Cowboys win after confusing, but correct, replay sequence


It took nearly an extra nine minutes, but the Cowboys got it done in overtime.

A 38-yard field goal from Dan Bailey lifted the Cowboys to a 23-20 win with 6:07 to play, capping a seven-play, 28-yard drive.

An exchange of punts converted the game to sudden death, and gave the Cowboys the ball on the Cleveland 48.  Three plays later, a pass to Cowboys receiver Miles Austin looked like a catch and a fumble, recovered by the Browns.  The ruling on the field was incomplete pass, and the replay assistant inexplicably didn’t buzz down for a replay review.

But even if the play had been reviewed, it couldn’t have been changed to a catch and a fumble recovered by the Browns.  Instead, it only could have been converted to a catch.

And so the Cowboys continued to move down the field, getting the winning field goal and moving to 5-5.

They’ll face the 4-6 Redskins on Thanksgiving, in yet another potential elimination game.

30 responses to “Cowboys win after confusing, but correct, replay sequence

  1. Enjoy this fleeting moment Dallas. A real quarterback and football team is coming to town called Robert Griffin and the Washington Redskins. RGIII to Moss the unstoppable toss and Alfred Morris are going to carve up the 11 Turkeys on the Cowboys defense. The Redskins are going to the playoffs and Dallas is just another team the Redskins will throttle on their path to the Playoffs.

  2. the Cowboys were the beneficiaries of several dubious calls in the 4th qtr and OT. No flag on a false start everyone in America but the side judge clearly saw, then a pass interference where the WR did more interfering than the CB, then they were able to get into position to tie it, and don’t even start with the OT call- he caught the ball and took three steps before dropping the ball while still standing-anywhere else, that’s a fumble………I hope the refs call a better game on Thursday!!

  3. Actually, the game was over with six seconds to go in regulation when Romo should have been called for intentional grounding. He was in the pocket, the ball was not close to the LOS and no receiver was even remotely in the area. It is irrelevant that the ball slipped out of his hand. Should have been IG and a ten second runoff thus ending the game before they could tie it.

    If the NFL admits the officials errored, they should change the outcome because the game was over at that point.

  4. Despite what Dan Dierdorff said, and he is usually correct, that looked like a catch and fumble. Austin made a backhanded catch of the ball and was then seeming to put it in just his right hand. But, it looked like a catch to me.

    Some of the Browns’ receivers routes were horrible, so they deserved to lose anyway.

  5. Seriously though. Anyone who complains about their teams, no matter how valid your complaints might be, Browns fans have it worse than us. Dolphins, Chiefs, Bills, Raider fans; we all should count our blessings.

  6. Ugly win, sure. But like the Giants a few years ago winning ugly and with a very favorable schedule the Cowboys could build off this and roll.
    Drunk? Me no. Listen we are down to our THIRD starting center ( who isnt even a center) and won.
    We still havent had our number one running back play for over a month. And our oline is makeshift at BEST. YES a makeshift oline BEAT an NFL team.
    Im not saying we will role and gain momentum. But we COULD. We won with no STARTING running back, NO starting left tackle, No starting safety, NO starting center, and and a banged up Dware.

    Jasons job on the line? WHAT? We can only play with who is healthy. and at ALOT of positions we are winning with second and third stringers.
    Jason is doing just fine.
    Listen EVERY NFL team plays us like it is the super bowl. Expect tough games from all teams!
    We are Americas Team!
    Jason is building a DYNASTY. Just look at the talent he has drafted.
    Next year shore up the oline, and dilne. Games are won in the trenches. Cowboys = Bright Future!

    PS JERRY, this isnt madden! Leave Jason ALONE and quit making coaching carousels to confuse our players by installing new coaches and schemes and systems!

  7. It doesn’t matter how many steps you take if you don’t have possession. A player can take 25 steps and if he’s still bobbling the ball, it’s not a catch!! I thought that was a no-brainer!!

  8. It was just against the Browns. 23-20 isn’t saying much. They’ve got a long way to go if they ever expect to be Americas Team.

  9. Wow calm down their cowboy, it was the browns, and you were losing most of the game. Congrats on the win, but you haven’t been America’s teas ever. It was and is a phrase anointed by the media. Dallas is like ND, year in and year out we have to hear how amazing you are, and every 25 years or so you actually have a decent season. Looks like this year that season belongs to ND.

