Panthers turn disputed call into 14-point swing

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The Buccaneers had driven for what would have been a crushing touchdown drive.

But after Doug Martin fumbled into the end zone for a touchback, the Panthers drove 80 yards in seven plays, with Cam Newton hitting Brandon LaFell on a 29-yard touchdown pass to take a 21-10 lead over the Bucs in the fourth quarter.

Whether Martin had crossed the plane with the ball before it came out was worth another look, but the best angle they had on television was obscured by the line judge. Without enough evidence to overturn the ruling on the field of a fumble, the Panthers caught a break they needed badly.

Both defenses have played well, or both quarterbacks poorly, and it’s hard to imagine anyone scoring twice in a hurry.

3 responses to “Panthers turn disputed call into 14-point swing

  1. Ron Rivera is the worst coach in the history of sports. Never has one man found a way to lose so many winnable games.

  2. houseofbacon says: Nov 18, 2012 4:02 PM

    That was one of those scenarios where either call would have stood, unfortunately the wrong one was initially made.


    I agree the wrong call was initially made. I disagree it shouldn’t have been overturned. The thing to remember is the endzone begins at the START of the white stripe, not the end of it. All the ball has to do is break the front. Watching the replay, not only to I think it’s clear he broke the plane (which is all you have to do), but it also seemed that he didn’t lose control until the ball had crossed the ENTIRE stripe. Keeping in mind all it has to do is touch the front, it was clear to me, it was a TD. The NFLN guys agree with me.

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