Report: Holmgren would coach again only for the Cowboys


When the Browns face the Cowboys in Dallas on Sunday, outgoing Browns president Mike Holmgren has even more reason to root, root, root for the road team.

If the Browns can knock off the Cowboys, greasing the skids toward the potential ouster of coach Jason Garrett, Holmgren could be in play for a return to coaching in 2013.

ESPN’s Ed Werder reports that Holmgren would return to coaching for only one job — the Cowboys job.

The news comes less than a week after Holmgren appeared in the Browns press room to insist that he’s had no contact with the Cowboys (even though there had been no report that he had), and Dallas owner Jerry Jones later made cryptic comments suggesting that he has already spoken to Holmgren about the job.

Throw in Saints coach Sean Payton, and an intriguing drama could be playing out in Dallas, if the Cowboys don’t make it to the postseason, or if they do but then make an ugly early exit.

32 responses to “Report: Holmgren would coach again only for the Cowboys

  1. “Have you no pride, sir? At long last, have you no pride?”

    After Parcells’ experience, what coach with any integrity would want to work for JJ? Or is Holmgren bound and determined to show that his one Super Bowl win was a blip on the radar screen?

  2. Kick him to the curb, Jimmy! This a disgrace that your under-contract team Prez is flirting with this weeks opponent! He’s been stealing money for 3 years. Please leave him in Dallas.

  3. The only reason I think he would take the job in Dallas is because he was offer some sort of control. So the question is do you trust JJ enough to keep his word?

  4. Holmgren made similar statement in Green Bay. “I’m not going to Seattle. I’m not going to Seattle.” Then he went to Seattle. I wonder if Packer fans will hate Holmgren the way they hate Favre if he goes to the Cowboys, who knocked him out of the playoffs three times when he was in Green Bay.

  5. Today the Steeler Nation continues their dominance over the Ratbirds. We will again prove who the holy one is.

    They won the last few times, why? Because we let them! They need their confidence built up so beating them today will be even more enjoyable. Wow, we are so gracious.

    Here we go Steelers, Here we go! Jealous?

  6. If they’ve already talked, Jerry should have fired Garrett that day to make this happen. He should bring Heckert along to be the personnel man as well as it’s pretty clear the Cowboys benefit from the less input Jerry has on football operations.

  7. What has Holmgren done lately, besides show up late to work for three years in a Tommy Bahama shirt and ride around in a golf cart?

    I would take it one step further. What has he done after Brett Favre? He took a pathetic seahawks team to the SB in a year the NFC was terrible, lost, and tried to blame the refs and everyone else for his team not being able to score or stop pittsburgh. I thought he was going to save the browns? They are no better tofay than they were when he left. 2 wins are 2 wins, you are what your record says you are.

  8. doesn’t show me much about a guy’s character who would publicly or privately ‘politick’ for a job currently being held by another colleague. Retire Mike; your time has come and gone!

  9. I actually thought Jason Garrett was going to be a really good coach.

    He’s not.

    Welp, that’s all I got.

  10. mazblast says:
    Nov 18, 2012 11:36 AM
    “Have you no pride, sir? At long last, have you no pride?”

    After Parcells’ experience, what coach with any integrity would want to work for JJ? Or is Holmgren bound and determined to show that his one Super Bowl win was a blip on the radar screen?

    Of course lets ignore the fact that he went to Super Bowl with a totally different cast in seattle and almost won. He was also very key in San Francisco during their glory years. He’s been heck of a coach even though he may not be a good talent evaluator. Let Payton go to another Super Bowl before we put him ahead of holmgren.

  11. Only a Dallas homer like Ed Werder would attempt to legitimize such a laughable notion

    A has-been like Mike Holmgren would never be offered a head coaching job with the Steelers, Patriots, Giants, etc., etc., etc.

    Yet ol’ Werder faithfully reports Holmgren would turn down those jobs regardless.

    OK, sure.

  12. Holmgren is a has-been. There is no way the Cowboys would hire him.

    Sean Peyton- if they could get him away from the Saints- could re-energize the franchise. But that would require Jerry Jones to take a back-seat. Not gonna happen.

    As an impartial observer of the Cowboys (I could care less if the win or lose) I really expected the Cowboys to be competitive this year after the pick-ups they had in the draft and free-agency. That they are no better speaks to some other problem- coaching, leadership, etc.

    They really need to re-boot the franchise, which has been stuck in mediocrity since…. the 1990s I think.

  13. Haslem was wise to Holmgren’s taking advantage of the disinterested Randy Lerner and gave him the boot. This would be a huge slap in the face to the Browns and the city of Cleveland but, on the other hand, it would be fun to see if he can pull one over on Jerruh and pick up a few more million. He will be coaching the Cowboys from his deck in California, which is where he spent most of his time running the Browns.

  14. I’ve lost all respect for Mike Holmgren. Absolutely selfish and cruel to tamper with another person’s job security.

    He made Cleveland worse off. Hopefully Jerry knows better.

  15. Coaching the Cowboys would be great. If you pull it off, you’re a legend and the darling of the league. If it doesn’t work out, Jerry Jones gets the blame.

  16. He took 40mil. from cleve. and got all his buddies a job with big pay he is a snake that knows the game has passed him by I don’t think he will get another NFL job but Jerry does like a SHOW!

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