Glat’s presence at meeting could be bad news for Tannenbaum

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When Jets owner Woody Johnson hired Neil Glat to serve as team president in April 2012, it wasn’t clear whether G.M. Mike Tannenbaum should worry.

It’s now clear that Tannenbaum should worry.

Of course, Tannenbaum publicly has said he’s not worried about his job.  Privately, it would be reasonable to wonder what may happen when the season ends.

It’s reasonable because Glat’s presence at the meeting called by owner Woody Johnson with Tannenbaum, coach Rex Ryan, and the team’s three coordinators suggests that Glat will be involved in more than the business side of the business, and that Glat has Johnson’s ear.  And there’s no one more dangerous to anyone in the football operation than a non-football person who is in position to influence the owner.

Previously, there had been no buffer between Tannenbaum and Johnson, putting Tannenbaum in prime position to become Johnson’s primary football adviser and confidant.  That dynamic may have saved Tannenbaum after a free fall in 2008, when 8-3 resulted in a 1-4 finish and no postseason appearance.  During the decline, Johnson said Tannenbaum and former coach Eric Mangini would be back the following season.  And the day after the season ended, Mangini was fired.

Tannenbaum still reports directly to Johnson, not to Glat.  But the fact that Glat can’t fire Tannenbaum doesn’t mean Glat can’t try to get Tannenbaum fired, either by finding ways to suggest to Johnson that the team’s best interests could be served by cleaning house or by offering an honest answer to a simple question from Johnson:  “What should I do, Neil?”

That’s the problem for Tannenbaum.  Before Glat arrived, the question was, “What should I do, Mike?”

And with everyone presumably running for cover regarding the failed Tim Tebow trade and with Johnson saying he didn’t order it, Glat is the only guy at the top of the overpriced stadium food chain who can truly say, “It was like that when I got here.”

11 responses to “Glat’s presence at meeting could be bad news for Tannenbaum

  1. Day 335 of “As the Jets Turn” finds Glat the cabana boy massaging down Woody by the pool when all of a sudden the wife Mike arrives shocked to see such a sight…

    different day, same drama with the Jets.

    please keep these guys around longer woody so we can continue to see the Jets fail.

  2. Just great. Instead of getting some competent football mind involved in the decision-making process, which could only help, Woody adds a non-football person to the mix. That seems like a “great” move. Well, this off season we’ll find out just how badly, or not, Woody wants to put a winning team on the field.

  3. His entire tenure there has been chaos at best. How many players have complained about promises being broken by the GM? How much talent has left that team, year after year after year after year.
    Tannenbaum & Ireland are HORRIBLE talent evaluaters as far as I can tell.

  4. “It was like that when I got here”………..said Bronco Bama. So he and Glat have something in common.

    Problem is that it’s still “like that”………

  5. The Jests seem bound to fail.

    How long since the last Super Bowl? 1970?

    Sounds to me as if the whole organization is corrupt.

  6. Not a Jets’ fan, but, seems Tannebaum put together enough talent to get them to two straight AFC championship games. Also seems Tebow was a Woody call. Starting over with new GM puts them that much further from winning, not closer. Giants stay the course, Jets add more acts under the Big Tent.

  7. ampats says:
    Nov 18, 2012 9:36 AM
    cometkazie says,

    How long since the last Super Bowl? 1970?

    Actually it was January 12, 1969

    I shoulda known better.

    Thanks. 🙂

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