Eagles players see writing on the wall for Andy Reid

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The Eagles got blown out of the building by the Redskins on Sunday, a result that was bad news for coach Andy Reid.

It’s now six straight losses for the Eagles and the margin of defeat keeps getting bigger. Owner Jeffrey Lurie made it clear that the team had to show substantial improvement for Reid to stick around beyond this year and a 3-7 record shows nothing positive on that front. Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer spoke to one Eagles defender who asked to remain anonymous while saying that he thought this was the final nail in the coffin for Reid in Philly.

“I know it. I know it,” the player said. “And the only reason I’m here is because of Andy. Some vets have been talking about how the next [coach] may want his own guy.”

McLane reports two other Eagles shared that assessment and that all the Eagles he spoke to “remained fiercely loyal” to the head coach. That loyalty did not manifest itself on the field in terms of performance in Sunday’s 31-6 loss. The Eagles were barely in the game and it wouldn’t have made much difference if they hadn’t bothered showing up at all in the second half.

Lurie didn’t talk to the media after the game and has said in the past that he wouldn’t address Reid’s job until after the season. McLane points out that Lurie has never fired a coach in the middle of a season in the past, but one can see this situation reaching a point where it is better just to cut the cord now instead of having everyone waiting for the inevitable to happen.

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  1. Let him take a LOA for personal reasons, which he should have done earlier.

    Reach an accomodation privately and l et him resign after the season,with dignity.

  2. There are few things in sports worse than underachieving.

    thesmedman, the problem is nobody with dignity to start the season would have any left by the end of THIS season to make that worth it.

  3. Lurie won’t fire him because Lurie lacks courage to make a move.
    No action from an owner is as bad as over-reaction. Reid should have been fired 2 years ago, then last year, and now this.
    Only thing Lurie cares about is counting the checks that roll in from the tv networks while the true football fans in Philly suffer thru this garbage.
    as an eagles fan, until they fire this entire staff, i hope they lose every game and people stop going and stop buying merchandise etc.

  4. He said that Lurie hasn’t fired a coach in the season. Lurie hasn’t fired a coach period. Reid is all he knows. Lurie bought the team when he was 47, he is 63 now. 1/3 of his life has been tied to Reid. Time to cut that cord

  5. He needs to take a year or two off and recover emotionally (and likely, physically). Wish him the best.

  6. “McLane points out that Lurie has never fired a coach in the middle of a season in the past

    He’s only had 2 other coaches (Kotite for a year and Ray Rhodes)…..not exactly a large body of work to base that opinion on.

  7. Reid lost this team a few games a go. I don’t agree with firing a coach in the middle of the year but at seasons end Reid should be fired along with everyone on that coaching staff. I know there are injuries across that offensive line but teams everywhere have injuries to key players yet those teams find ways to win. Injuries are not an excuse and Reid’s time is up. Thanks for 14 years but time for a change

  8. Rookie qb making his first start, he had him throw ~15 times in the first QUARTER. I have no horse in this race but their best player is and has been mccoy. FEED HIM THE BALL

  9. Dear klink6224,

    Please, in the future, refrain from commenting unless you have actual facts to offer. Lurie fired Rich Kotite, hired Ray Rhodes, fired him, hired Reid. Thank you.

  10. Hey Coach Reid: I wish you all the best no matter what happens. As a Giants fan you have always been a thorn in our side. You are one of the best coaches in the league and if they do let you go I know that you will land on your feet. My best wishes to you and your family.

  11. As a proud member of BucNation, i HATE EagleFan with all that is in me. No other fan base deserves this more. Choke on that PhillyFan….a city of underachievers still without a SuperBowl after all these years.

  12. Wait until the end of the season and let him resign with dignity. It would be the right thing to do.

    Just because you wear green and white doesn’t mean you have to be like the circus that is the Jets.

  13. I could never understand Reid, being a former o-lineman, not running the ball more….

    Like someone said, Foles’ first NFL game, totally under-prepared, and Reid has him throwing 15 times in the first quarter!!!!!!! While McCoy barely runs it, before getting hurt.

