Ex-Jet Kris Jenkins backtracks about wanting to see Sanchez hurt

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Kris Jenkins and Mark Sanchez were teammates for two seasons with the Jets. But after seeing Sanchez struggle in last week’s loss to the Seahawks, Jenkins was so disgusted that he said he’d like to see Sanchez suffer an injury.

“There is a point where I wished some defensive end would have knocked him out of a game so they wouldn’t have had a choice but to put somebody else in,” Jenkins said on SNY’s Jets postgame show, via the New York Daily News.

However, with a few days to think about it, Jenkins reconsidered. On Thursday, Jenkins still said he thinks Sanchez should be taken off the field, but he said he doesn’t want it to happen because Sanchez is seriously injured.

“As a former player, we know among players there’s a difference between hurting a guy, inflicting pain or injuring them. I would not like to see any harm come over Sanchez in an injury capacity,” Jenkins said. “However, right now his performance is terrible. I don’t feel like talking about him.”

As a former player who has said playing in the NFL is hell and fans have no clue about how physically painful it is, Jenkins is the last person who should be making light of a player getting injured. But as an analyst, Jenkins is right about one thing: Sanchez’s performance is terrible.

15 responses to “Ex-Jet Kris Jenkins backtracks about wanting to see Sanchez hurt

  1. So no running back, lack of WR’s, bad OL isn’t the reason why the offenses is bad? Jets AND their analyst are horrible!!!

  2. fdugrad says:
    Nov 18, 2012 7:50 AM
    Why in God’s name would ANYONE say something like this?

    Because he actually told the truth. Probably half the defense was thinking the same thing. Not that it’s right, but honesty like that is hard to find.

  3. He said it because many people are thinking the same thing. It appears the only way Dirty Sanchez is going to sit is if he gets hurt.

    What continues to amaze me is the fact that Atlanta Falcons have a great team and they get no attention. New York Jets are a circus act and get far too much attention. Albeit negative attention.

  4. This is what I’m talking about – see comments on Woody’s meeting.
    “What we have here is a failure to communicate” and good execution in all aspects of an organisation takes a high level of communication.
    When you hear stuff like this you know it works only toward the breakdown of effective interaction (communication). Tell a QB (leader) that he is not any good and you have already created the reality. Bringing in another QB like Mr. Tebow is not going to work because he “can’t start because he’s terrible”.
    If I was a coach and any of my player’s made these kinds of remarks publicly or privately they would be playing somewhere else.

  5. If you are the opposing defense, you never want to see Sanchez get hurt. It could jeopardize an easy win.

  6. As a Ram’s fan the tell tale sign of how bad this Jets team is the fact we are actually favored to win! I don’t think we have been favored since Martz was head coach

  7. Whoa I played defensive line in college at Princeton 14 years ago and I’m currently a lawyer, but I guess I’m a dumb one since I didn’t play offensive line. It’s a lot more fun their is no feeling in the world like making a sack or a tackle for a loss it’s exhilarating

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