Latest Eagles disaster includes LeSean McCoy injury

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The Eagles tried to get out of the first half without doing any more damage and they wound up handing over three points after a LeSean McCoy fumble.

They were just trying to play out the string in a 31-6 loss to the Redskins when McCoy got damaged. McCoy took a hard hit from Redskins safety Madieu Williams with less than two minutes to go in the game and had to be carted off the field. McCoy looked dazed and will be evaluated for a concussion. Coach Andy Reid will surely hear questions about McCoy being on the field at that point in the proceedings.

There was no shortage of insult for the Eagles before the injury.

Nick Foles was 21-of-47 for 204 yards with a pair of interceptions. Neither one was an egregious error — one was a flat out drop by Brent Celek — and Foles did make some nice plays over the course of his first NFL start. It was his first NFL start, though, and he played like it, especially when feeling pressure that wound up leading to four sacks and several other hits. Foles fumbled three times in the process, but the Eagles were able to recover all of them.

If they hadn’t the score would have been even more lopsided. The defense was gashed for three touchdown passes and Robert Griffin III scrambled through them for 84 yards on the ground while completing 14-of-15 passes. Opposing quarterbacks are now 76-for-97 for 901 yards and 11 touchdowns since Todd Bowles took over as defensive coordinator.

In the end, it’s another day that makes you think Reid, Bowles and a lot of other people in Eagles gear on Sunday are headed elsewhere when this year comes to an end.

UPDATE 4:44 p.m. ET: Reid confirmed McCoy has suffered a concussion.

12 responses to “Latest Eagles disaster includes LeSean McCoy injury

  1. Why I sure as heck don’t feel sorry for Andy. He has officially over stayed his welcome. Wouldn’t be surprised if Andy is let go during the season.

  2. So much for Vick being the problem. Let’s just face the fact that this team isn’t that good.

  3. The Eagles look like they quit on Reid. Celek looked like he was playing for the other team in the first half. Foles actually had a decent day for his first full game.

    Great game by the skins. Philly seems headed, deservedly so, to the basement of the NFC East.

  4. Goodbye Andy Reid. Your lack of control and poor coaching has once again for a 14th time let the eagles fan base down. It’s not the players don’t be foolish. They spent money on good players but the coaching was horrible.juan Castillo was the only bright. Spot of this coaching scheme.

  5. Philly fans were screaming for Castillo to be gone and then the defense got worse once he was let go. They were screaming for Foles to start instead of Vick and they got completely blown out. Now they are calling for Reid to get fired. If he gets fired I wonder what will happen? The Eagles are not good this year, but the “fans” are worse.

  6. Can someone explain why Philly fans are the problem? We dont coach the team, dont sign players, dont draft, and yet you morons yell about Philly fans being at fault. We just watch the games. Thats it. Reid isnt our decision, its Luries. McCoy playing in a blowout with 2 minutes to go then gets a concussion isnt the fans fault, Having a rookie throw nonstop isnt the fans fault, not having a legit wide receiver for McNabb isnt the fans fault, letting Trotter go and inserting a 1200 POUND Levon Kirkland isnt our fault, having one fluky playoff run in 2008 and none since 2004 isnt our fault, i repeat 2004 because people havent noticed, starting a season with no punt returner in 2007 isnt our fault, no fullback? no problem not our fault, drafting a 26 year old offensive guard in the first round knowing he has chronic ankle issues isnt our fault, letting DAWKINS GO and not having a replacement plan over a mere 1 million isnt our fault, it goes on and on. But ya know what? Having to buy tickets to this crap is our fault.

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