    Anyhow, in all organizations, leaders must change from time to time, because they get stale after a while, even the good ones. Reid had a good run in Philly, but it’s clearly time for new leadership.

  14. Hey Philly fans….you know what this is?


    Karma for cheering when Michael Irvin got hurt

    Karma for booing Santa Claus

    Nobody boos Santa Claus


  15. They should put Andy out of his misery because this team is going no where, and he really should have probably resigned after his son died. The real culprit in where this team has ultimately come to be this bad mess is Roseman who put together such a flawed roster, and Reid’s inability to ever replace Jim Johnson after his death. Replacing Reid won’t fix the Eagles, and Roseman’s apparent continued employment and possible greater influence after Reid goes will only lead to more losing.

    All things come to an end, and Reid is a good coach who will land on his feet somewhere soon.

  16. i am not an eagle fan but live in the area,and i hear a lot of talk about andy reid jibber jabber.So i am gonna put my 2 cents in,what eagles ownership should do is clean house and start over.this team needs to rebuild with a new qb either thru FA or draft or both.Hire a better OC because the one they have sux,get rid of vick because he is not a leader or a winner.The only real good player they have is McCoy and he is not used to his advantage.I wish andy reid the best wherever he is next year.

  17. “And the only reason I’m here is because of Andy. Some vets have been talking about how the next [coach] may want his own guy.”

    Is it me or does that sound like Vick?

  18. Some of these posts herein mention dignity, loyalty, LOA, etc…, and I respect their opinions; however, the bottom line is that the Eagles are awful and have been very predictable for years. This is reflective on Reid and the buck ultimately stops with him alone. This only thing that kept him employed this long was Jim Johnson. When he passed in 2009, Reid’s security blanket went with it. If Reid stays on past this week, he should (1) count his blessings and (2) concentrate on preparing Foles for next year. PLEASE let there be an external hire! Bye Reid…

  19. Hate~ says:
    Nov 18, 2012 9:34 PM
    As a proud member of BucNation, i HATE EagleFan with all that is in me. No other fan base deserves this more. Choke on that PhillyFan….a city of underachievers still without a SuperBowl after all these years.
    I hope not all Bucs fans are like you. I cheered for your team to beat the Raiders a decade ago.

    Philly is a great city with historical significance, avid fans, pro teams at every level and hot women.

    Good luck, Philly from Baltimore.

  20. As a skins fan, I won’t be too sad to see him go. I really feel terribly for his family and coach Reid.

    There were lots of curious moves in this game. Why are you running the ball with your beat player down, 18 points with 2 minutes to go? Do you hate the running game that much Andy? Your defense looks uninspired and the whole team looks lost.

    I hope a break from football will give Reid some perspective and maybe he can come back to coaching one day.

  21. Many players quit on Reid the year he needed them the most. Especially the mercenary types like Babin, and Nnamdi.

  22. I can’t wait until Reid is fired, and goes on to dominate in another town. Watch Philly become bottom feeders without him.
    Given all the injuries, and a Rookie starting, nobody can blame him for the state of the team! Media has a nerve with all the “firing” Andy campaigns, it is not a forgone conclusion he gets canned. U people make me sick! Philly is a dirty city, with ghetto fans in for a reality check

  23. Reid may deserve some respect for his career in Philly but as a cowboys fan it’s sweeet to see the eagles at the bottom of NFC east. No tears are shed round here lol.

  24. WOW…what ever happened to the NFC EAST ? Not one good team in the whole division…as an Eagles fan, this makes me feel even worse because the division is there to be taken. The winner of our division is just going to be the team that sucks the least.

  25. wow, Philly fan must be feeling pretty bad this morning.. I won’t waste time teasing you about yesterday instead i”ll just offer this.. if Reid decides to remain in coaching next year after the ax falls here is my prediction on the head coaching shuffle.. Reid to Cleveland, Holmgren to San Diego, Norv back to Dallas, Garret back to his room in mom’s basement and the coach from Oregon to Philly Romeo gets one more year in K.C.

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