Mike Tannenbaum defends trading for Tim Tebow

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Jets General Manager Mike Tannenbaum’s decision to trade for quarterback Tim Tebow this offseason has been a non-factor on the field at best and a major distraction off the field at worst. But Tannenbaum isn’t willing to call that trade a mistake.

Tannenbaum said on WFAN that he still thinks Tebow is a good player to have on the Jets, even though Tebow is averaging just 3.4 yards a carry rushing and has just 40 passing yards, and even though many observers have questioned whether the presence of Tebow has been a hindrance to Mark Sanchez.

“I look at Tim as a great teammate, a competitor,” Tannenbaum said. “He’s done a lot of great things for us. You see him on the practice field working hard. . . . From a production standpoint it hasn’t been necessarily where we thought it’d be, but he has converted first downs.”

Tannenbaum acknowledged he was upset that an anonymous teammate was quoted as calling Tebow “terrible.”

“I hated that,” Tannenbaum said. “I was disappointed to see it.”

The Jets are 3-6 and unlikely to make the playoffs, but Tannenbaum said he’s not worried about his own job.

“I’m not worried about me right now. I’m the last thing I’m worried about — I’m worried about this team and anything I can do to help,” Tannenbaum said. “I do feel like we’re going to turn it around.”

If they don’t turn it around, Tannenbaum probably won’t be the one to decide about the future of Tebow, Sanchez or anyone else on the Jets.

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  1. yeah, show me one GM who is going to say “yup, i screwed up, we never should have brought that guy in”

  2. It Tebow was Mr. T’s only probaly i would say his job would be safe. But his drafts have been average at best. Throw in those misses like Veron Gholston, Vladmir Duccause, and now Mark Sanchez. It spells disaster for the J-E-T-S!Tannenbaum came into the NFL as a lawyer, with a speciality of the salary cap. How he became the General Manager of NFL team in charge of personell is beyond me. Older Jet fans like myself saw this movie before. When you say Steve Gutman it could be Tannenbaum’s father..same backround same results. No wonder the Jets are in the situation going on 45 years without a Super Bowl.

  3. Mike Tannenbaum is the new Tim Ruskell. Both are/were GMs that inherited Super Bowl caliber teams and systematically dismantled them, filling the rosters with their own handpicked trash.

  4. Watching the circus from afar, the real problem might be poor personnel choices by the GM, but the problem also might be left at the “feet” of Rex Ryan.
    Many of you don’t remember his dad, Buddy, but Rex is a coaching clone of his old man.
    Buddy ran the Bears defense in what might be the greatest defensive squad ever assembled. When Buddy got to run his own show he assembled a pretty good team, but they consistently kept screwing up and never won the Super Bowl, even with Reggie White and company. Sound familiar?
    The Jets have talent, but when it consistently keeps falling apart you look at the GM, but more on point, the coaching staff.
    After another loss, I’d bench Sanchez and let Tebow start the rest of the way. What is there to lose? He’ll either be a hero again, or prove that he’s a goat.

  5. “..he’s done a lot of great things for us..”

    Translation: He sells jerseys and seats. He gets us talked about on national TV and games on prime time. Tebow is good for business.

  6. They gave too much player personel power to rex. Hes too impulsive for his own good. Tebow came into his house, destroyed his defense, and he fell in love. I’m not defending tannebaum, but rex is the one whi makes the player personel decision, tannenbaum makes them happen.

  7. “He’s done a lot of great things for us.”…like what, undermine your starting qb with his tebow first agenda?

  8. Does anyone think that Mike won’t have to update his resume in January? No chance he is back with the team, they are terrible, because of the talent on the roster.

  9. R+The decision to get Tebow makes no sense at all, given that they haven’t used him for much of anything at all, and his presence has brought as much turmoil as everyone expected it would.

    Lots of turmoil, zero production …… where’s the upside in this?

  10. barrywhererufrom you nailed it!
    Mike Tannenbaum was a salary cap specialist turned GM. He shoulders the majority of the blame for building a team, that has NO direction for the present or future. It is hard to believe that he still has his job.
    Until the Jets get a solid football man to run the organization, they will continue to be the laughingstock of the NFL. I like Rex but his dedication to Sanchez is ridiculous.
    Woody Johnson is a cheap ass looking only for financial gain and not about fielding a good team..Woody..take note from Robert Kraft.

  11. While the Tannenbaum quotes are accurate, and all the words are posted in the same order that they were spoken, what is missing on the printed page is the stuttering and stammering that interlaced these words. The guy was called out by the interviewer — and he had no coherent answer to the kinds of questions being asked. He resorted to the canned responses that a gum-shoe lawyer would have rehearsed in front of his mirror.

    Go find the replay of the interview on the FAN’s website…..see what I mean.

    Any talent evaluator that looked at Santonio Holmes and thought “$50 Million Bucks” has got a lot to learn about character.

  12. Tannenbaum is a cap guy, an accountant, he was never a player personnel guy. When they made him the GM, people laughed here in NY, he actually went on WFAN and had to defend his background and ability to evaluate players. As usual the Jets are a circus, which is about the only time they are entertaining.

