Arians fumes over “cheap shots” to Luck


In the same game in which Colts quarterback Andrew Luck put his head into the leg of Jaguars safety Dawan Landry, Luck was subjected to a couple of illegal shots to the head, according to his interim head coach.

Bruce Arians tells ESPN’s Sal Paolantonio that Arians has had enough “cheap shots to the head” of Luck. And Arians wants to see players get sent to the showers for it.

“Even if Andrew slides, guys are coming for his head,” Arians told Paolantonio.  “That was a cheap shot by [Dawan] Landry.  He got a penalty.  But a penalty is not enough.  Landry should have been ejected from the game.  He is sliding, and it’s illegal to launch yourself at the quarterback’s head like that.  He should have been ejected.”

Arians hasn’t address the situation with Luck because Arians doesn’t want Luck to change his style of play.  (Apparently, Arians also thinks Luck doesn’t watch ESPN.)

Actually, Luck isn’t the target audience.  Arians apparently is trying to get the officials, who have a reputation for protecting guys like Tom Brady, to provide equivalent protection to Luck.

With Luck and Brady facing off later today, there’s no time like now for Arians to make a plea for more protection for Luck.

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  1. So if Luck going low on Landry after the INT would have blown out his knee should he have been ejected? Maybe Luck should play a whole season before we put him in the same class with Brady…

  2. This is getting ridiculous.

    Landry’s shot on luck at least as clean than Luck’s tackle on Landry. The quarterback loses their protection once they become a runner; ask Mike Vick or RG3 after his concussion(where he slid too). Landry led with the shoulder and hit him in the head with his elbow because of the way he slid.

  3. If someone took a shot on Luck’s knee, like he took on Landry, Colts fans would be screaming for their head!!!!

  4. A big part of protecting the quarterback is the quarterback himself and his offensive line. Brady stays within the pocket, dodging rushers in a defined area. Luck covers much more area. When quarterbacks make themselves running backs they open themselves up to being hit.

    The fine art of playing quarterback rewards a quick release, being conservative with the ball (limiting interceptions and fumbles), limiting loss of yardage (sacks)and low probability plays (third and long), and being able to read defenses. Luck is doing quite well but he is not Brady or Manning quite yet.

  5. I’m all for player safety, but if mobile QB regularly runs out of the pocket, he shouldn’t be surprised that he’s going to get hit.

    Luck, RG3, etc. need to understand that when they play like a running back, they’re going to get hit like a running back.

    The trend in football is to make it more and more difficult to play defense in the name of “player safety,” and I don’t enjoy that at all.

    Arians doesn’t want Luck to take hits?
    Tell Luck to do what Peyton Manning does – stay in the pocket and make a quick throw before the pressure arrives. A QB in the pocket can’t be hit above the shoulder, below the knees, or more than a split second after they throw the ball – meaning he’s the most “protected” player on the field.

    Peyton Manning has never been a QB who made plays with his legs…yet he’s done pretty well in his career (to put it mildly).

  6. I agree with Grogan: coaches and players have taken to appealing to upcoming officials way too often lately.

    I wonder if the NFL has ever considered penalizing this off-field claptrap on the field. That is: if a team engages in this sort of whining and attempted ref-influence during the week, throw a flag at the beginning of the game and penalize those whiners fifteen yards. Then, if the other team wins the toss, that coach could opt to receive a kickoff from the 20 instead of the 35.

    On the one hand, that’s just about the dumbest damn thing I’ve ever thought of. On the other hand, it would work.

  7. You can’t talk in the same game about your QB trying to take defenders head off like he’s some monster. Have that QB go at the knees of Landry and than call out Landry for being dirty for tackling a scrambling QB. Anybody miss the old NFL? I’m not talking the head hunting of the 80’s but just the physical no complaining about big hits because they are a part of the game 1990’s-2000’s?

  8. Luck and a lot of other QBs who seem to take more shots hold on to the ball too long or don’t seem to have pocket awareness.

    It’s not a cheap shot if they nearly have the ball in hand

  9. With Luck and Brady facing off later today, there’s no time like now for Arians to make a plea for more protection for Luck.
    You nailed the reason right there!

  10. This kid has been getting more calls than Brady,Rodgers,Manning, Brees.

    Half of them shouldn’t have even been flagged…

  11. Did Bill Polian return to the Colts? I thought the practice of influencing the refs (and changing the rules) left Indianapolis when Polian did.

    I always find it amusing when people claim Brady gets “all the calls” because the numbers don’t support their argument. Brady has such good pocket awareness and such a quick release in addition to a strong offensive line that it’s very difficult to even land a single hit on him. Unless you’re the Giants that is.

  12. Anyone notice that running backs get hit in the head every time they run up the middle? Or that linemen hit heads on every play?

    Where’s the outrage there? Makes me wonder if the NFL is covering this up because they know they can’t do a thing about it without fundamentally altering the game.

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