Gun charges dropped against Rolando McClain

Getty Images

Earlier this year, Raiders linebacker Rolando McClain was convicted on charges stemming from the allegation that McClain pointed a gun at the man and then fired it next to his head.

Sentenced to 180 days in prison, McClain appealed to the next level, which under Alabama law meant that the process began from scratch.

Now, the charges have been dropped.

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, a judge in Alabama has dismissed the case because the alleged victim has opted not to proceed.

It’s unclear why the alleged victim has opted not to proceed, but it’s reasonable to wonder whether a confidential settlement of all civil claims has been reached between McClain and the alleged victim.  Under this scenario, the alleged victim receives a cash payment, and the alleged victim agrees to withdraw all charges.

Likewise, it’s not reasonable to assume McClain is out of trouble with the league office.  Though McClain doesn’t have a history of personal-conduct policy violations, the league takes gun issues seriously (as evidenced by the fact that the league fines players who pretend to fire guns after scoring touchdowns).  Like the league did in the Ben Roethlisberger case, the NFL could choose to do its own investigation and impose its own punishment, regardless of whether the charges have been dropped.

Indeed, there was enough evidence to secure a first-level conviction of McClain in court.  All the NFL needs to is read the transcript of sworn testimony and come to a conclusion as to whether McClain should be fined or suspended.