…can’t get it right in free agency (Chad Johnson/Ochosinko, Brandon Marshall)…and can’t get it right deciding who to keep (Wes Welker). By the way, Brandon Marshall is on pace to catch over 100 balls and gain 1600 yards for the Bears…so what’s up with that?

    They also never got the memo that teams are actually throwing to their tight ends in today’s NFL.

    The only receiver the Dolphins have that any other team might want is Devon Bess…but how much can a slot receiver do by himself?

  7. tmdill18

    I still like Tannehill , he just trying to make something happen at the end of the game.. Once we get him some WRs he should be fine.. Now the OL is very disappointing. The defense played pretty well.. We lost the last game but we didn’t allow an offensive TD.. as our OL goes our offense goes that’s pretty evident this season.

  8. He needs to reconsider his coaching philosophy. You can bench gour best player (Reggie Bush) niether give him less carries. You cant run an efficient offence if you dont run the ball, throw screens, or check down to the Rb. You call the plays genius, thats thinking NFL and not pee wee. Your players are giving up on you and thats why they turn the ball over. You and the GM are not NFL material

  9. Ross should be embarrassed that he’s retained Ireland this long. Look at the Colts gm’s moves. He drafts a solid qb 1st. Drafts 2 of the top TE in the draft, resigns Reggie Wayne (who publicly said he wanted to be in Miami). Then drafts WR TY Hilton. The Colts get it, give your rookie qb weapons!!!!! That’s why the Colts are going to make the playoffs after a 1-15 season & are a solid team.
    What does Ireland do? Draft another offensive lineman, a bust in Egnew in the 3rd round. Then waits till late in the draft to try to get a WR. Not to mention his genius plan to sign a washed up Ochostinko.
    Ross is an embarrassment!!!

  10. He should be embarrassed, but he’s in over his head. He’s not head-coaching material, he’s just an overbearing know-it-all who treats players like they are 12. He was hired because Ireland wanted someone who he could manipulate.

  11. Reggie Bush fumbles – benched.
    Brian Hartline fumbles – stays in game.

    Not exactly what I would call coaching consistently throughout.

  12. Turnovers happen. The offense is stagnant because of fear of turnovers. The talent level does not allow for ultra conservative plays to be effective over time. Open up the offense. Accept a few turnovers for an increase in total effectiveness. The experience will be beneficial down the road.

  13. Teams have tape on Tannehill and it’s making things challenging for him. But he’s a smart guy. He will watch the film and learn. All QB’s face growing pains, but it is easier to criticize RT because right now the Dolphins look like the team we expected them to be. Ryan T
    Tannehill will be fine. And the Dolphins, with five early draft picks and $60 million in cap space this offseason will continue to get better. No one expected them to be good this season anyway.

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