Plenty of quarterbacks could be available in the offseason


As we get closer to the end of the regular season, and the coaching changes that inevitably will come with it, the fact that every coach wants his own quarterback could cause plenty of quarterbacks to be available via free agency or trade.

It’s already a given that the Eagles will part ways with Mike Vick shortly after the Super Bowl, in order to avoid having $3 million of his $15.5 million base salary in 2013 becoming guaranteed.

In Charlotte, as previously mentioned, a new G.M./coaching staff could ponder the possibility of trading Cam Newton (it’s not likely, but it’s possible).  Likewise, the Jets (with or without Rex Ryan as the head coach) could trade or cut Tim Tebow or, possibly but not likely, Mark Sanchez.

In Buffalo, the search is on for a franchise quarterback.  Which means that the current quarterback, Ryan Fitzpatrick, will likely be dumped before he earns another $3 million in March.

The Cardinals could be cleaning house at the quarterback position, with Kevin Kolb and/or John Skelton available.  Ditto for the Chiefs, who seem destined to declare defeat with Matt Cassel.

The success of some of the quarterbacks could also put their backups in play, from Matt Flynn in Seattle to Matt Hasselbeck in Tennessee to Matt Moore in Miami, whose contract expires after this year.

And if the Ravens decide to play chicken with Joe Flacco, opting not to use the franchise tag in the hopes that he won’t get a better offer elsewhere, Flacco could be available if someone wants to outbid Baltimore.

Finally, if Jason Campbell does well in his stint as the starter in Chicago, he could find a suitor for a potential starting job on the open market.

So maybe teams won’t have to reach for rookie quarterbacks in the draft.  They can reach instead via free agency or trade.

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  1. The media needs to just give up on the Cam Newton speculation. Cam Newton will be the Panthers’ QB.

  2. Tebow’s the most divisive player in the league and just put up NEGATIVE 6 yards of total offense today. Plus he’s getting paid like a first round pick. Do you really think there’s a market for that guy?

  3. But how many of those can you see as a true franchise quarterback? I’d say Cam, but he still needs work. Perhaps Matt Flynn, but one could only say that because he has such little experience and any conclusions by a fan are mere guesses.

    And who is to say that this draft class is weak? If there was a redo of the 2012 draft, where would Russell Wilson fall?

  4. Definitely lots of QBs, a fresh new draft class and right now there are 14 teams that only have 2 QBs, and several teams have a 3rd QB who is arguably worth a roster spot. HUGE number of openings and lots of decent QBs will be on the street next year more than there has ever been in any previous year imo.

  5. No team in their right mind is going to trade a QB that passed for 4,000 yards as a rookie. Come on now…

  6. Why would the Panthers trade away Newton? They used the #1 overall pick on him to be the franchise QB. You don’t trade away a franchise QB. You can’t win without a franchise QB.

    Yes he has work to do, but there’s so much talent there. Way too much to give up. With good coaching, he’ll be able to play really well again.

  7. I’m not really a fan of Flacco but that’s one game of chicken the Ravens will lose. Someone will pay him a lot of money if he hits the open market.

  8. There are a ton of mediocre QBs. Swapping teams may help a couple guys but most will remain mediocre regardless of where they wind up

  9. You forgot Philip Rivers. He can be great, but I haven’t seen the consistency that makes him the Elite QB that he’s showed in the past.

    Overhaul time in San Diego. The 3 punch combo should be coming. Ditch Norv, A.J & Rivers in the dust (where they’ve been leaving us fans) and let’s start anew.

  10. i’d like to say a big thank you to San Diego for letting Brees go so he could come to New Orleans and win a superbowl and set records and be the best thing that ever happened to New Orleans. Who Dat Baby!!!!!!

  11. The Cardinals will trade either Kolb and/or Skelton if anyone wants them. Skelton must go that’s for sure. Come on Cards loose out please so we can get higher in the Draft,oh but wait Graves will waist the pick anyway. Todd Heaps gotta go he is never healthy.

  12. Just how bad is John Skelton? Matt Ryan threw 5 picks today and had a higher QB rating than Skelton. If it wasn’t for their defense they would be 0-16. Kolb has had flashes but with their awful offense line it has been hard to get anything going and keep the QB’s from getting hurt. The Cardinals do have a good punter who is getting plenty of work.

  13. Im sure that John Schnieder in Seattle is entertaining or will be offers for Flynn. Russell Wilson is this teams qb of the future, and Flynn has starting potential. With how well the seahawks draft in late rounds, Pony up a pair of fifth rounders and I would be interested atleast. (Richard Sherman 5th Round, Kam Chancellor 5th round) And not to mention, Flynn is reasonably priced… The media blew his contract out of proportion. It’s not bad at all.

  14. steelernationfartsinyourfaceandwinschampionships says:Nov 18, 2012 7:16 PM

    6 rings
    7 less than the Packers. Wake me when they get close.

  15. Tarvaris Jackson Is one tough son of a gun and has my respect from his time in Seattle, But just doesnt have the makings of a legit starter.

  16. As an Eagles fan, I have to say that the list of available QB’s is almost as depressing as the Eagles’ season

  17. I for sure thought that Campbell would end up in Ariz, K.C., or even Seattle when FA began.

    Apparently, the NFL didn’t deem Campbell a starter, and the same fate will await a lot of the career back-ups on this list.

    Flacco and Cam are the only starters (didn’t say good ones), which is why they’re not going anywhere.

  18. It is really amazing how many teams need a new head coach and a franchise quarterback….the debacle in Philly blows my mind (I’m not an a eagles fan).

  19. Alex smith could be available to as his contract is not guaranteed.

    Kaepernick may be the 2013 starter depending on how Alex does.

    Niners Forever

  20. Clearly this article overlooked the top three available QBs: 1) Jeff George 2) Donovan McNabb 3) Jeff Garcia

  21. Cam & Flacco are staying where they’re at. Rivers is to but SD should entertain offers. I don’t see any top franchise QBs coming outta next yrs draft. Jordan Rodgers will likely be entering the draft this yr. I say he goes late 3rd round & will likely be a backup for 2-3 yrs like his brother

  22. Fitzpatrick is a good QB, the biggest problem he has is that he’s playing from behind all the time thanks to the crummy Bills defense. Everyone was jumping on the “we need a QB” bandwagon last year but the Bills did the right thing by keeping him. I think the Chiefs will clean house once the season is over and both Cassel and Quinn will be gone. I think the Chargers have bigger issues than Rivers. Cardinals took too big of a chance on Kolb and are paying for it now (did anyone really think he was better than Vick?). I think Matt Moore and Matt Flynn are the best backup potential starters out there. I think Newton will be fine if Panthers change coach/staff. Look how the change in Tmapa Bay has brought Josh Freeman back from oblivian. I have no idea where Tebow would even belong in the NFL. Wouldn’t surprise me to see Ryan fired as Jets coach before Sanchez were to get the boot. I think Gabbert is done for with the Jags

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