  10. I know the Browns are not very good, however, the Cowboys are not very good also and get the benefit of the doubt on many call just cuz hey are the so called Americas Team… Bullcrap. Not an excuse for the Browns losing but he officials were not any better the he replacements…. Come on man!!!

  11. Replays won’t make any difference if they play like this against the Redskins.

    Translation: Dallas picked up a didn’t lose today, not a win. And RGIII might pose bigger problems than Weeden.

    See you Thursday, Jerrah.

  12. That was the worst officiated game I can remember in a few seasons. Absolute garbage. Play clocks out for a series…countless “illegal contact” penalties…missed false starts…phantom roughing qb penalties…garbage garbage garbage…all…day…long.

  13. wttoolman…nice attempt at humor, but pretty sure it was a fail on your part, my friend.

    Just attaching a Coors Light press conference snippit to your post doesn’t make you funny…it simply makes it look as though you are trying too hard to make others think you are “hip”.

    All that being said…the Browns going into the prevent defense/offense for most of the 2nd half caused this loss. If you watch the good teams, they don’t care if they have the lead, they stick to their guns and try to step on the opponent while they are down…the Browns are constantly playing not to lose rather than trying to win.

    Here, wttoolman…let me try

    PLAYOFFS??? You’re talking about PLAYOFFS???

    Anyone laughing???

  14. And another thing…that game was on CBS in my area…isn’t that the AFC affiliate? Gumble and Dierdorf were WAAAAAAY to biased towards the Cowboys…that was obnoxious…almost made me glad that I had the runs towards the end of the game so I didn’t have to listen to them toot the Cowboys horns!

  15. Sure, the second winningest team in the NFL just has a decent season every 25 years or so. Sure. When your team puts together 20 straight winning seasons and wins 8 conference championships and 5 Super Bowl championships, let everybody know.

    Can’t believe all the crying. These are the refs you wanted. Own it.

  16. browniebuck, dierdorf and gumble were probably just excited to be able to call a game that had an NFC team in it.

  17. tmb333 says: Nov 18, 2012 5:36 PM

    Actually, the game was over with six seconds to go in regulation when Romo should have been called for intentional grounding. He was in the pocket, the ball was not close to the LOS and no receiver was even remotely in the area. It is irrelevant that the ball slipped out of his hand. Should have been IG and a ten second runoff thus ending the game before they could tie it.

    If the NFL admits the officials errored, they should change the outcome because the game was over at that point.

    I believe for it to be ‘intentional grounding’ the QB has to be in danger of being sacked. On this play there was no pressure on Romo at all. You can’t call IG for a bad pass.

  18. brownoholic says: Nov 18, 2012 7:00 PM

    Not saying my Browns aren’t a joke, but the officiating in that game was at replacement-ref level….


    Not really, what was ‘replacement level’ was the Browns secondary in the 2nd half. If they hadn’t held or interfered Dallas would have scored 3-4 passing TDs, it was THAT bad.

  19. @tmb333

    In fact, the IG rule states

    “Intentional grounding will be called when a passer, facing an imminent loss of yardage due to pressure from the defense, throws a forward pass without a realistic chance of completion. ”

    Note that the passer must be facing “imminent loss of yardage due to pressure from the defense”. There wasn’t a defensive player within 5 yards of Romo, ergo, there was NO IG.

  20. I expect Kansas City to get their second win two weeks from today when they play the Browns who will live up to their reputations by finding a way to lose.
    Looking forward to the NFL draft in March 2013.

  21. I feel the competition committee needs to take a look at this because if it had been ruled complete and a fumbled then it could be reviewed. Since it was called incomplete then it can only be reviewed as a catch and not a catch and fumble. This is ridiculous because if it’s called one way then it can be reviewed but if it’s called the opposite way then it can’t be reviewed.

    This call could have gone either way live and in replay so both situations need to be reviewable.

  22. Anyone who thinks that was actually a catch and a fumble either has no concept of the rule, has a hatred for the Cowboys, or is just blind. The ball was CLEARLY still moving as the defender hit him to knock it loose. Was he taking 2 steps? Yes, but it doesn’t matter until the ball is tucked away which is what he was in the process of doing when it was jarred loose.

    Don’t see any of you bringing up the awful ‘horse collar’ that put the browns in position for the go ahead score.

    Or even worse, the TD they took away from Dez Bryant by blowing the play dead when not one defender on the Browns EVER at any point had their arms around him

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