Curiosity has helped Dez improve


As the saying goes, curiosity killed the cat.  For Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant, curiosity is making that cat play a little prettier on the field.

Via Calvin Watkins of, Bryant recently explained to reporters that he’s asking more questions in meetings, and that he believes it’s helping him become a better player.

I’m playing free,” Bryant said.  “I feel like I’ve put a little bit extra time [in] to feel free and be more comfortable in the offense and asking questions instead of keeping my mouth closed.  I felt like that’s helped me out a lot.”

In the past three games, Bryant has nine receptions for 212 yards and a touchdown.  Though that’s not exactly the level the Cowboys envisioned when making him a first-round pick in 2010, it’s giving him a shot at his first 1,000-yard season.

Which could give him a shot at sticking around over the long haul in Dallas.

The better news for Bryant and the Cowboys is that the willingness to ask questions is a sign of maturity.  If Bryant otherwise is maturing, he could be getting closer to finally fulfilling his unlimited potential.

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  1. Funny thing is everyone talks about how he isn’t fulfilling his potential. Dudes numbers aren’t exactly horrible or bust level. He was technically a project he didn’t play a ton in college had injury problems and John kitna throwing him the ball in year one and had no offseason in year two now year three he’ll get double digit td’s and 100 yards. Did anyone see the potential game winning catch against the giants. He is here to stay in Dallas

  2. Dez is not the issue in Dallas, the hierarchy is. The country club atmosphere that Jimmy refers to, but that Jerry denies, is quite prevalent in the locker room.

    I believe that overall, Big Red is a good, potentially great coach that is handcuffed by the GM’s pressing need to be well liked. If Garrett were to keep the discipline level to where he wanted it, Dez wouldn’t half step in practice, let alone games.

    Discipline is what this team needs! Well…and an O-Line. An O-line and a run stuffer in the middle. A pass rusher. You get my drift.

  3. I love people that come in here that get all their info from sportscenter and A bunch of sheep that eat up what they tell you. Classic cases are gymyt and jgrange08.. Morons that only comment because ts a cowboys story. They say they hat Dallas but just cant help but talk about them.

  4. Well, Holmgren and Peyton will have a cat fight over the Dallas HC gig. Maybe one of them can take him to the next level.

  5. Bryant will always be somewhat limited and will never live up to the potential of his athletic talents due to the fact that he’s a complete and total bird brain.

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