  13. As someone who doesn’t like the Jets, this guy is the best thing. Meaning, he’s terrible.

    Tebow’s a bust in NY.
    Sanchez is a bust draft choice.
    Greene is a mediocre RB.
    The team’s offense relies almost entirely on Holmes, Mangold, and Keller.
    Their defense relies on Revis too much [averaging over 25 points allowed per game]. Their pass defense hasn’t suffered much, but it’s not elite anymore without Revis.

    This team needs to re-build almost nearly from scratch on offense. They have a decent foundation to build on defense, though.

  14. Dear Woody – Firing Mike from the GM role might be the outcome of this year’s campaign for the Jets, but who will want the job? If you change the GM that person must also be free to change coaches and also have the ability to decide whether Tebow also stays or goes. Then and only then will you build a path forward that will also likely not include Revis, who will be impossible to resign even off his injury. That nay be good for the Jets. I vote to rebuild – get back to basics, run the ball. Invest in the O-line, get a pair of good backs, get a true #1 wide out and a better tight end. Then fix the holes in the defensive secondary. This feels like a 2-3 year process. Why wait? Start the day the season ends. Please Woody. Consider this. Thanks!

  15. tebow is a novelty. like the wildcat offense. he is not a real nfl quarterback. the owner is going to have to step up. clean house. gm,,hc,,..get a competent gm and go thru the pain to rebuild the organization.

  16. barrywhererufrom, thanks for reminding us about Steve Gutman the man that questioned Belichick’s mental health twelve years ago. I forget who, but someone referred to Gutman as “a caddie to Leon Hess”. Great description. Gutman was a total sycophant and Tannenbaum fits that mold as well.

  17. i dont follow the team closely but it seems to me that trading for him isnt the issue but the way they are using or not using him is the real issue.. IDK but did they trade with the idea he was a full time qb or that he could be used in a multitude of ways. What did they give up? a 4th round pick? how many 4th rounders are having an impact on a part time basis? Where they have failed is being indecisive in how he is to be used..

    The biggest fail belongs to the broncos for trading up to get him and dumping him after two years.

  18. Tanny does not sound like a professional when he talks. He sounds like a 20 year old frat boy hanging with his “bros”. That’s cool when he is in fact hanging with his bros…but not in his public capacity in his job.

  19. “I still don’t know what the big deal about the anonymous teammate’s quote was, Tebow IS terrible.”

    He’s still better than Sanchez. If I’m calling any QB’s on that team terrible it’s Sanchez who litterally does NOTHING well.

    Atleast Tebow runs beast mode Mike Alstott style and gets the O-line fired up.

  20. This guy is the worst GM in the league. They have let talent go over the last three years and have done a horrible job of replacing it.

  21. T-Baum is an extension of his previous boss Terry Bradway who is still employed by the Jets. He was hired by Parcells and basically it seems like nothing changed besides titles when Bradway was demoted.

  22. packerbackernj says: Nov 17, 2012 7:39 AM

    They gave too much player personel power to rex. Hes too impulsive for his own good. Tebow came into his house, destroyed his defense, and he fell in love. I’m not defending tannebaum, but rex is the one whi makes the player personel decision, tannenbaum makes them happen.

    Seriously? Now blame Tim for the defense? You can’t even blame him for the offensive problems. How you gonna blame him for the D? What a moroon!

  23. And by the way, he only got the job because he is a Belichick guy. He started with Bill in Cleveland, and almost all those g uys who were with him on that staff are either GMs or high profile coaches in college or the NFL — whether deserved or not.

  24. He wasn’t very good in the personnel Dept. and a disaster as a GM. He’ll wind up back in lower level personnel job somewhere, but he’ll never be a GM again.

  25. Tebow’s contract is worth it in jersey sales. Anything he does as a player should be considered gravy.

    He’s an NFL player from the land of misfit toys. Not sure how he fits in, but you want to see it work somehow.

  26. tooz72 says: Nov 17, 2012 7:17 AM

    yeah, show me one GM who is going to say “yup, i screwed up, we never should have brought that guy in”

    Andy Reid isn’t GM but it has been stated he has final say on the roster, so he might as well be. If I re-call correctly didn’t he just cut a 2nd round pick a while back, and pretty bluntly say “yea, I shouldn’t have drafted the guy, I made mistake”.

  27. Wow I can’t believe that people would even say Tebow is the problem. You really want to know what the problem is because ill tell ya. It’s not starting Tim Tebow. Seriously the jets haven even gave him a chance. If they out him in I guarantee. Yup guarantee the win. It’s a game Tim is stuck in the god awful place.

  28. For those who do not live here, Woody Johnson (owner) is all about PSLs, jersey sales and media. It is the only reason Tebow was brought in here. They won’t explicitly state it, obviously (although Johnson has intimated it several times when asked by reporters). Tannenbaum is just a guy. Rex calls the personnel shots and he wanted nothing to do with Tebow. He’s said it. And that’s why Tebow doesn’t play.

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